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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

play...just play!

tUcKeR says: it is raining...whats the big deal? lets go out and play daddy!

daddy says: Remember when we had to live without the pocket 'puter. i could go out and be away from my job. I could actually disappear...

 tUcKeR says: i don't remember that...any what? i. want. to. play! i only get 10 or so years and I am already nearly 5, so lets get on with it! lets go sniff some stuff and chase that black cat next door...

daddy says: I can't right now buddy, I have work to do.

tUcKeR says: you suck!
daddy says: I know, buddy, I know...

tUcKeR says: harrrumph!
daddy says: sorry buddy...but... it is what it is...

just play!
just another dog in puppydise!


  1. Love it! Now if you can just teach him to drive the boat!

  2. Goodness Tucker, 5 already? You are growing up so fast.
    Keep at Daddy, he will come play eventually but right now he does need to work so you keep getting yummy bones

  3. I see two of my favourite bloggers are here keeping Tuck company… as usually I'm picking up the rear, but I'm here and that's what counts, eh! Besides Lucy wants me to tell Mr Tucker she thinks he's one handsome doggie… nudge, nudge, wink, wink… (she takes after her owner, gotta love her) :)

  4. Hi Bruce, and Tucker!

    I'm dropping in to wish you both a Happy New Year - Miss Lucy is with me and sends along a sloppy doggy hug to you both.

    I'm thinking of you both and hoping life is good.

    Cheers, Jenny All the best in 2015, maybe we'll see you out here now and then.


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