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Wednesday, October 19, 2011



just thought i would remind you all, if you did not already know this!

Just Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Dog In Puppydise


  1. My daughter sent me a text to tell me that doctors suck and now you tell me blogger sucks so now I am wondering what else

  2. Agreed. Although my deep love for knitting and kittens keeps me coming back!

  3. It does have it's good points.
    Without blogger we wouldnt have met...

  4. Yup.

    It forces you to do things that you really don't want to do.

  5. I probably shouldn't type this, but I wonder why everyone is having so many problems with Blogger. I haven't [knock on wood] but you know now that I said it it will come true.

    I hope it works out for you Bruce. We miss you when you aren't around [Tuckmonster too!]

    Thanks for the nice comment yesterday. She still isn't eating, but she will drink. That's good. :)

  6. nice blog!

    follow me for extreme randomnism!

  7. well i am crabby today, so I think I would save that every thing sucks!

  8. Well, you need to come and stop in once in a while so we know you are still in bloggersville...miss seeing you around! put away the crayons and come and blog! Okay then!

  9. thanks for all the comments.

    Jo-Anne-bunches of stuff sucks...

    Kara- i love knitting and kittens too!

    Mynx- totally agreed!

    Skipitty- ev ery time i log in i have issues...

    toto- i am a terrible follower... but thanks for the invite...i will check you out.

    AG- i agree...suckiness breeds suckiness...

    Karen S. I will try to be more involved...

  10. I have to agree with Mynxy as I've blogger to thank for meeting many brilliant people.~ Sorry I've been so quiet comment-wise, boss, but have been (pretty much) keeping up with the reading at least. ^_^;


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