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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2sday with Tucker 2 01

TRENDING NO!!!!!!! TRENDING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.Adam Sandler (gets a star on holly wood walk of stars…whoooppee..)
2.Lauren Conrad (gets engaged. I fail to see why anyone would care?)
3.Katherine Heigl (food poisoning and in hospital)
4.Niecy Nash (getting married, and who the f*ck cares? BTW, not me!)
5.Super Bowl recipes (order pizza and buy beer, make it easy this year)
6.Heidi Klum (pregnant again, saying triplets)
7.Heidi opossum (also preggers not subbing in for the ground hog tomorrow)
8.Influenza (sucks, but it helps thin the herd)
9.Top Gun (the sequel will suck)
10.Severe weather (guess what it’s winter! Shit like this happens in winter!)

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They get the big tail wag from the TuckMonster and the thumbs up from daddy!

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i am tucker. i am in-tents!
get it?
 i'm camping!
with daddy
the guypack!

hi. i'm tucker. i am a puppy. this week was totally awesome! i went WinterCamping with daddy and the guys from daddys GuyPack!

it.was. fun!

Daddy says i cannot tell what happens in the woods but my good friend Kage wants to know, so i will tell her. cuz she is really funny and daddy laughs at her blogs. and i am a puppy so i tell everything to everybody. cuz everybody loves me!

we only went over night, cuz daddy did not feel good. his not smoking is going really well. but he is still kinda sick. i do not know why we came home, cuz i was having fun! the guy pack called him a bunch of names, cuz he was not well and leaving early.

i am the dog of the hill!
i played Dog of the hill! no one beat me!  i was always dog of the hill! i was dog of the hill a. lot.  the other daddy guys were in the kitchen, where i was not supposed to go! but i was dog of the hill! i am cool like that! daddy says so...
nom! nom! nom!
like one giant snow cone! 
the daddy guys just sat around a.lot. they looked at magazines  with pictures in them, brought by some guy called the porndfairey or some thing like that, but not me! i ran around in the snow! i found sticks. mr squirel and mrs bunny were lame cuz they did not come with me even tho' i inviteded them. (daddy didn't know i did, but i did!)
i got my pictures taken a lot!
i was like what? what? wah?t?
gotta treat?
and then i gots one.
youz guyz are so easy.
yeastcoats talking is fun!
i did all kinds of exploring. there are all kinds of smells out in the woods! i found lots of stuff. on the way into the camp we found a dead animal. daddy and the guypack called it a deer. it looked to me like a bunch of sticks!

daddy's guys made fun of daddy  about his being sick, but in the end daddy said it was just joking i did not really care. 
i .was .busy.

he said the guypack was talking lots of shit, but i didn't smell any of it any wheres. i did smell some candiayan whiskers, cuz daddy brought some along. and i smelled a. lot. cuz there was lots to smell. but i did not smell any shit.

this is my i'm pissed look!
someone said treat.
i come up to see.
and there is not a treat

all the guypack all slept in tents this year. it was in tents! (get it intense= in -tents! haha, i am a puppy and puppies are funny!) daddy and i did as well. daddy put a flannel jacket on me so i would stay warm, but i did not need it! i am a puppy. i do not get cold.! i can sleep in any weather, cuz i am cool (heehe) like that, and it was really not that cold. daddy said it got down to the twenties. i do not know what that means, but it was not very cold to me!

i learnt some new impessions
here is one...
i am Tucker Van Goh!
ho ho ho...
i am funny!
i am a puppy!
and nothing is funnier that a puppy!

i had fun! but now i have to go!

see ya next week when we discuss the virtues of me having a birthday and youz buying me presents!

Just Another Dog in Puppydise!!!


  1. I love Puppydise. Sorry you had to leave early Daddy, but it looks like a fun time.

  2. Tucker - how do you type on the keyboard so well? Do you have a special keyboard?

  3. Some winter camping is better than none and I am sure daddy will take you again next year and you can play longer. You will have to tell squirrel and bunny all about it next time you play chasey
    Don't forget to give daddy a big licketty lick from me

  4. Tucker it looks like you had a great time. Lick your daddy a lot, he likes it.

  5. Your list cracked me up, and Tucker looks like he was was loving all the snow.

  6. I love Tucker's post. They always make me smile and go "awwwww"

    Wait...yours do too, Bruce! :)


  7. Dude your blog rules...Yeah I live in OHIO which is like the crappy weather capital of the world,and people complain about the weather :/ ...hmm in-tents? Woah! Someone brought puns today..

