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Monday, March 14, 2011

mfft Monday 3 14

More Food For Thought Monday
1.Natalie Maines (my second pick)

2.Annette Funicello (died)
3.Clint Eastwood (getting married…that old dog!)
4.Lisa Rinna (has nose surgery)
5.Social Security (new rules, work til 80, get nothing)
6.Mario Lopez (getting divorced)
7.Aflac duck voice (is lame as hell)
8.Lost city of Atlantis (see underwater tales)
9.Cloud computing (rain rebooting…both get you wet)
10.Bank of America (stole money from all of us…they fucking suck!)

this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by
Brandon and Bryan
funny and well just flat out funny!

One of my most supportive bloggy friends Jenny, at Pearson Report  has a daughter that just started a blog!

Courtney at underwater tales is actually making a NEW mermaid tale. She has made a few, already! Stop by and say hello!

My daughter used to watch that mermaid movie with Ariel and for the life of me I do not remember what it is, and I really do not care, but suffice to say, and my point is, she really loved it...mebbe not as much a s the Lion King, but whatever.

Mermaids are cool to both men and women. And guys if I have to explain to you why they are cool, then it is time to turn in your ManCard and put your nuts back in your wife's purse and well whatever...

All kidding aside, go check her out!

My Monday Food For thought is this:

I wrote a comment to Courtney at underwater tales ...

"art is more than what we hang on the wall; it is what we give to make  the world more beautiful..."

So many of us struggle with the idea of are bloggereres artists...

Are we artists? 

Yes, we are.

I tender the aformentioned statement about art.

When I read each of your blogs and comment, I smile. Well, most of the time. And when I do not?  I know I am not alone in the world and that I am not the only one that has down days...


A smile does make your face more beautiful, and hence the world more beautiful and thusly, you are an artist!

(defining art is very subjective as well... embrace your artiness! and a smile)

so enough mushy and kinda nice-y nioce shitty, shit!

On the menu today!

MFFT Monday!

Pulled pork on a bun!

Hey Skippy! This may have few enough steps for you!


oh and boobies!

you will need:
8 shots of good booze/beers. (I use Crown or Grey Goose, but Oily likes Patron and Tucker is partial to Molson (Canadian)) WTF? why not call this section cooking with a drunk guy? 


  i like to drink!

1 large crock pot
2 pkgs buns
one large pork loin
pork bullion (or veg, chix, or beef work as well. I usually get pork bullion from ramen (pork flavored) noodles)
1 medium onion
1/2 tomato
1 tbsp diced fresh jalapeno
8 cloves garlic (diced small)
a few sprigs of parsley (chopped fine)
1/4 cup diced red pepper
1/4 cup diced green pepper.

whatever kind of BBQ sauce you like

1 tsp of each of the following
salt, pepper

1/4 tsp of each of the following
cumin, cayenne pepper, celery salt'
onion salt, garlic salt.

shoot down one shot or beer, no one cooks well when they are not lubricated...

get one one deck, too!

add all the seasonings together
mix well
toss the pig meat in a large mixing bowl
dump seasonings on pork
rub well
let sit for at least 2 hours, overnight is better.

drink two more shots.
blog, comment, watch a movie, do your spouse, something, while waiting on the pork.

i usually take a nap!

upon waking, or after a couple hours, hit that 4th shot.
toss the pork, and all the other shit into the crock pot.
float with water.

cover, turn on high (4ish hours) or low (6ish hours)

auto shift...what the f* is auto shift? does it require tranny fluid? i have never used that function of a crockpot, but i think it has something to do with the Ghostie dimension...either high or decide. there is no wrong answer...

AND THEN! commence to drinking, (you still have 4 more shots) blog, comment, watch a movie, do your spouse, something, while waiting on the pork. or you could actually go to work, if it is  a workday.

when the pork is cooked pull it out of the crock pot and pull it a part...that is why we call it pulled pork..duh!

I use a masher to break it up.

strain the cooked veggies outta the juice
and mash about half of them into the pork...
(or not but, the veggies give it more flavor)

Since my famdamily  likes different types of bbq sauce I do not mix my pork with the sauce. I let the individuals mix it with the sauce of choice.

And then I also let them put it on their own bun(s)

Oh yeah!

who's your pimp daddy?

who's your iron chef?

i am...

you know it!

