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Friday, March 18, 2011

thematic thursday 137 late 3 17

1.Christina Applegate (declines comment on world peace)

2.Sandra Bullock (is having MY baby!)
3.Tiger Woods (is having more affairs)
4.Katherine Heigl (was MY surrogate mom, second choice)
5.GM trucks (break down as much as any other trucks)
6.Katie Holmes (is really too skinny)
7.Kevin Costner (WTF…seriously? Hottest actor of 2011?)
8.Stand By Me (oh, won’t you?)
9.Currency markets (fluctuate like a fifteen year old girls mind)
10.CH-47 Chinook helicopter (I have one for sale on craigslist, cheap!)

this week the JADIP blog is sponsored by

Brandon and Bryan
funny and well just flat out funny!

 Or you can go here.  i don't know what this link is? but i left it here for someone's amusment...mine or yours...IDK, R?

this weeks theme is late...and guess what, i am late...i know it is not thursday!

that is funny!

daddy's take!
is it too late to move somewhere hot?
to pull up roots?
to just be gone?
i'm frozen here, i would say, NOT!

tuckers takes!
on a snow hill
i am a king
you can call me
tucker king!
on this mound
i move about
watching me is

daddy took this picture
too late!
i move fast
cuz im so great!

the snow 's gone soon
and you will miss it
it is not too late
to go and kiss it
 issues have abounded this week and tucker has gone on strike for more scooby snacks...the little treat whore! if i did not have mr squirrel and mrs bunny running around outside like the second coming of jesus, i would not even be able to get this post out...

this may be my last JADIP post for a while...i am thinking i will be gone for a week mebbe two.

i may have a Tucker 2SdAy, if we can come to some kind of agreement and he ends his strike.

i do not know when i will be back. i will be... but not sure when and all that.

i will be posting a couple of ET blogs here and there. i have some collaborations in the works which will still happen. other than that i am taking a little break... 

it all started inconspicuous enough. a good dog here and a beggin strip there, an "oh your so cute and Tucker this and tucker that"... and the next thing you know he is acting like he plays american rules football or something...

never let them get a taste of snausages or beggin strips!

Tucker is the blog dog! He is holding out for a renaming of the blog, tucker is the blog dog...

can you believe it?
oh and a bag of beggin strips...

i mean, what the fuck?

i have a couple of posts for The Guy Book and Dreamodeling that i will post sometime in the near future.

i also have an award that i need to deal with from lovkyne at Muse on fire, but i just cannot do it right now.

i will still be jumping into your shit, however, i will read everyday, and fire off the snappy reparte and witty alcohol fueled comments as often as i can...but not as often as i have been...

those of you that need to bail and jump ship to find a more responsible and active bloggererer...that is your choice. i will be back, but i need some time to get my shit together...

and get that damn dog in line...

puppy my ass!

world dogamnation!

For more of this incredible display of
stop by Carmi's site at WrittenInc


  1. Its definately worth the break if you don't feel up to blogging as you don't want it to end up feeling like a chore. I'll see you when you come back...

  2. *GASP* Puppy my ass? Damn dog? What the ...? I think you definitely need a break if you are fighting with the Tuckmeister. We'll be here whenever you want to post. I'm not leaving you for that! And I'll look forward to your comments when you have time.

  3. There I was thinking about cheap helicopters for sales and how Kevin Costner is so NOT hot, only to get side tracked by cute puppy photos, and then to ultimatley in the end be sad that you are taking a break. Now I feel even more incredibly honored that we will be doing a blog collaboration at the end of the month.
    Big bloggy hugs!

  4. Take your time Bruce, we will be here when you get back.

  5. Time for obedience classes for the trouble maker perhaps? lol

    Take care Bruce and definitely make sure to stop by because I miss your comments when they're not there!

  6. For all those posts you have to throw in when you have to take a break Bruce, aren't you going to be really busy?

    Take a break dude. Tucker doesn't "need" to post - him and your buddies will understand - and you owe no one anything in blogland - we just want to make sure you are up to snuff and feeling well.

    Your health and well being is more important then wearing yourself down blogging. Go get a nap, enjoy the sunshine [it is coming, I swear. I sent it that way] and rejuvenate, but don't overdo darling.

    We will all be here. Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. You aren't falling off my blogroll Captain. [I still get to steer] :D

  7. Hey Brother, come on down south, it's finally warming up and cool at night. Perfect. You can help us move! haha. Seriously, I too am going to be pretty busy here so we gotta do what we gotta do. I already lost 2 followers but hey, it is what it is right? Just keep Sis up to date on how you're doing ok? Love ya bro.

  8. Take your time Bruce. The COOL people will still be here for your return.

    Get that dog in line. First, it's Snausages. And then they move up to Beggin' Strips. And from there, it get's ugly. I'm talking hookers, drinking binges, guns, drugs, hookers....wait, that is what Charlie Sheen would do. My bad, your good.

    Sandra and Katheryn were in the discussion, but I ended up choosing Ashley Judd. I'm a sucker for southern women.

  9. I commented, I know I did. Blogger is eating all my words. Take a break sweet, I and all your other friends are here if you need us.

  10. Breaks are good. Refresh the batteries. Maybe watch the birds for awhile. It's what I do to clear my mind. I'll be here when you return.

  11. Have an enjoyable break. Been there and done that numerous times so I can certainly sympathize with blogging burnout.

  12. hey everyone! thanks for all your kind words!

    i know i need a break when i cannot seem to find a positive spin on the world....

    i am glad all the cool kids will still be here.

    and i will pop by and pop off in your comments as well...

    btw- i am using the proceeds from the sale of the helipcopter to buy world peace...

    how much world peace can i get for $103.47?

    see ya all soon

  13. Congrats on your impregnation of Sandra Bullock.

  14. we all need a break from time to time...we'll all still be here

  15. come back soon, bruce and tucker! we'll miss you guys :)

  16. You certainly deserve a break, but I'll miss you, so Selfish Me says HURRY BACK!

    Take your time, boss; we're here if you need us and will be awaiting your return. ;-)

  17. When my dogs try to take my blog ransom, I just wave the big wooden spoon. They know better. They don't want to get spanked by it.

    (No, I've never spanked my dog with a wooden spoon. Something about hitting your dog's ass and then stirring food with it...)

    Enjoy your time off, and we'll be here waiting when you get back!

  18. kat and kage - i will hurry back, and stalking you two ladies!

    dudemiester- thanks man!

    G- thanks man!

    beer 4 shower- i just rattle my keys and tucker crumbles like a house of cards...but he is also a stubborn puppy!

  19. I will not be bailing! Nice try, pal! Seriously - take care of yourself. That is the number one priority. See ya later - when the time is right for you. I'll send some good karma your way - I always have extra. :-)

  20. OMSoapbox- thnask for the karma! can always use more good karma!


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