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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tUckEr 2SdAy 2 22

1.Jessica Hahn (the baker 'Ho calls out Barbra Walters...CAT FIGHT!)

2.Alyssa Milano (bun in the oven!)
3.John Travolta (on death bed and very sick)
4.Lindsay Lohan (going back to court yet the f* again)
5.iPad 2 launch (whoopee…wake me up when they are on v.10 and it can make an espresso
6.Sarah Ferguson(snubbed by royals)

7.Angry Birds birthday cake (seriously? A cake about a video game for cell phones is trending? KILL.ME. NOW)

8.Fiji earthquake (thoughts and prayers)
9.Mikhail Gorbachev (that thing on his face? Herpes)
10.Maine lobster harvest (biggest ever!)
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welcome new BIA IVA at

i can stare right thru you.
i am a puppy.
i see right thru you
i am a puppy!

i recieved an award! and we all know i am an award whore. Sweet! My good BIA Shelby at Falling Face Up gave me this award. Tucker has told me that my previous answers were not very muchly fun, so he is gonna give it a try.

the original version



the new shelby version

If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing this? If you aren't anonymous, do you wish you started out anonymously, so you could be anonymous now?

Tucker's Answer: i am tucker. i am a puppy.  i just turned 1, but that doesn't matter. i love you! lickity lickitylicklick! if i bloggeded amously, you would think i am a mouse. momma does not like mouses, but you love me, so you want to know who i am. tucker the puppy!

my honeybadger imitaion!

Describe an incident that describes your inner stubborn side?

TA: sometimes daddy says to come front, and i ignore him. cuz he doesn't always have a treat. he thinks i do not know what is going on. hey there's a stick! get the stick, get the stick. get the stick! and i ignore daddy. i do what i want cuz i am a puppy!

What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror?

TA: a puppy. but i do not look in mirrors very often.  i did watch the puppy bowl after the superbowl with daddy! i am a very cute, tho' everyone says i am, so when i look in the mirrior i see a cute puppy!

What is your favorite summer cold drink?

TA: daddy says for me to say Molson (Canadian, if you prefer) but i like puddle water better. than. anything. and bbq drippings.

i have a stick!
do you hava  stick?
i do!

When you take time for yourself, what do you do?

TA: Take a nap. Bark at butterfly farts. and i am a puppy so i can lick myself. chew stuff and play.

Is there something that you still want to accomplish in your life?

TA: i want to go fishing with daddy, go to minnesota with daddy, go summer camping with daddy . play in the snow. go get mr stick. chase mr squirrel, and mrs bunny. snif a bunch of stuff, and butts. but mostly i want to! and chew. chew. chew.

Is it easier to share your true self in your blog or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people and events?

TA: i am a puppy. i do not know how to lie. i only say what i think. i am a puppy! i love to write about me and daddy. and the fun stuff we do!

If you had a chance to sit down and read a book or talk on the phone, which would you do and why?

TA: phone or book...i will chew. chew. chew. either if you leave them out where i can get them...i am a puppy! i do not like daddy's cell phone. he does not play with me when he is using it.

pass this award along to five six (cuz i could not just pick 5) people:

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  1. tucker, i simply must know which ivy league college you attended. my dogs' typing skills are NOT up to your standard. please have your people call my people.

    kiss kiss, darling.

  2. Tucker you did a great job with your answers.

  3. wow, thanks! now i'm gonna hafta, like, answer questions, aren't i? well, f---.

  4. Looks like Tucker is growing fast. He's starting to take on that big dog look already.

    Regarding the anonymous blogging question. I hear a lot of reasons for anonymous blogging, and they are all nonsense to my mind. Bruce, I may start a flame war with your readers for saying this, so I apologize in advance, but as I see it there are two reasons for anonymous blogging: 1. You're a coward 2. You harbor destructive intent.

    That provocative comment said, thanks for the award, my man.

  5. Ooooh, Richard is gonna flame up dis house!

    Somebody call 911! lol.

    I agree in part. I can see advantages to being anonymous, but you can me a hell of a lot mouthier with less repercussion than when yer face is plastered all over your own blog (as mine is... oh, and I whore myself out on Facebook regularly).

    I thank you kindly for the award. I have answered these questions in this post here, when Krissy and Jeff bestowed the award on me...

    Hmmm. What to do, don't want to repost, since it isn't that old...


  6. Tucker says!

    Kage- i went to Pupperdine University. my peeps will call your peeps...haha i am funny.. i said peeps

    OfT-i always have gooder answers than daddy, cuz i am pupperific!

    Lovkyně- hahaha, puppies love it when people have to answer questions!

    rick- don't worry, my commenters are opinionated. it will be fine!

  7. Good job Tucker - such a smart doggie!
    Those are very clever answers and I just love your life's ambitions...I'm jealous!

    Jenny and Lucy with fur!

  8. tucker just want to say that i am very happy that your favorite drink doesnt come from that big white bowl in the little room.
    you answered the questions very well.
    big hugs to my fave puppy

  9. Great answers tucker and thank you so much for the award as I haven't had this one :).

  10. Tucker, I was watching Puppy Bowl too. You could have won but you were a wee bit too big. That show needs bigger advertising. So cute. Good answers. And Daddy trained you to type so good! Hugs, Auntie BB

  11. great interview with tucker think he has a cool insight into life that we should all learn from

  12. >i just turned 1, but that doesn't matter. i love you! lickity lickitylicklick!
    I really love your dog!!!

  13. congrats on the award and great answers

  14. Tucker says!

    StephanieC- i loooved your answers. i wish coulda played with scooby...but i can play with puppaaaay and shultz-ie...playin.

    Jenny-i will go on playin forever! and chewin! dogs think life is fun!

    Mynx- i do not go int the white bowl room, the lid can fall on your head and that hurts puppies...(daddy says: we think tucker was locked in a bathroom by his previous owners, he is very ascared of the bowl room.)

    bubbles-you are welcome! can't wait for your answers!

    Auntie barb- thanks! i am a better tyoer than daddy...i learneded gooder at Pupperdine!

    g-dogs do think life is fun! thanks! daddy thinks bars are fun...

    elexerdelex- thank you! i am a puppy and i love everyone!

    JM-i lickity lickity love you JM!

    becca-lickitylick you too!

  15. I don't like to use my name associated with my blog so I do a half ass Anon thingy. I just don't want my blog to pop up when you google my name. Shady people you work with do things like that.

  16. Tucker, well done. I like puddle water also but I am trying to cut down.

  17. Oh, what good answers, Tucker! Good boy! You are so smart. I am sending you a pat pat pat, a scritch scritch scritch and a couple of ruffle-your-ears.

  18. Good answers, Tucker! And great choices for the award.

    visions unto myself

  19. tucker says!

    ckrets-i am a puppy. i don't work!

    ib-puddle water is aw.some.

    On my soapbox-wiggliiily giggilly snarfle lickity!


  20. I thought I was the only one that barked at butterfly farts...

  21. My dog, Kira, agrees with you that BBQ drippings are very yummy, though she once burned her nose when she couldn't wait to lick them up. She also isn't happy when her mommy is on her cell phone.

    Nice answers, Tucker! :)

  22. tucker says!

    beer4 shower- no there are a lot of us! there is one now!

    kat-cell phones and puters are not my fav thing when daddy ignores me... and bbq drippings must be cooled down first, but we puppies learn by doing....

  23. I love Tuesdays [eventhough I am two days late - sorry Tuck!]

    Great answers. I like your comment about Pupperdine too. Your daddy raised you to be a smart puppy.

  24. SkippyMom- daddy says you may just be 5 days early for next week......


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