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Sunday, January 30, 2011

TP friday 132- curves

editors note: the sunday snippet feature has been bumped to next week. i know you are all bummed but...
1.Ernest Borgnine (getting saggy, er I mean fat, uh no I mean a SAG)

2.Debbie Gibson (found partying with Lindsey and Milley all 3 coked up and naked)
3.Bill Belichick (says f*it and retires..."it will be too hard to coach all these losers.. i quit!")
4.Lea Michele (plan on yet another BOOORING rendition of the SSB at the SB, and a gratutitous wardrobe malfunction!)
5.Real Housewives of Atlanta (show cancelled, it totally blows.)
6.Ali Larter (had a baby... did half the women in china..this is news?)
7.Geri Jewell (is a lezbian, but who the f* cares? Live and let live and f*ing leave her alone)
8.Flu season (is upon us… buy stock in Nyquil))
9.Suez Canal (closed after bomb threat, millions of wii’s stuck in shipping lanes riots ensue)
10.Mortgages (psst…guess what …the rates are still low…imagine f*ing that)

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thanks Mynx!

thematic photos 132 curves! with some gratuitious effects to havabit o' fun!
The TuckMonster did a couple, and daddy did some too!

tucker says!
daddy says this is me!
checking out my pool.
long before i was a water dog!
cuz NOW  im a swimming fool!
the pool is a curve youz see
talking yeastcoast still, hehe

me i'm tucker
                              in the lake!
               curvey dock!
curvey leash!
                    curvey beach!
                                                curvey skyline
feelin curvey!

                                                           birdie curvey 
curvey tower.
  toonish pic.
i love this spin of picturing.
makes it feel.....
like drawering! 

non-toonish pic of the same,
if you ask me it's kinda lame!

                                    way back  in        
                                                        the 70's we only
                                                           had black
                                                                           and white tv!
                                                                     when the stations
                                               ended broadcasting?
                                        oh yes they did...                                   
                                                                  tv was not 24/7
                                                             at the end...
                                                       of the day!
                              they would play
                                           the Star
"did wave!
                                       o'er the land of the free!
                                                                              and the hooooome
                                                                                     of the

to see more of this excellent

check this out!

and as usual
it is just another day in paradise!


  1. OMG...Remember falling asleep at night with the TV on only to wake up later hearing the static of the tv or the flag waving. That's when we had about 6 channels and had to get up to turn it on or off and change the channel. The good old days!!

  2. I remember, except I did have color so there was the color test pattern and that tone that made your ears want to bleed.

    Okay, seriously, when do I get to sponsor? If not soon, I may just steal your banner and fake sponsorship. *grin*

  3. tucker! where is your life jacket?

    you are so grounded, mister.

  4. What software/effect did you use to get that toony look on that tower, Bruce? I like it. Thanks for the smiling post, and say Hi to Tucker for me.


  5. The only reason I know about the static on the TV and the Star Spangled Banner is from Poltergeist. BUT I do remember that, when we first had cable TV the remote was attached to the TV and it was almost like a typewriter!


  6. Somebody has been renovating his blog. Looks good. Love the pics too. You have to tell us how you did the effects

  7. Dang..I missed Carmi's theme? Well, your pictures are great and better than what I could have found for curves..
    Great post Mr. Bruce:-)

  8. Do you ever notice that whenever a particular celeb who hasn't been on anyone's radar for years/decades all of sudden comes out of the closet and the media goes "ga-ga" over the fact that the celeb in question has come out of the closet?

    I mean, like you said, so what if they're gay. Why should it still be newsworthy years/decades later?

  9. Ernest Borgnine is gay? =O

    VERY nice picture, Bruce! I particularly love the one with Tucker that's partically 'toonized.

  10. OFT-thanks!

    BB-Yeah...but sometimes i could hit the on off button witha shoe!

    Tory-sponsr feb 8, and you were lucky, no color tv till i moved outta the house...

    Kage-I told him to put the life jacket on...

    Rick-the effect is on my cheap kodak easy share program tha came with the camera...i like it tho' it makes for some cool effects! tucker says hi back!

    hed-yup...that is funny that you know it from polertguiest (sp)..


    soapbox-yup he is. and he is really fat!

    Mynx-there is a toonish button on my carmera software.

    Lynne-thanks! but you know, the theme runs til next thursday!

    G-i know, right? sensationalizing the most mundane!

    Katsidhe- no, but he got a screen actors guild, lifetime achievment award..(i think)

  11. Oh my set forth with a might curve and you hit home! Great, curvy future you have shown us!

  12. Karen- i was just looking at your pics of curves at about the same time you were looking at mine! BTW thanks and i relaly loved your curvey stuff!

  13. Thanks Bruce as always whatever you post makes me smile and just plain feel good once I read all your stuff...I like your style how you enter stuff unlike everyone else....and Tucker is a sweetie too!

  14. Love the toon tower, half expect to see Tin Tin on the top with his telescope!

  15. janie- that is my fav effect, but you have to be choosey on when you use it! thanks for stopping by!


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