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Friday, November 19, 2010

thematic photography 124 candid..v1...

1. DA BEARS(suck) 2. Bristol Pailn (seriously, who names their kid Bristol? are their other kids Meyers and Squibb?) 3, Kraft Mac n Cheese (and not because i just had some) 4. Pig flu and Bird Flu  (got shot?) 5.Lady Antebellum's big rip-off (uh,no. it was *sampling*) 6. Sarah Palin...refudiation (StupidPalin and the Refudiation Band) 7. TSA (getting ditched?) 8.Ohio mystery (seriously? three bodies in a tree? WTF?)
9. New Zealand Coal Mine Disaster (prayers please)
10. Germany (next terror target?)

i am watching you...
and i see you..
assessing the situation...
to wit
darkened eye(s)
and opened eye...     
shuttering and shuddering...              
click click...   
goes my eye to                                                   
with rapture
 use aperature
                      a moment  
                         forever in time...                         
                                with a third eye

see the can...
the can is sitting
on the dock
waiting.....tick tock...
pop (d) top
waiting...tick tock
waiting....tick tock
waiting...tick tick
see the can on the dock.

see what?
              see what!
                                        see what?!
                                                                the can did???                                        

see more really CANDID and cool pics at Carmi's blog thematic phots stuff....

and offs, get week the TuckMonster is doing one as well...


  1. I love the composition of the first and last one.. I think its because of where the subject is and the water of the third is a great contrast to that beer can standing tall...

  2. I don't think I could ever tire of your beyond-cool way of looking at the world, Bruce. There's a delightful sense of humor that winds it way through all of your photos and writing. Thanks for taking the theme to a place I hadn't even envisioned when I first posted it. Great stuff!

  3. oh you keep my smiling at how you so enjoy TP, and life, ok beer of all are your poems, or touches on all ways candid and delighting!....did he put sunscreen on? lol

  4. KBF- thanks...all of these were taken with a camera phone...i have a kodak that i bought a few years back but it is never candid with that device...always staged...

    Carmi- thanks...i appreciate the compliments..i look forward to TP every week... and i try to spin stuff to make up for my lack of photo knowledge...this feature has definitely made my blog a better place, so cheers! to you, cuz i never would have thought of the theme thing unless i found your blog...

    Karen- *shmidtty the beer can* is very stubborn, so no on the sunscreen...that's why he is so red :)...glad i make you laugh...

    actually these all were taken on Long Lake near Brainard MN...(actually Aitkin, home of the Aitkin Gobblers)...last august

  5. Again, nice work with the poetry, Bruce. You have clever phrasing and pacing. Not surprising considering your musical/lyrical background, but it is great that you are sharing it.


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