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Saturday, April 9, 2011

stack em

pack 'em and rack 'em...

editors notemay cuss a bit today...still GuyWeeking it with the TuckMonster, Facebook is his thing now, he seems to be thinking he is some kind of internet star...oh yeah and he is drinking and cussing like a sailor...

not really, but he misses his momma...and his mylibean....

the drinkin and cussin may describe me...

he has been working on posts know how he is...there's mrs bunny..oh and mr squirrel.. 


Kelly Clarkson (does a duet with Alvin of chipmunk fame)
Keanu Reeves (yet another matrix movie? I think this one is called domin matrix)
Estate tax (who the fuck has an estate? Oh yeah, rich fuckers that don’t pay taxes)
Patty Duke (getting really old)
Nikki Reed (prolly dating some guy)
Jersey Shore (cancelled!!! There is a God!)
ADHD (what were we talking about?)
Scottie Pippen (is a douche)
Social Security benefits (are all gone)

There is an award going around right now that is fucking awesome... and i am jealous i did not come up with it.


Heather aka Sugar Free  in this post became MrsTheGenius (credit to billy hirt jr, MrTheGenius) with her nice rack award! I gotta say if you are not following this blog, you are missing out on some serious fun! and super funny...

It is making by blog roll look like an MTV video...
Yeah you remember those. right?
When MTV actually did videos?

It's true, they did.


Hot chicks big boobs, cleavage, and hot titties!


Who cares?

It was about sex appeal.

It was about hot chicks hanging on longhairs!

 Those were the days. Back when my abs were a six-pack not  a MinikKeg, 12 pack, or  GuyMuffinTop

I cannot believe I did not think of this...

Yeah I know, the Petey...

Yeah, that fucker with about 95 rules...damn you petey!

Sometimes my drunken ideas are really not that great...whiskey...jager...tequila...rum...fuck you tooo...WhyInthaName of all that is holy did I not come up with this award?

i really coulda
i really shoulda

no 2 worries....

Go check out MrsTheGenius  Heather aka Sugar Free...give her the kudos she deserves...and check out my blogroll, for the rackers that are on it...

Tonight I raise my glass, my beer, and whatever else is left in the liquor cabinet for my last hurrah, GuyNight, to MrsTheGenius  Heather aka Sugar Free...

Cheers to you babe!

And then I will drunk stalk all you all and leave dumbass comments!
or pass out...




  1. all the boob posts are pretty stellar! Heather is the best for creating this award and starting the craze. It's a blast!

  2. Hope you have been enjoying your Guy Week and that you will be having a proper blow out tonight in honor of it being your last night. Enjoy and I'm off to check out Heather's blog.

  3. As a recipient of this award through someone else, I have just discovered her. Love her blog so far and this was a really fun award to post. Thanks little brother.

  4. Either you've drank too much or I've drank too much as I don't know what the award is.

  5. Awwwwww Bruce! Aren't you just an angel sent straight from Blog Pimpin' Heaven!!! It was a true bit of genius, me coming up with that award, wasn't it? I can't take all of the credit, though. I got my inspiration from Kage! *mwuah* Thanks again buddy!

  6. I laughed when I read about this award and laughed even more when I realised I was a recipient from another lovely lady. I can feel your jealousy all the way here in sunny Scotland and I so think you would have thought of this eventually! Have a great weekend :) Big hugs and licks to Tucker

  7. Jewels- they have been! heather rocks my socks! as do all of her rackers!

    empress- she is a goddess!

    Sis-i knew you would get one of these, after all you are bouncin' barb!

    Bubbles...i have definitely been imbibing. you will find it out soon enough, it is spreading like wild fire...

    S/F- yeah that is kage-y too! thanks so much for coming up with this!

    lyndylou- big lickity's from the tuck monster and congrats on rack one of these up!

  8. The boob award was awesome. Why the hell didn't I think of that.

  9. Makes me want to show my boobs off more, you know what I'm sayin'?


  10. Paraboobs made me snuffledurgruzzle my tea. Thank you Brucie. :) [you like my word - I am trying! yours are so great. I learn from the master ::bowing::]

    Are your family ever coming home from their trip - I hope so. And remember - do the dishes. Please for Mrs. Bruce.

  11. Guy weeks r awesome. U better hurry up an' get some cleaning done though. Or ur ass is gonna be in a heap of trouble.

  12. Great post Bruce - and super plug for a super "Sugar Free" gal!

    I'm off to check out her site - any recommendation of yours is worth checking out!

    I'm slow on the uptake these days - I didn't realize how difficult this A-Z Challenge would be. Coming up with a topic everyday is not as easy as I thought it would be.

    As always, I'm sending you some bloggin' hugs!

  13. The nice rack award is the greatest award to ever circulate the internet. However, I'm still sad it hasn't come my way. What? I have a glorious rack.

    Now, I'm off to do some drunk stalking of my own...

  14. Bruce I did read the blog you mentioned so it all made sense and I know barb got it, it won't come my way though as I haven't posted any pics of myself

  15. Totally awesome pimping machine Sir Bruce

  16. Heather is an absolute genius, and you are a doll for recognizing it in a shout out to her, boss! Good on ya!


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