    So i got a new post up..This one is about how crazy my grandma'd be crazy not to check it out (see i can do puns too)

  8. Nice pics! My dog the anorexic looking greyhound shakes like a leaf out in anything less than 50 degree weather and whines until I bring him in.

  9. I'm glad that you had a fun time camping Tucker! <3

  10. Tuckster, the Van Gogh impersonation is spot on. Good on ya mate.

  11. Tucker is ace, very cute puppy!

  12. Tucker glad you had fun but man it looked way to cold for me Brrr

  13. Tucker has grown into such a handsome boy! Those eyes are gorgeous against that jet black fur. I'm glad Daddy put a flannel jacket on you anyway, Tucker! Boys get to having fun and don't think about that a lot of times. Better to be safe than sorry like that knucklehead. :)

  14. well, a deal's a deal. i guess it's time for me to die.

    ...if you can catch me! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    i have some questions for you, bruce and tucker. can one of you send me an email, so i can respond with my queries? i just didn't want to blow up your comment section...

  15. How insane you are to go out into the woods in the snow...brr... I once saw one of your friends tucker trying to walk on ice and he was yelping every time he move his paw... I felt so sorry for it. Glad you had a great time anyway.

    Tell your daddy from me that he's receiving a make my day postcard and needs to e-mail me his address.

  16. Tucker says!

    skippy-it was daddy had to come home, but i understand, he is not a puppy, he is old.

    kara-i so did have soooo much fun!


    shelby-daddy helps me a bit by doing some of the edits, but i have puppy recognition software from :=)

    mynx-i gave daddy a big lickity lick for you. next year will be better! daddy already said we will go longer!daddy says hugs to you...i do not do hugs...

    oft-i wokeded him up this morning with a lickity face wash. he laughed!

    raw-welcome aboard! and the trending is a daily feature. thanks, glad i could make you laugh. and i had a super awesome puppy time!

    hed-you are super! daddy loves you and so do i! thanks!

    jared-welcome aboard! i loved your g-ma post!see ya around the bloggyshpere!

    beer-i am a lab! i love the snow. daddy has a friend that has those skinny dogs. i have not seen them in a few weeks! they are not outsy dogs!


    ib-i know, right? i am a funny puppy!

    lyndylou- thanks! tucker is ace? i do not get that? i am number one? but i love that you came by! i am a puppy. i do not understand a lot of things

    becca-it was only cold when i was standing still. so not much!

    krissy- yeah, it was prolly best, but daddy is kinda a worrier, i am a puppy i can handle anything! Daddy says to say GOOOOOO STEELERS! and he hates the packers.

    kage-i had daddy send you and email! and we love your blog so no dying for you!

    bubbles- i will tell daddy, he will e-mail you! thanks!

  17. Tucker, your daddy rocks! And considering you are a beautiful black and not green, I am comforted in knowing you will be wearing my team's color on game day. What a good puppy! There are treats in your future from Bailey. :)

  18. OK Bruce...I have to stop reading Tucker...he makes me want to go out and rescue a dog!!! The last friggin' thing I need is a dog...I already have a retarded cat! Damned if he ain't cute :-)

  19. Chief... Dogs are so much better than cats! And honestly, so many of them need rescued, even more so than cats. (going to hide from cat lovers now)

  20. Tucker, you already look bigger than I remember!

    And your face reminds me an awful lot of my Schultzy boy! You guys would have fun, sniffin' and chewin', sniffin' and chewin'.

    Glad you had fun... make sure you help Daddy get to feeling better!

  21. tucker says!

    krissy- thanks...i love treats!

    chief aka dad-dog rule and cats need rescue puppy! i agree w krissy

    stephanie c- yes shultzy is a lot like me...daddy loved the video! daddy will be gooderer if he would gimme more treats. treats solve!

  22. Tucker, you must have had a great time, because I think this is your longest post ever! You were such a good boy to keep Daddy warm in the tent. Did he tell you the winter camping stories about yellow snow?

  23. Tucker, you always make me smile when I see what you've been up to :D I can't believe you went camping in the snow, you are legally insane in my eyes now! lol

  24. tucker says:

    OMSB-daddy told me the rule wa sten feet from any tent or the fire fro making yellow snow. he slaos saif to not eat it, and laughed and said zappa rules...i do not know who zappa is but i do know yellow snow is yucky!

    BlahCCB-Daddy has been doing this for 20+ years...he IS cool...he said that cool is like high class insane!


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