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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tuckmonster tuesday 3

1. Michael Douglas (jewel of the nile 4?) 2.Heidi Montag 3. Brittny Gastineau  4. Bristol Palin (if people quit reading about this family fo diggleberries will they just go away?)  5. Retirement 6. Faith Hill  7. Immigration 8. Brett Favre (retireded? reiterated?)9. Wireless Data Plans (all suck) 
10. Playa del Carmen (donde esta casa de Pepe?)

hi im Tucker. some people call me the TuckMonster...okay only daddy calls me that..i do not know why...some people, like my daddys friend Aaron call me bo-bucker...there is a song that goes with that name...fee fy fo...hey did you hear that? did you hear that? i have to go check it out...i know there are lots of things that i know cuz i cool like that, so feel free to ask me a question...i am good at giving advice...
    heres a freebie.
Q: how can i tell if someone is a good person?
A; good question...something important... sniff their butt. you can always tell if a person is good by sniffing their butt...
     daddy and i went outside to play fetch. daddy thinks i do not know how to play fetch but i do. i bring the thing that is thrown back to daddy...i drop it...oh a fluffy longeared to get it!got to get it!got to get it!
    oh back....after i drop it i get a treat. daddy is not too smart. he sometimes forgets to give me a treat after i drop it. even when i sit and give him the bestest cute puppy look. he thinks i do not know what is up...i humor him and go get it again...then i get a treat...daddy is not too smart. sometimes he forgets to give me a treat...then i go get it a gain...
    i like to play fetch and you chase me. i do not want to let it go.unless.i.get.a.treat. sometimes daddy does chase me. it is funny cuz he is so slow. i am much faster than daddy. his treats make him slow. they smell bad and they have smoke coming off of them. they are yucky.
    i also like to dig holes. i can smell stuff that daddy cannot. there are all kinds of things that i am good at and daddy is not. he does not like to dig holes. he puts the dirt back in them. mommy does to, but she puts my pop in them. she thinks that will make me not dig. don't tell mommy but there are a lot of places to dig. lots.of.them.
     the other day a found a hoppy thingy. i stared at it. it was covered with little bumps. i sniffed it. it hopped. i sniffed it again. it hopped again. i picked it up with my mouth. it tasted yucky. yucky.yucky.yucky. it hopped away and i did not go after it. it was yucky.
    then i found a rock. it was not yucky. i carried it in the house. daddy did not see me. i jumped on the couch and chewed it. then mommy made me spit it out.
     did you hear that? i did. got go find out what that was.what was that?what was that? what was that?
woof!woof! woof! i scared it away...daddy and mommy are safe from what ever it was...hey there's my bone...there's my bone! there's my bone...
     The TuckMonster is looking forward to your comments
go head ask tucker (almost) ANYTHING and get an honest to dog answer



  1. Hey, Tuck, I think I should introduce u to my cat, Kalei... bet she can tell u a few things about me as well...

  2. Just how old are you Tucker? The level of distraction I see here says puppy to me for sure. I haven't had a pup around it a long time, and it kinda makes me dizzy. I've grown used to my old lady Moppet. She doesn't chase ANYTHING but she not as afraid of everything as she used to be.

    I found her in a parking lot after a weekend of rainstorms. She still doesn't like storms, but she's real good at keeping my feet warm. Good talking to you but I better get back to my far... um blog reading.

  3. KBF-
    i love cats...Abner is a cat in my neighborhood. he comes over all the time and watches me...when i see him i bark, and he runs and hides. daddy will not let me go after him...oh hey there's a stick...i bet Kalei is cool cuz daddy thinks your cool!! and cats know people almost as good as dogs...

    daddy says you may be dicted to farmville facebook thingy...i don't know what dicted means, but he said you blogged about it..i am not really a puppy cuz i am 10 months old...but i am a lab..moppet sounds like a good friend...i cant stay still long enough to lay on anyones feet...oh hey gotta go get that chewy...

    (he is still a puppy, don't let him fool ya- B)

  4. Do you chase cars, Tucker? If you caught a car, what would you do?

  5. dr snarky
    i do not chase cars...daddy says not to and i always listen to daddy...except when my buddy bentley is a round then i never listen to daddy...

    but when i am in a car, i paint NoseArt on the windows and leave DoggyHairDesigns on the seat...

    i chase those bushy tail thing and those fluffy long eared things... and sticks and rocks and crunchity brown things that blow around our yard...and bugs I.LOVE.BUGS...

  6. You look like a very sweet dog, Tucker. You have kindness in your face, and I suspect you enjoy being hugged by folks who love you. So my question, then, is do you like getting hugs?

  7. Hey Tuck, It's nice to know you. You sure are growing faster and you are pretty inquisitive mind. Would you feel bad if I say I am scared of dogs? I use to be friends with your kind..then I grew up and hormones oh well..hormones does will know when you grow up..

  8. Carmi- i love hugs, but since i am a puppy i only stay still for 'bout 30 seconds...daddy hugs me and then i nibble on his beard then he laughs and we play on the floor...

    BH- don't give up on puppies...we can be very nice...i have a libby (daddy's daughter) that is 16...she talks about hormones as well...i do not ever want to grow up...puppy's are FUN!!!

  9. Hey Tucker, bet you are happy Daddy has given up his smokey treats.


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