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Thursday, October 13, 2011

yeah... so i got that going for me...

today i paid off the final installment of this little incident...

oh and by the way...

cancer free for 10 months!

cigarette free for the same!

now i can only hope i live long enough to pay off the cancer bills...

peace love and happiness to all!


just another dog in puppydise
just another day in paradise


  1. WOOOT! Always a good day when we get a visit from Bruce and Tucker. You guys have been awfully quiet, but I understand.

    And quadruple WOOT that you are cancer and smoke free. You go boy! Very happy for you.

    Now I have to ask. Is Tuck having a 70's flashback when he sketches you? That is some serious 70's hair you are sporting there Dad.

    Just saying. :wink: Love and much hugs!

  2. Sweet!!! Keep up the good work!

    Tucker, It's Fall so enjoy the piles of leaves.

    Cheers to ya both.

  3. Fantastic milestone. So proud of you for quitting smoking too! That was the hardest thing I've ever done. And you did it when you needed a vice in a big way! Strong will!! Don't you love the irony of staying healthy so you can pay your doctor bills? Only in the good ol' USofA!!!! Hugs little bro.

  4. What great news to celebrate! :) YAY!!!! Hugs to my very own Bill! Miss ya.

  5. Happy 10 months c-free! Here is to many more.
    Big virtual cheers to you and Tucker. xo

  6. Too awesome for words!

    I'm smiling for you Bruce...and you and Tucker will be around for a long, long time (remember only the good die young!!! - which means I'm immortal!!!)

    Big slobbery "Lucyfur" hugs coming at you and Tucker!

    From Lucky and Me (Jenny, like you didn't know!)

  7. These are all wonderful achievements.
    So happy for you

    HKCN & T Sir Bruce. xx


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