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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tUckErr 2sdAy birthday edition! 2 15

tucker is one! year! old!

daddy says the cake was made of snow!

TRENDING NO!!!!!!! TRENDING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.Michelle Pfeiffer (dark shadows movie with tim burton?)
2.Nancy Kerrigan (her brother is a drunk, so why google her?)
3.Dwayne Johnson (back in the ring?)
4.Victoria Beckham (posh spice now into fashion?)
5.Foreclosure (is still in the news? Yeah our economy IS turning around!)
6.Irina Shayk (Russian Spy!)
7.Frankie Muniz (arrested while in drag)
8.747-8 Intercontinental (crashes into ocean)
9.Coca-Cola recipe (re-vealed and yes veal is an ingredient)
10.Medicare (new requirments. You must be dead to qualify)

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Hello-(Said in a deep voice, kinda like Darth Vader and Rosanne Barr in  a blender through a megaphone)

I am Tucker. I am a dog. I am  no longer a little puppy.


I .Am .Not.

Now, I am an adult dog. I do adult dog machinations. I am currently attempting to triangulate the isosceles triangles and 2 pi r squared and the hypotenuse and other Adult Dog Mathematical formulas to equate the dimensions of....and the geopolitical ramifications squirels and bunnies...

Ha HA ha Ha!

Psyche your mind... I was just kidding. I am Still a puppy. But I am now One Year Old. I fooled you, didn't I. You were all ascared and stuff. Then I lickity'd your face. And got all wigglily-jigglily. Cuz i was just


I turned one year old on February 12, 2011. I am not a little puppy anymore, but I am a lab, and daddy says I will be a puppy for a long time. that is okay with me.

I nominateded my daddy's blog for the best animal blog.

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!
this link should take you there to vote for us.

On saturday,  my birthday,  daddy took me outside to play!

here i am looking around for mr squirel or mrs bunny!

mr stick we meet again

got you mr stick!

mr stick tried to get away!

there is always plenty of stuff to sniff!

i can see you daddy! i will pounce on you!
then i will lickitty you
and get all wiggly jiggly

here is my impression of a pig!

see you next week!
go vote for me!


  1. Happy Birthday Tucker! Hope your Daddy gave you the kiss I asked him to send your way!

  2. Happy Birthday Tucker!!! You are a wonder and amazing puppy. I will vote for you because you have a good relationship with sticks and do an awesome wild boar impression. Oh and you've got a great blog too!!!

  3. Tucker, It's me Lucy with fur...

    I'm coming to play soon, your Daddy and my Moo are fig-ring it out.

    Happy Snowy Birthday to you!
    from me, Lucy

  4. Happy Birthday Tucker....and I'll take a pass on Medicare for now...the requirements are too stiff :-)

  5. PS...went back to see if I could vote repeatedly but can't. I voted my one vote for ya though! :-)

  6. Tucker, happy birthday. Be well my four legged friend, be well.

  7. Happy Birthday, Tucker! ^_^
    I voted for you and Daddy's blog, li'l pup.~

  8. Happy birthday, Tucker! You will be an adolescent before you know it. And what a fine pig impression you do!

  9. Happy Birthday tucker and it looks like you had a great day with Mr Stick and the snow.

  10. Welcome to adulthood, Tuck! It only goes downhill from here...

  11. Happy birthday Tucker. You are always going to be the cutest puppy in the world for me, no matter how many doggy years you are.
    Big lickety wriggly hugs to you.

  12. Happy Birthday Tucker, now you are a big dog please don't lose touch with your 'inner' puppy lol

  13. Happy Birthday Tucker... I already voted for Daddy's blog. I love the pig impersonation. That needs to be shown to the world!!

  14. Happy Birthday Tucker! You gotta watch those sticks...sneaky, tricky little devils...

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome and link!

  15. Have a nice birthday doggy!:D
    A labrador! Nice dog :D

  16. tucker says!

    thanks for all the comments...puppy love to you all!

    i gave daddy all kinds of lickities and wigglys!

    daddy was not very well today after he and i went all over the place to do stuff.

    daddy went to bed and i came on here to say thanks for the birthday wishes and votes!

    each of you made me a very happy puppy today...

    i lickity and wigglily jiggly to all of you!
    there's a stick!


    nom nom nom~

  17. TUCKSTER!! I was all deeply depressed by your adulthood seriousness... thank goodness you were just playin'!!

    Happy birthday little guy! I am sure you will have LOTS of playing and puppiness in you for years to come! I might be bringing Schultz and puppy over for a play date, once my brain starts working again!

    Hope you had fun... Also? VERY convincing piggy!!

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?



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