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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gone but not 4gotten

    Gone but not 4gotten...The Saints went marching to the Superbowl. They marched all over #4. Gone but not 4gotten. The Saints did not forget who they were playing. They made sure he will remember them. The old gunslinger was trooper. He got hit so many times I was sure he would not get up one of those times. Good bye Bret. I think it is time.
     The Saint’s victory leaves the Lions as the last team to not make a Superbowl appearance. (save for the expansion teams, but they have not been around forever, or since the merger, so they do not count in this pitiful record) I could hate them for that. But not so much. They played and won. Hats off to them. WELL PLAYED! The Saints ain’t the ain’ts anymore. I am sure that many Lion players have seen the Superbowl, and even some have played in the Superbowl after leaving the Lions. The Lions are the new ain’ts.
     They destroyed the Vikings. Gone but not 4gotten.Well, the Vikings helped to destroy themselves. The Saints took advantage of the miscues. You know, with being that I am Norwegian and all that; you would think I would love the Vikes. But then there is the trauma of the 70’s and Tarkenton and the purple-people eaters. Man, the 70’s were weird. One of the best front seven’s in all of football, named after a hokey 50’s tune…
     I am not sure if I really witnessed Brett Favre’s last game. He is a tough guy. He was abused and mangled, but he played all the way to the end. It was only fitting that he goes out the way he came into the league. Throwing the ball all over the field. The old gunslinger. Yep, the old gunslinger, tossing an interception to end regulation play. And maybe his career. He holds all kinds of records, according to many announcers, and John Maddening he is the greatest QB of all time. Did I mention he holds all kinds of records?
     The thing with #4 is you never really know if he is really retiring. Oh, the trauma and the drama. All he needs to do now is go play baseball for a couple of years. Tigers need some help with Granderson off to the Spanks… Gone but not 4gotten.
     I am not sure if I ever really liked the quarterback. I can respect his ability. I would love him on our team, just like that guy Chelios. #4 always played for the other team. However, he did play for the Jets. Go Jets!! However he tanked at the end. And then all the drama of retiring or not, and blah blah blah!!! Only to end up on the hated Vikings! Damn you football gods!
     Jordan was the man who changed The NBA. He retired, sucked at baseball, came back to basketball and won three more titles. Then he retired again. And then he sold underwear. He holds all kinds of records. He sucked at baseball.
     Steve Yzerman was the greatest leader in all of sports. He was THE CAPTAIN. He replaced my apathy toward the Wings with appreciation. I may have shed a tear when he held up THE CUP. I do not know, cuz I was pretty drunk at the time. Er, I mean over served. He was a warrior!
     The captain came back from a knee injury that should have ended his career. I have heard that he was the first to undergo the surgery and come back to playing. He retired and didn’t come back. I would love to see him play forever, but he knew he could not do it anymore. Now he holds a job in the front office with the WINGS. Thank God, he didn’t try to go play baseball.
     I thought about retiring today. I would, but then what would I do? I could write blogs every day. I could go fishing every day. I could catch up on my nap time. There are 10 of 1000’s of games of free cell, and I could play them numerically, and win them all. That would get me in the record books for sure. Then I could retire from that, only to try my hand at Major League Baseball.

Just another day in paradise


  1. I agree with you. Great post Bruce.

  2. thanks man! i bet there were only like ten other people on the planet that hav read this post!


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