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Thursday, February 17, 2011

thinking thursday 2 17

1.Megan Fox (really hot)
2.Jennifer Lopez (preggers)
3.Britney Spears music (wait…wha? She does music, I thought she was a pornstar)
4.Jennifer Beals (not star dancing for her)
5.Stock rally (yay! Im wealthy)
6.Beyonce (divorcing jay-z, but seriously, who cares?)
7.Corey Haim (arrested for male prostitution)
8.Medicare fraud (lots of not dead people making claims)
9.F-35 jet (for sale, low miles)
10.Larry the cat (in space!)

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i however am allergic to chocolate, but not this blog... check it out it is goooood...

Usually on thursday I bring up thoughts in  a thinkin' Thursday. Not today. Do to my health issues, I have been a bit outta it the past couple days, so if I have not been by like normal leaving inane comments and such, I may have just swung by for a read.  I appologize for being behind in my perusals. I am feeling a bit better, but the past 48 hours were a bit on the hard side. I am coming out the other side, sorta brain dead and very thankful!


Today is thankful thursday.

I am always thnakful I am above ground. And I am coming to terms with my getting more sexy! (right, Mynx!)

First of all,  Thank god TuckMonster can write a post, and took care of his duties, although I noticed he shirked the replies, with a mass one-size fits all reply.  He did share with me that he had responded to most with a personal reply before the damn 'puter froze up... so he lamed out and just did the blanket reply. Thank you all for the comments from me too...

jayzuz....that is to f*ing easy!

Second of all, I am gonna try a giveaway on Sunday's sunday snipet's post. You will have to show up Sunday to see what all the hype is! You may or may not be thankful for this...

and now for the post!

I am thankful for you all.

However, in this past week one particular Bloggerer did something that is so awesome i just had to share it! 
Bubbles at bursts of bubbles  and make my day 
definitely made my day!

I went out to the post box the On Saturday and instead of the myraid of bills I usually get related to my health issue, I got a really cool box. It was all shiney and sparkly...


in this box was bubble wrap, and

Bubbles is a very talented crafter. She sent me the
TuckMonster these! they have texture and are cool as shit!

I still get  a thrill when I get Something in the mail that does not make my blood pressure rise!

I am So Thankful to have recieved these to lovely hand made postcards!

If you have not checked out My FRIEND BUBBLES, go now....

Just Another Day (Aboveground) IN Paradise!


  1. loved this post always good to remind ourselves what we are thankful for

  2. Glad you're feeling better today. You have to take it slow. Listen to Nurse Barbara. That was so nice for Bubbles to send those to you.

  3. Hmm, maybe I need your address if you want something in the letter box to make you smile.
    Totally correct in getting sexier Bruce. Glad to see you took my advice there.
    Also very glad you are feeling better. Great big hugs for you. Keep smiling lovely man

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better, and that's a very cool card. My lady makes cards like that, too. Amazing how much talent/patience/awesomeness that takes. Me? I'll stick with Hallmark.

  5. That is wonderful news to hear that you are starting to feel better and that you received a lovely pressie in the mail. And thank you for reminding us all that no matter what, we always have something which to be thankful for.

    PS: And aren't you proud of me that I did not swear once in this comment? ; )

  6. glad you're feeling better, bruce :)

    and happy birthday, tucker! love the postcards :)

  7. I too have been remiss in making the rounds. School, rather than health is exhausting the part of me that writes. That said, I wish you all the best of health.

    How very nice to receive those handmade postcards! Being myself one of those artistic types, I have always felt, like Emerson, that anything anyone makes themselves is inherently superior to anything one can buy.

  8. Wow Thanks :D A second feature :D I will be sure to return the favor.... Oh I haven't posted today... I'll do it today! :) :D

  9. Keep getting better...miss your smiling face & acerbic remarks...the days just don't seem right without 'em.

  10. Becca-too true!

    BB-bubbles is the best! she has a ton of talent!

    Mynx-awww you always make me smile!

    beer4 shower-hallmark is my way as well.

    OfT-tru dat!

    Empress-very good Empress! but your snarky ass is always given a free pass at any of my blogs to cuss at will! you rock!

    Kage-thanks from both of us

    Rick-too true. and i am glad i have the freedom right now to recuperarate.

    elexerdelex-no problem! thanks!

    AP-i am getting there...the sunshine seems to help a bit as well.

  11. This was such a fantastic post to wake up as I didn't expect it at all (I couldn't comment as I would have been late for work)... I'm glad the whole package cheered you up.

    Its nice to hear your feeling so much better today and I hope it continues.

  12. Glad you are feeling a bit better and what a lovely surprise for you :)

  13. So glad to hear that you are feeling better! Good thing Tucker is around to hand out blogging love to us all. :-)

  14. Love the positive concept of Thankful Thursday...glad you're feeling better as well

  15. Glad you're feeling better, boss.~ :)

  16. bubbles-I am so glad it made your day too! I have them right above my puter, and it was truly a specail feeling to get something hand made, in the age of cookie cutter crap! you are a very talented woman!

    lyndylou-I do not comment on your blog as much as i should, but you are an inspiration to me, with your giddy and giggly and postitive attitiude!

    on my soap box-yeah that tucker, he is a good boy!

    G-my glass is always half full! just some times i for get to mention it! BTW- the latest coin and bottle trick was the bomb diggity!

    Kat-thanks, take good care of you and jewels this weekend! no drinking and driving!


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