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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

and 5 bucks will get you 2...


1.      Barry Bonds (didn’t use steroids…riiiiight)
2.      Katie Couric (is in an affair with Paul Rubens)
3.      Gabrielle Giffords (severe setback in her recovery, discovered she’s a libertarian)
4.      Tori Spelling (borke up with a boy)
5.      Caffeine gene (I have two, want one?)
6.      Alison Krauss (stopped calling me)
7.      Jose Canseco (the best tequila)
8.      Minsk explosion (thoughts and prayers)
9.      Gold market (invest now!)
10.   Wind power (energy for blowhards)

editors note: who is this editor? you all know that no one ever edits my shit...not even me...

this is a repost of the very first  tUcKeR 2sDaY....

why am i reposting? to save some of you blogstalkers a bit of stalking time?


i love the attention. keep stalking me! you need is th only way for you to really  figure me out...

the reason is simple.

yeah i said it.

L A Z Y...

and not just cuz i have a shitty credit score...

or easy.

editors note: since i am (was back then, not now) writing a blog almost everyday now, i need a break from the action once in a while... the TuckMonster asked if he could fill in once a week to let you know what it is like from a dogs veiw, since his brethern are gonna benefit from the revenue from the blog, it is prolly only fair...

the new feature is called....
here goes..

hello, my name is tucker. i am a puppy... daddy calls me the tuckmonster, but i also get called tucker with an f by the guys at ManCave. i do not care, cuz it sounds similar...and i get to hang with my buddy bentley, who is the bestest friend i have in the dog world...the first time i went i had so much fun...i had so much fun that i forgot to tell daddy to let me go outside and i pooped in the mancave...daddy and the OTHER GUYS got mad at me, but i didnt care..

i was playing with bentley...

chewing on sticks. 

damn i am cute
i have included some picture of me when i first came to live with daddy...

me at six months ...guess what?
i am playin

this week as i enter my first blog post i want to share with you a little secret...i love being a dog... i like to play. all the time. play play play...and sleep...

dogs get to do lots of fun stuff... and everyone loves me...everyone...momma says i am so cute that i can get away with anything...even chew up her undies and socks...daddy says i am being bad but i do not really know what he is talking about....

play play play...
woof woof...
i went on a ride with daddy the other day or today, cuz i really have no concept of time, five minutes five hours whats the difference...i love going places...i  know the word makes me all jiggilywiggliy and stuff...and i know the word walk....i get  jiggilywiggliy when i hear that word too.
i know the words treat and eat..i like both. daddy says i have the ghost of 'cino and 'spresso livin in me but i do not know what he is saying...

play play play...

(browndog fatwhitegirl)

woof woof!
i love to chase those fuzzy little guys with the big tails and the other ones with the big ears...i like to bark at anything.

did you know that i can hear a butterfly fart?

i like to bark at that as well.
i discovered a big pile of crunchy brown things the other day. a big pile of them...i stuck my nose in them and chased them and rolled in fun fun...i like them...i have seen them around before but never in such a big group..

.they were crunchitty and taste good...
daddy got kinda pissed cuz he wanted me to stay still so he could make that clicking noise with that little black box that he always has in his hands and says tucker, look at me. then it clicks...then he says dammit...then he says tucker again...then dammit...this goes on for a while and then i jump around in the brown things...

 look at the fluffy tail thing! there it is! gotta go! gotta go! gotta go get it!!
just another dog in puppydise

notice there was nothing about 5 bucks...
im sucha kidder!


  1. Love me some Tucker Tuesday:)

  2. Glad Tucker didn't tell us about licking his balls or eating shit.

  3. I love the jigglywiggly - Scooby doesn't do the jigglywiggly when we say "Walk" he does the bombadittywombaditty in that he jumps around and destroys furniture and stuff.

    I have never, ever child proofed my house - but I have had to Chessie proof it. le' sigh.

    And Tucker - how did you not get your head stuck in the deck. Too cute.

  4. You know, the last time my dog stuck her fat head through the fence, it got stuck, she started freaking out and kicking, and she backed into the wall when she pulled herself out. I'm guessing Tucker is much more graceful than that...

  5. Oh he was so cute as a pup. I just want to play with his ears. I have a ear thing for animals. Wait I should be talking to Tucker, not you Bruce. OK Tucker, your Auntie Barb loves you!

  6. I love the re-post...being a more recent follower it's great to catch up on some of the back story (so to speak)...a great talented dog (and owner)

  7. That was hilarious!!!
    Love you, Tucker!! You're the best looking puppy ever!!! :D :D

    PencilGirl@Conquering the World

  8. good repost and tuckrt i like the sleep part

  9. Wondeful repost. We love Tucker!!! ...And Bruce too : )

  10. He was so little and cute!!! Aw, Tucker!!

  11. Damn dogs anyways! I think I need more!!!!

  12. bushman- never can have too many dogs!

    just little cajun me- lickity licks form me tucker superpuppy

  13. becca- naps are rocking!

    dudemiester- tuckre loves you back!

    empress- tucker ans i lickity lick you too...

  14. Great re post....I just love Tucker. Run run run, play play play, sleep sleep sleep....sounds like the perfect life :)

  15. I so glad you reposted this, Bruce! I started blogging after the first Tucker Tuesday, so I never got to read this. Thank you! :)


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