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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


and beer...

a free verse of sorts....

(not to be confused with FREEBIRD!!!!)


I am watching hockey today.

and drinking a few beers. 

well, tonight really.

focus bruce....


it is really all we have.

well, and beer, too.

we plan for tomorrow, 
dream of the someday, 
and hope for the future.

it all comes down today.

i was watching hockey one year ago today.

and enjoying a beer

it is what i do.
with a lot of my today's....

one year ago today I discovered a tumor.

one year ago today my life completely changed.

one year ago today, i stopped looking 5 years ahead.

and all the other beers i did not have.

and started focusing on today.
and the beer in front of me.

i hope i have a lot more today's.

and a lot more beers.

but i will be happy with the number i have already shared.

with all special people in my life.

and hey....

at least i did not discover flesh eating zombies...

that would REALLY suck.

just another day in paradise
just another dog in puppydise..


  1. Hi Bruce - very touching post!
    I'm with you on enjoying today...what else is there! You hit this one out of the park...and all while still drinking a beer! (smiles)

    Big Hug, Jenny

  2. There is no better way to live in the present than to have a few beers whilst watching some hockey! :) Hugs, my friend.

  3. This year has just flown. I am so happy to have had you as my friend and to have (virtually) watched those hockey games and had those beers with you.
    You are a survivor, there will be a lot more beers, a lot more hockey and a lot more friends in your future.
    We should always live for today because no one knows what tomorrow could bring.

    Goooooo Wingggggs !!!

  4. Beer = happiness
    Happy 2012!

  5. Love this post Bruce! I really did!!! I live for retirement, which apparently is about 30 years away! Yikes!

  6. Been there...scary stuff...but you do learn to live only for today...hugs to you..

  7. Beer has a habit of making a person feel many things both good and not so good although I do not drink beer can't stand the

  8. Glad to see you. And glad you are enjoying para-puppydise.

    How are you feeling? We miss you.

  9. Today I Will Go Sleep I will tell my girlfriends

  10. Every day is a bonus day. Add beer, and it's a double-bonus day!


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