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. Good God Man, I can't read a post like this when I'm starving, the fridge is empty and I'm too lazy to go shopping - damn, now I gotta get in the car and stock the fridge - first stop the liquor store for beer.

    Up here, north of the 49th parallel, we still have separate stores for food and booze - like the two can't be friends or something! Oh Canada...

    Bruce - thanks for putting Pearson Report on the map and giving a shout out for Courtney.

    Hugs and blog lovin' coming at you,

  2. You, sir, are a softy! "A smile does make your face more beautiful, and hence the world more beautiful and thusly, you are an artist!" You just put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you! What a wonderful way to send me off to bed. So glad I saved this for my last blog to read tonight. :-D

  3. I do love your opinion-ations (I think I just made that word up for you)...your comments on my posts always make me smile & your posts are always amazing.

    Lately your posts make me hungry too...

    and thirsty...

  4. heehee - that was an intense recipe Bruce my bud - but there were no pork breasts involved. [I need to stop that - the Aussies still want me in jail] Sigh. Boobies! [hee, I feel like a thirteen year old boy. Wait. That's YOU!]

    Now stop telling me old stars have died. You are freaking me out and it isn't true. Makes me sad.

  5. Good man Bruce.

    And now I am hungry.

  6. Thank you, kind sir, for the sponsorship!

    Also, while I appreciate slinging around the word 'art', I don't know if I'd qualify some pretty bad MSPaint mashups as artwork... but the thought is appreciated, all the same.

    Now, off to have a small part of the recipe above (I'm just cutting straight to the beer).

  7. I was reading this before I have even had breakfast and now I am drooling! In a good way of course, not in a pervy way lol

  8. well hell now i want pulled pork for dinner and to make it worst as i read my stomache growls as background music. anyways awesome post as always.

  9. Ariel is a very popular insult among the ladies that work on my floor.

  10. My brother Bruce...You are too funny. I will check out the new blog for sure. Your philosophy is what Rabbit was trying to teach me for the longest time and I just didn't get it. Now I do. Artists we are!! Brandon and Bryan
    are awesome so I'm glad you're spreading the word. I still hate to cook so I'll take your word for it. Love, your sister BB

  11. Jenny- sorry- i still get the auto post thing messed up so i just post when ever...booze and beer should be in the same store...

    Jewels- anything for you baby! glad to be of service!

    AP- i will be using that and giving you the credit! thank you for your kind words! i am glad that this many people get me!

    skippy- sorry about the little lies...from now on red means really dead...i think...

    OfT- sorry bro but this is the easiest meal i ever make! well short of grilled cheese...

    beer 4 shower- i have tried ms paint and it is an art...but i will not force you to embrace art-i-ness... and going straight to the beer= cool!

    Lyndylou- glad to be of service, in agood way not a pervy way!

    G- that is good to know, but i gotta wonder why? it must be a girl thing?

    BB- hey sis! good to see you back...rabbit is a genius...but still art is much more liberal than the limiting view that some have...embrace your art!

  12. Want some art
    that makes your fart?
    Try beer and pork
    for a start!

  13. This sounds really good, better pack it for the trip.
    And if you keep teasing Skippy, she is seriously gonna kick your butt, you know that. Lol
    Boobies hehe

  14. Awww, you are just a lovely marshmellow, darling!~ Thank you for posting that about what makes an artist.

    You need to publish a cookbook. I'm serious. Put these recipes together and find an agent, love.

  15. i've always wanted to make cooking show spoof vids. you should make one.

    since i'm too lazy. and no longer in the apartment next to the gas station where i had no appliances and lived on gas station food. always thought it would be funny to film throwing a bunch of random gas station stuff together, pretending like i was making a fancy meal. in my one pan. with no bowls or plates or cups. a soda lid plate. etc. etc.

  16. ah, hell, i may be in california now, but i could totally still make a white trash cooking show.

    it might go well alongside your booze cooking show.

    we could start our own food channel.

  17. bushman- sawweet!

    nynx-y- you are right, i have to quit teasing skippy she will wait until i am drunk and throw me off the boat...and i will bring the pork!

    Lovkyně good plan. now that i can edit vids on my puter i plan on trying to do some video totally need to do the gas station video thing!and yeah it would be awesom to start a food channel!

  18. kat- i am working on it! and thanks! you rock my world baby!


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