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Monday, April 18, 2011

as if mondays dont suck enough...


  1. snow (yes fuckinging snow)
  2. sucks (like a vacuum)
  3. big (ginormous)
  4. sweaty (stinky, too)
  5. hairy (yep)
  6. gorilla (yep)
  7. gonads (arrrgghhhh)
  8. it (spring)
  9. is (in)
  10. April...(Michigan)

Here is what i woke up to...

what the fuck?

oh, and guess what is APRIL..

THE 18th.
taxday and snow...

end of days, people...
end of days...

Just Another Day In Precipitidise...


  1. As if you needed another reminder of getting bent over on tax day, mother nature decides to DP you as well.

  2. No snow here. ;) Just saying. I wish I had a nice grill like yours. Can you share?

  3. Haha you got snow...oh wait.. fuck me too!
    Just shake your head Bruce, just shake your head!

  4. Nice BBQ

    I think it looks pretty

    But I don't get snow

    Ever. :P

  5. y r u complaininig? ur red wings r up by 2 on my 'yotes! this may be the last year i have my 'yotes. the end is approaching way too fast!

  6. Mother nature has lost her sense of humour ever since Old Man Time split with Little Miss Sunshine!

    Snuggle up to Tuck- he'll keep you warm...and drink a Hot Toddy.

    If it helps ease your suffering - it's damn cold up here too! All I can say is thank god for all these wonderful hot flashes I'm having.

    Happy (warm) Thoughts,

  7. um..yeah - but look at the bright side. your taxes are done already.

    and you have booze.

    and you don't have to drive in it.

    [work with me here]

  8. Shit...I forgot about taxes. Guess I will be filing an extension.

  9. I had you in mind when I posted this comment on AOL about our Prez!!!!
    Commented 1 minute ago in Politics 5901271601,767“As a citizen who has had to apply for SS Disability­, the process is going into it's 2nd year and I've no income. $0.00. I'm on foodstamps too. I've got written documentat­ion from a couple of doctors who support this. I've worked for 32 years supporting a family and more than paid into my fair share of SS and taxes. This country is a mess, people are going homeless and hungry and we should be hearing about how his income dropped from 5.5 mil to 1.7 and he's only getting a $12K refund back. That's just great! Makes me feel a whole lot better about our country and black hole it's sinking into. We need to stop taking care of the rich.”

  10. It's sunny up here in Northern Alberta. MWAHAHAHAH
    Seriously thought it's been a shitty long winter.

    I need to move to the Caribbean. There, it's been decided.

  11. I can't believe how warm it is over here. Mind you, I'm at work. When I am on holiday next week it will sile down.

  12. Snow you say it never snows here if it did I would be so shocked. I have seen snow when we went to a holiday to the snow a couple of years ago.

    At least you have grog and you taxes are done.

  13. I don't blame you...that is horrible. It's colder here than I want it to be but at least it isn't snowing-not okay! Cuddle up with come coffee (or whiskey-whichever) and my new naughty post and get warm! ;)

  14. boo hiss! what a shitty day.

    it snowed here too, but i'm bankrupt and don't have to pay shit. so you got it worse :(

  15. It snowed on my way to work this morning! I'm beginning to wonder if we're going to skip Spring and Summer this year and just go straight to Fall. Someone kill me now and put me out of my misery....

  16. Snow? Are you kidding? Where do you live, Alaska?

  17. Snow in April on a Monday that's Tax Day. Oh that's fucking HILARIOUS, Mother Nature.

  18. nice bbq, pity you can't use it in that weather!! Poor you, ugg, I hate snow, what is that all about, it's April for god's sake. Oh and just to make you jealous, we have gorgeous sunshine here in Elgin, Scotland ;)

  19. It sounds like Tax day is hell...or is it the escape from hell? Either way I can't believe we're already over half way through April where is the year (and my dwindling weeks of freedom) going?

  20. Just goes to show that even Mother Nature hates paying taxes. I think that's her way of pissing on the IRS.


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