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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tUcKer2sday (after the fallout...)

editors note: my comment box feature on my blog is taking a shit. i cannot type legibly in it to respond. there are those that say i cannot type any way legibly or other wise...i have tried but to no avail. rest assured, i am reading all your comments and laughing at your witty reparte, unfortunately, i am only able to respond in email replies to those that have the email feature turned on on their blog/google id...


also tucker thinks he has won our little disagreement...please humor him...he is after all, just a puppy...


  1. Melissa Joan Hart (NOT preggers…just getting fat)
  2. Life-size Barbie (just what the femmie whackjobs need to get their frenzy on!)
  3. Miranda Kerr (preggers! You know it!)
  4. Evan Rachel Wood (breaking up with some guy, possibly a lesbian er uh I mean thespian)
  5. Taco Bell lawsuit (fuck me…seriously a law suit? just don’t eat there idiots)
  6. Caroline Kilel (I don’t know who this is and I don’t care…prolly some hot chick)
  7. David Hasselhoff (new babewatch movie in the works)
  8. Tech stocks (dive…dive…dive…)
  9. Manic depression (nasty shit)
  10. Dog the Bounty Hunter (bails nick cage)

It is you know where your tUcKer is?

i smell the water
daddy says i have to stay
i see the water
i wait till daddy say okay

i am tUcKer. i am a puppy. i do puppy things. 

daddy finally agreed to my terms. we will call this blog the BlogDogBlog.  i am the star! daddy is the supporting actor. he will be here on the days that are not 2sdays...cuz that is my day...!

(not really gonna change the name... just humor him)

i got 33% of the days...hehehe... daddy only got 66%...he is not very smart...i soooo wondeded...or if we do a  flashback i got 25% and daddy only got 75%...

(daddy whispers: i love that new TuckerMath)


i have  afacebookpage

you do not. 

cuz they only give them to cool puppies..that is what i told daddy..all the cool puppies have facebookpages! he said ok! i get all wiggily jiggily and give daddy lickity lickities! daddy says we will blog 2sday, thrusday, and sunday...with a flashback and there...

last week daddy and i went 
we went to the big orange store, 
the big blue store, 
and the lakeshore... was rhymie-ish.

i am a poetical puppy...

it was fun!

this is a concrete beach
daddy just laughs
he starts singing
smilin islands...
i look good in the sun
and then..

we went to reeds lake and saw a dead reeds lake monster if you liked me on facebookpage you would have seen some of these pics. but not everyone likes me on a facebookpage...they liked me in puppyson, tho...cuz i am funny...and cute!

when a reeds lake monster dies
daddy says they drift up to shore
and the villagers
in EGR
will have a feast!
and sacrifice to the gods their good fortune
of eating
they smell kinda yucky
but that is what daddy says...

daddy and i went to the the ataxman??attacksman? i donut know...hehehe..daddy is laughing about something he said Krispy Kreme...

woofever and anywho...

he was not happy. i lickity licked daddy but he was still mad. i did nothing wrong, so i knew daddy was not mad at me. so i chewed up a bunch of napkins and a burgerwhop bag while daddy talked to the attacksman...

daddy said i was a bad puppy...

i got all wiggily jigglily and daddy laughed..the we went to the big lake. a lake so big you cannot swim across or even see across...there were lots of splashy things that daddy called waves...

the big lake they call majigan
lake Michigan to youz guyzez!

i waiteded
daddy say

i wented.
there were lots of smells

good things to eat!

i gave the waves the international playin signal
they played back!
it was fun

i think i hear mama filling my food dish and i have to go now...


  1. "woofever" is now my official doggidy woggily word for the puppers.

    I laughed. That is priceless.

  2. Tucker is so cute...and looks sweet and well behaved.

    I wish we could take our dog out in public. He is a bit aggressive (I think they tricked us by drugging him until the adoption was final) and we would end up in jail after he tore everyone to pieces.

  3. Oh Tucker you had such a fun day and thankyou for sharing all the lovely pics.
    Hope Daddy shared the doughnuts

  4. Tucker you have such great adventures.

  5. I hope you had fun and that Bruce shared some of his doughnuts with you! Tell him that dogs are meant to chew up napkins.

  6. Tucker you have to train Daddy to give you Krispy Kreme when he eats them. Don't let him be a hog head! You're a good doogie! Love, Auntie Barb

  7. Hi Tucker

    What a good doggie you are you must be good if you weren't daddy wouldn't take you places my dogs DC & Dylan are naughty if I take them out they will try and eat everyone they see. Did you chew the napkins because daddy didn't give you a donut or because you wanted to eat the attacksman and you couldn't. I will have to look for you on Facebook....

  8. I think Tucker 2sDay is my favorite day of the week, and can barely wait to come home and read about your latest adventure. Tucker, you have more fun than just about any puppy I know! I am so proud of you for ignoring the attacksman and lickety licking Daddy. Keep up the good work!

  9. I just love Tucker's maths! I think Tucker that you should have given the attacksman a playful nip! Then Dadddy would have been happity and jiggly wiggly too :)

  10. tucker sounds like you had fun thanks for sharing see you you soon for more adventures

  11. "Attacksman". Tucker, I know I've said it before, but you are a genius-puppy.~

  12. I'm just gonna say it, BlogDogBlog has a hell of a ring to it. I love it.

  13. Tucker has such great blogging style - he should have his own blog!

  14. Love Tucker Tuesdays. I read it to my BFFs and they wag their tail and want to go to lake Majican too.


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