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Saturday, February 26, 2011

T is for tequila! and nekked wimins

1.Taylor Swift (slowly becoming boring)

2.Catherine Zeta-Jones ( yet another facelift?)
3.Ginnifer Goodwin (needs a spelling lesson)
4.Amber Heard ( a who?)
5.Glenn Beck apology (weak dick sauce, weenie man)
6.Kathleen Parker (finding a new gig…most likely preggers)
7.Walking cactus (insect missing link? Scientists have too much time on their hands)
8.Boeing tanker (Boeing wins AF bid!)
9.E-File (even better don’t file….)
10.Asthma (sucks)

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Bouncin' Barb

i know i promoised you tequila...
I am actually not here today, I am over at my sister's place pestering her followers and telling a story about tequila! (here)

stop over and say hi!~

see ya on the flip side!

oh and i lied about the nekked wimins...
Just Another Day In Paradise


  1. I left a comment over there - you'll have to wait - but I wanted to say -

    Your "Bruce in french fry form" makes you look like Bruce Villanch with pink hair.

    Just saying.

  2. I was wide awake last night from this STUPID HEAD COLD and had the pleasure of reading it.

    Oh how fun you would be for a weekend of debauchery!


  3. Walking Cactus you say....I have to go check that out!

  4. I read it this morning and after a crappy night sleep it really made my day :)

  5. skippymom- boat is packed...and yeah, wish i had his talent..or mebbe just his fame. or money.

    hed- i can stil do one night, but a whole weekend? prolly not so much...but that one night....damn!

    Ckrets- yeah those science guys...

    bubbles- thanks and glad i could help!

    kage. i am such.a.tease.

    AD- coolio julio! thanks!

    OfT- yeah about that sorry bro!

    G- thank you sir!

  6. On my soapBox- i am a liar like that...


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