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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY 8 23 11

i am tucker. i am a puppy! i do lots of fun things with my daddy. we go everywhere together.

some pics of when daddy and i were in Minnesota!

the day we arrived was very nice! we wered the first ones there. we ran out to the dock! well, i ran out to the dock daddy just hobbled behind. he is slow. but he was happy. we both had big smiles on our faces!
daddy drank a few of these!
i drank lots of water.
he said it took him way back...
he calleded it GrainBelt premium...
in longneck bottles!

the second day there we had a big storm. it lasteded!  daddy is telling me it blew thru fast and was nice by the afternoon. i do not know. i am a puppy. i do not know five minutes from five hours.
this cloud formation ascaried  me.
daddy said it was awesome!
then he said something about lightings.
and thunderers...
we fired up the motor
then we went in to the cabin...
daddy was singed this song....
"riding the storm out...
waiting for the fall out..."
keep an eye on your line, tUcKeR, daddy says! i do! fishing is very fun, but you have to be very quiet! no running around the boat! until we catch one! then  i get all wiggily -jiggily!

fishing is not catching.
it is not for the easily boreded.
i spend a lot time watching the pole!
sometimes we catch fish!
i think i will catch these fishes right here!
i tried to catch the monsters of the deep
sunrise on the lake is the bestest time! daddy says he used to enjoy a smokie treat and just watch the sun rise, and thank god for the beautiful day. now he does not need smokie treats, he has me! we sat and he petted me and told me i was a good puppy! then guess what?

i lickity licked him!
a beautiful sunrise!
cuz some fish are early risers!
but mostly cuz daddy and i diggeded the solitude
daddy and i caught this big one. it was nineteen inches. it took a long time to get in the boat. the drag was reeling out, and daddy was reeling in. daddy was panting like he just chaseded a ball for a long time, after this one was in the boat.
19 inch bass are fun to catch!
daddy and i fought with this one a long time!
daddy says it is not often that the lake is like glass this late in the morning. he says we were lucky. woofever. it was nice like this a lot. mostly everyday the lake was like glass. i thinked he may have been being a bit of a spoofer. i do not know. i do not remember it being icky while we were out there. it was always beautiful!
tUcKeR! get the net!
i hearded that alot!
but usually daddy got the net
and i lickitied the fishes!
many nights we had our own private sunset festival. daddy said it reminded him of being in key west.  daddy would  tippeded his bottle to the sun, and taked a drink of beer. he would scratch behind my ears and i would lickity his face! he would tell me I am a good boy!

i am a good boy! i am a puppy! i am tUcKer!
every day was....
Just Another Day In Paradise!
and i was
Just Another Dog In puppydise!


  1. Oh Tuck man to be with you - it looks spectacular and what a wonderful fish you and Daddy caught.

    I hope it tasted da' yummies.

    Love you puppers! Skippy

  2. Nice post. I was almost there with you.
    Cheers to both of you!

  3. Love the pictures, and Tucker, you have never looked more handsome!

  4. I love the pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you and Bruce had fun.

  5. What a good doggy helping your daddy catch such a big fish! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and lovely memories with us. Big hugs!


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