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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuCkEr 2sDay lucy w/ fur guest post! 3 15

editors note: the opinions expressed on this page are that of a puppy....
 a superpuppy but  a puppy none the less!
and i have a guest today!

1.Kristin Chenoweth (believes nudie shots will only help her career)

2.Snooki (is a troll…no seriously, she is a troll)
3.Alice Cooper (heading to the hall!)
4.Petra Nemcova (was a stripper before this gig)
5.Fish oil (the new green fuel)
6.Eva Longoria (keeps calling me, I keep telling her no…)
7.Carmelo Anthony (retires??? Sucks????is paid too much???who cares, it’s the NBA {No Body Around})
8.The Bachelorette ( is totally lame)
9.Snoring ( sucks!)
10.Oil prices (fall but it does not translate to the pumps…what the fuck else is new)


this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by

Brandon and Bryan
funny and well just flat out funny!

i am tucker. i am a puppy! i invited over a friend so daddy can take an extra day off...Lucy is the puppy over at Pearson Report. Jenny is the mommy, or moo over there and we love jenny. she makes daddy happy smiles. happy daddy means happy tucker! so without further ado... i am a puppy. and i said ado...i am FUNNY!

And i love my friend Lucky! lickity lickity!

Hi everybody, I’m Lucky.
But I am also called - Lu, Lucy, Lucifur (when I’m a little devil) and Lucy with fur.

I'm just waking up
so my hair is a bit messy
and I'm
yawning too

Do you think it makes me happy
to wake up to
bright lights


Okay, that's better
I'm ready to start my day

I’m half Jack Russell and half Shih Tzu.
So…my mommy (she’s called Moo) tells everyone I’m a little Jackshit.

Mostly it’s because when I was little
and I was sooooo cute
I was left at home alone
one day
yup all alone…with a stack of Archie comic books
they belonged to Moo’s other daughter, Sweetpea
and the comics were so much fun to play with
play play
they didn’t last very long and there were lots of little pieces all over the living room
when Moo and Sweetpea came home
Sweetpea was not a happy camper – that’s what Moo said to me
she said, “Tsk, Tsk, Lucifur – Sweetpea is not a happy camper.”
those were her words, but she smiled and tried not to laugh
then she went and hugged Sweetpea who was very sad
then I was sad too
I stopped being sad and I went and licked Sweetpea’s face and she played
with me and all the little paper pieces – and we had fun

The End

Okay, not the End yet…

I’m all grown up now, and that was sooooo long ago when I was a puppy
Now I’m ten – oh yes, people say I look good for my age
Moo takes me for long walks – not her famous walk-abouts
no no
different ones - she calls them run-abouts
mostly Moo walks really fast
and I run
and run
run run run run run – yup, I like to run
because I’m little-er I need to run
when I take Moo for a walk
I have sooooo much fun
I love my Moo

Moo brushed me good today 'cause I get to play with this really cute puppy
named Tucker – I can’t wait – I hope he likes me
I'll play nicely…
Moo said, “Play nicely.” But she knows I always play nicely, right?

And, Tucker just had his birthday, so I’m bringing him something of mine
a chewie bone I found under my sofa
I have lots of chewie bones
but Moo doesn’t know where I hide them
they are all over
some are brand new, some are just little pieces, like Archie comics pieces
and I hide them
I’m going to have Tucker over too and he will find them all

Okay, almost the End...

It was fun meeting all of you nice people that love Tucker  so much – lucky Tucker
but I am Lucky too
'cause that's my name

I like snow too
me and Tucker can run around and around
like crazy outside

at my place snow forgot to come
it all went to Tuck's place and that makes him happy
I hope I can play with mr stick too

it would be fun to chase mrs bunny and mr squirrel
when they come out to play with me

oh oh it’s almost Time to go...

My Moo told me to be a good doggie and say THANK YOU to Tucker's daddy, Bruce
She said, “Make sure it is a very big thank you.”
Moo says you can never really say a big enough thank you, but she said to try anyway
okay I will try
I had fun at your place
Tucker is funny (he's cute too)
I like Tucker
he plays nicely
just like me

Lucy with fur (and diamonds too!)

The End. (for real – except my awesome video)

Sweetpea and me went to Agililty classes
and back then
my name was Powers of the Universe
Moo and Sweetpea go over the edge with names
but this one worked for me
take a look
I did go fast
yup, yup...I did

i am tucker. i am a puppy. i loveded the bone that Lucky brought me and loveded that Lucky came over!
i had lots.
and lots.
and lots.

of fun!

see ya next week when we discuss stuffs that is very importants-ish!

Just Another Dog In Puppydise!


  1. Another great post and its so great to meet Lucky maybe you'll both meet again sometime.

  2. Tucker, you have the best playdates. Did Lucky teach you any of her clever tricks?

  3. Lucky says…

    Oilfield Trash – Yup yup yup Tucker is the bestest puppy host ever. I am a happy doggie.

    Bubbles – I hope I get to play with Tucker again too – maybe he’ll come to my place and we can find all my chewie bones.

    Elexerdelex – Yup yup yup, doggies are loveable – me and Tucker agree with you.
    We are very glad you love doggies yup yup yup we are.

    Mynx – Tucker does the bestest tricks ever – he showed me where to grab mr stick and how to run with mr stick so he couldn’t get away.
    Yup yup yup – now I want my very own mr stick to play with – I hope Moo knows about mr stick.

  4. Tucker has so many fun friends! I am not surprised, though, seeing as to how his licketyness is practically contagious. What fun to have a playdate! Mrs. Squirrel and Mr. Bunny will probably sleep very well tonight. Good job, pups!

  5. Lucky says...

    On My Soapbox - I think mr stick will sleep the best tonight - we play play play played so long with mr stick. Tucker says mr stick looks very tired and very thin today.

  6. I love that your Momma calls you "Jackshit" - I know that she means it affectionately. It made us giggle over here.

    Glad you had such a great time at Tucker's and hope we see you cute little face again. :)

  7. You puppies are so cute, and you play so nicely together. What good puppies you both are!~

  8. Lucky says...

    SkippyMom - Yup yup yup Moo sometimes says I'm a shitty little Jack too and she says that my secret to cuteness is my hair style.
    I had fun with puppy Tucker and he's cute too yup he is.

    Katsidhe - Tucker and me say good call! cute cute cute yup yup yup cute and good yup yup yup

  9. Another great post Tucker - and what a cute little friend!

  10. Yay! Playdates! I hope you had fun. Enjoy your new toy!

    visions unto myself

  11. I am envious of the jackshit! We have the same hairstyle... except mine isn't nearly as 'cute.'

  12. Ahhhhh Very cute! Gotta love our furry friends. I miss mine a lot when I'm up North working.

  13. G-thanks! i love my friend lucky!

    kara- my new toy is ymmmerey!

    beer 4 shower-daddy has that hair style too, but it is getting thin!

    skrets- daddy would be lost without me!


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