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Thursday, February 10, 2011

tucker invites a guest! bailey/ TT 2 10

TRENDING NO!!!!!!! TRENDING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.Jana Kramer (some dumb CW singer..blah.blah…blah..i do not giva damn!)

2.Brooklyn Decker (hot…)
3.X-Men: First Class (new trailer today)
4.Sienna Miller (breask up with Jude…like I care…no i do not!)
5.Ford (sells the LIONS to illitch…FINALLY a winner!)
6.Julia Hurley (hooters does make you smrter, er smarter, uh, smart?)
7.Charlie Sheen (arrested for peeing in public)
8.Ashlee Simpson (arrested for dui)
9.Obama ratings (dropping like my pants during a lap dance)
10.Hosni Mubarak (just f*king resign)

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I am Tucker. I am a puppy! well, for two more days...then I am 1 year old! playin! playin! playin!

I am happy to introduce MY friend Bailey, owner and rescuer of Krissy at Talkative Taurus. Bailey is coming by to play today so after you read this run by and say woof! to Krissy and Bailey at Talkative Taurus.

My name is Bailey, and I own the woman you all know mostly as Krissy or Talkative Taurus. Hello, everyone. I said HELLO, EVERYONE! Oops, sorry if that was a bit loud. My momma tells me I have a problem with volume control, so I’ll try to use what she calls my inside voice. I really don’t understand the difference between that and the voice I use outside since I do mostly the same stuff in both places. Except going potty, of course. That is reserved for outside only! I learned my lesson about that the hard way when I was a puppy. Just a tip for all of you other puppies out there… There are no treats involved with going potty inside so DON’T DO IT!

Side note to Tucker: If you ever want to hear your Daddy use his “outside voice” (whatever that is), put your toys in places like the dark hallway. When he steps on them, I’m sure he’ll react JUST like my momma does. That’s the closest I get to understanding that indoor and outdoor thing, because she doesn’t normally sound that way.

That’s me doing one of my favorite things... Keeping an eye on the neighborhood!
But I am just sooooo excited to be around all of you people. I love people. I mean, there are people who are reading this right? RIGHT? New people I don’t know even? Wooo hooo! I’m so excited that I can’t stand it! And getting to have a play date with Tucker is icing on the cake. Wait, who said cake? Where is the cake? Give me the cake! Or ice cream would be even better, since I’ve never had cake but I LOVE ice cream.

Momma says I have something called ADD. I really don’t understand it, but apparently that is something that is bad. I can’t help it that she keeps distracting me from my bones or other things. Are there bones around here? I bet there are! Tucker’s Daddy rocks so I know they have to be around here somewhere.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. She keeps distracting me, and so do the friends and neighbors around here. If they would all just sit still already, I could concentrate. But you know I have to guide them everywhere they go because they couldn’t possibly get there on their own. People are kinda weird like that. Momma says that makes me a herding dog, but I just know it’s my job. Other than that, my job is to chew bones and play in water any chance I get. Water is the best invention EVER!! Well, that and bones.

 Bones and toys rule!!
 So I mentioned earlier that I own my momma, Krissy. Well, she tells everyone I’m a rescue dog and that’s because I rescued her. She was so pitiful before I picked her out at the shelter. I was actually sleeping and minding my own business when she came in, but I knew I had to interrupt my nap to do something to help her. It took us a couple of sleepless nights for us both to get used to having each other around, but we made it through. I sure hope my sisters and brothers ended up rescuing someone like her.

I don’t want to overstay my welcome, and me and Tuck have some serious playing to do! I’m going to distract him and then find those bones while I’m here, too. He’s just a pup so I bet it won’t be too hard. Stop by and see me and momma on our blog sometime. I play a starring role, because you know she’s pitiful without me! I’ll be sure to stop by and let you all love on me on the way out. Did I mention how much I love people? I would love you all much more if you would sit still. I said SIT! Geez, I guess I’m going to have to guide you all to the living room so you understand the concept.

Thanks Tucker and Tuck’s Daddy for letting me come and play!

I hope you all drop by and see my friend Bailey at  Talkative Taurus.

just another dog in puppydise


  1. haha. too cute. Love the doggy play date. :-)

  2. Are you guys seeing the pictures? I didn't know if it was just my computer acting up.

    Glad you two liked it so far! Bailey and I really enjoyed it. Thanks, Tuck and Bruce!

  3. That Tucker is a babe magnet. Love him!

  4. Scooby the water dog would definitely agree that water is the best invention EVER!

    Can you convince him to stop licking our toilets dry. That would help.

    We have had to enable bungee cords to hold all the bathroom doors shut.

    No kidding.

    [And yes, Tucker darling you are entered. giggle]

  5. My cat just read this, flicked her tail in disgust and stalked off muttering something about canines requiring self control...
    Mind you she does the same to me too.
    Great post Bailey and I hope Tucker shares his bones

  6. Barb... I (Bailey) thought the same thing, but he's a little young for me yet. Now after his next birthday, I'll be all over those gorgeous brown eyes! :)

    Skippy.. Scooby is a very smart dog!

    Mynx... What do cats know? Hmph! Thanks, Mynx! Tucker was an awesome host.

    OT... Thank you so much! I enjoyed seeing all of you fun people.

  7. Tucker, ya big stud, take her to the back yard or loose her forever. (Top Gun Style)

  8. ib!!.. He's still a baby (for a couple of days)! Do you want Bailey to get arrested, ya perv? (Love the reference though. :) )

  9. Very cute, Bailey.

    Good thing you rescued Mommy! Who knows where she might have ended up!

    I'll start hunting around for some ice cream for you... ;-)

  10. Loved it! Loved it! and Loved it!

    Great post Bailey!
    What a great rescue job you did for your mommy.
    I'm sure the two of you will be the bestest friends ever.

    Jenny (and Lucky says hi too!)

  11. Bailey, that was so smart of you to rescue mommy! You are also very lucky to have a playdate with Terrific Tucker. Make sure you are a good example for him, and don't chew any shoes! Bones are okay, though.

  12. @Krissy No, No pictures at this end either.

    @Bruce, Er, Bailey, nice to meet you. "Look! A squirrel!" BAD Rick! BAD boy!

  13. Stephanie.. Yeah, she looked pretty lost before I did that. I'm pretty smart that way. Did you say ICE CREAM???? :P I'd even share it with your new puppy.

    Pearson.. Yep, I'm sure we will be. Thanks and Hi Lucky!

    Soapbox.. Nooo shoe chewing! That's another bad thing that doesn't lead to treats. I'll have to make sure Tucker knows that one, too.

    Richard.. Squirrel? Did you say SQUIRREL?

  14. (tucker says) THANKS! TO KRISSY AND BAILEY FOR THE PLAY DATE! and all of you for stopping by!

    daddy says he has more play dates for me! playin.playin.playin. i am a puppy!

    daddy says thanks to bailey for answering her own comments!!! and thanks to Krissy for arranging a play date. tucker wants to wander over to their place in april...when the snow is gone...

    mynx-y (tucker says) your kitty can come over anytime... daddy says he likes pussy and then he laughs...i think daddy is spelling it's p-u-p-p-y...silly daddy....

  15. It will be nice and toasty for a play date in South Carolina in April! Is it spring yet??

  16. Krissy no pics here either, thought it was just me.

    Bailey I loved this post. Shiloh and Loki love water, sticks, walks and treats.

  17. This was adorable.~

    Only one more day and Tucker isn't a puppy anymore! *sigh* They grow up so fast...

  18. krissy- it can't get here soon enough! thanks again! give bailey a snuggle and a treat!

    bubbles-tucker was so happy to have bailry here!

    lyndylou- Bailey, i'm sure would be most gracious and be thrilled to hear that. tucker says sticks are awesome!

    kat-tucker says thanks for bailey and is gearing up for a major b-day party!

  19. G- no problem, i love to pimp out my fans!

  20. I hope you had fun with Tucker! Play dates are always a blast.

    And my aunt's dog learned that the hard way too from what I've heard, now he's too scared to even go in back yards. He has to go on a walk.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps


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