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Monday, February 14, 2011

MFFT... Tagged by Mynx 2 14

TRENDING NO!!!!!!! TRENDING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.Serene Branson (possible stroke)
2.Jessica Simpson (dumb, dumber, and dumbest all in one)
3.Bill Murray (Cinderella boy, comes from nowhere, to lead the field)
4.Charlize Theron (in yet another movie…oh wait, she’s an actress)
5.Katharine McPhee (hot)
6.747-8 Intercontinental (greener? funny! It’s a f*ing jet. It uses 1000’s of gal of fuel per flight)
7.Whaling shipwreck (melville’s inspiration)
8.Tax deductions (your hampster is NOT a deduction)
9.Lady Antebellum (glee cover does not impress)
10.Christina Aguilera (tumbles at Grammy’s, her career in a spiral)

fickle cattle. He has a ton of followers and has won at least one BLOG award! He posted recently that his page views are down.   stop by and check his blog out! It is always written very well and very poignant.

I am also thinking the same thing, but on a really small scale, however, I did say I would pimp him out, cuz I am a pimping machine! Does anyone else think their page views have dropped? My comments have remained stable, however. I think GuzzleNutter is f*ing with the stats...f* GuzzleBooger.

This weeks JADIP blog is sponsored by

a big welcome to new BIA CkretsGalore at kick her right in the habit  you need to check her out, I am never disapointed in her posts!

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!
i think tucker may have nominated himself!
so lets go and vote  (or not,
he is on to something else now and will not even remember this by next week)
for him as best animal blog,
since i am sure there are no other puppies writing a blog!

On the MFFT menu this week:

My good friend Mynx at Dribble... or as I describe her to my non-bloggerer friends the Hottie Aussie!...  well she bumped me up on the five things I can't leave home without...(i may or may not have a BloggererCrush on her...)

1.  My utility belt. Just like The Batman, I need my tools to keep the world safe. It includes keys, a carabineer, and a wallet. oh yeah and that goddam cell phone...when my book gets sold...that phone is so gone! Bridge, river, toss, freedom!

2. My brain. I have seen far too many people that actually do leave home without it. My EvilTwin usually takes care of the really stupid shitake mushrooms that develop.

3. The monster and his boys. I do not let my wife hold these guys for me.

4. My glasses. And yeah, baby these specs double as X-ray specs!  I can see through your clothes. Funny thing they do not work on guys...whew! Oh and I can not see with out them.

5.  My sense of humor. Yup. the world is a really a stupid filled place, so if I leave home without my sense of humor...people.will.die.

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. Bruce...My pageviews are less than the comments I get from everyone minus my replies. Go figure. Good list too.

  2. I guess I am confused about the obsession with page views and comments and followers and number of posts.

    I figure I am the weird blogger that blogs and thinks those things are bonus, extra - wonderful. But I don't count on them to validate my experience blogging.

    Don't get me wrong - I have made fabulous friends through blogging and they sustain me through some rough times via blogging, email and the phone - I can't wait to meet them - but I wonder if blogging has to be so centered on page views, comments and followers.

    Just my two cents.

  3. I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary Bruce. I can't say that I care much for page views but I do enjoy the banter between bloggers through comments.

  4. I never thought about tracking my page views. Hmmm....

  5. BB- I have heard this from more than on blogger.. i guess that does not make sense.

    skippy- totally can sse your point and that is one of the thngs i love about blogerering! the friends...i blog to write. feed back is cool. pageviews were important when i had ads. I put that in there to pimp fickle cattle. i am interested in the whole of it cuz that is how my mind works...i also have a secret desire to get discovered *hehehe* page views followers may help... but when it all comes down the conversation IS the blog...and the blog is basically my friendship to you all.

    i see your point. but for nearly a year i posted to basically no comments and 10 followers that all knew me in the non-cyber world...

    a few comments and a few followers is much more satisfying...and that is why i try to comment to all you all...

    ib- i hear ya bro! the comments make the whole thing work!

    soap box- yeah..i was just throwing it out there..i do check them. old habits die hard...

  6. Sssh don't tell any one but I might have a bloggy crush on you too. Hehe
    thanks for the shout out and I totally loved your list.
    I love my comments but rarely check page views. I guess it depends on the reason why you blog. I see no point in grumbling about lost followers, they won't see it. I would rather promote those that stick around and make me smile

  7. I don't make a huge fuss over loss of followers I much prefer the comments cos they usually make me laugh out loud or at the very least smile :)

  8. You gained massive, MASSIVE awesome points with me for the "Goddamn Batman" reference, dear.~

    I will be sure to go and vote for you and the Tucker Monster, too.

  9. I've read a few bloggers saying that Google stats are messed up. Honestly, I don't really check my stats a whole lot so I couldn't tell ya.

  10. Pageviews, pageviews, pageviews!!!

  11. My pageviews have dropped a little, too. I thought it was because everyone was outside enjoying the break in the cold weather.

  12. I didn't even think about glasses as I can't see without them so have no choice but to wear them... good answers though

  13. God that you pack that sense of humour, I wish everyone remembered their's in the world...
    Love Becca's blog too certainly on a par with your musings :)

  14. don't know anything about page views or anything i just write whatever i feel or as in tonight i posted something for a friend but anyways. loved your list and happy dance for picking me as a sponsor i feel so special now i'm going to go brag about it.

  15. mynx- wise words my dear! i only recently stopped checking my pageviews daily. just a silly habbit, but now i am much more into the conversations as opposed to the number of hits...hugs!

    lyndylou-and it is all about the good adn are so right!

    katsidhe-you have earned massive awesome points for voting for us...oh yeah and your awesome blog posts, not just the smutty one!

    JM-good on ya. i wish i never figured out there was a stats page.

    dudemeister- yup. yup. yup!!!!

    jen-that could be it. actually, i have a theory, but i am gonna just drop is too invasive to my crative side, all this analytics are just b.s. too, but like i said, mine have specail x-ray powers!

    G- thanks man...without my sense of humor i would prolly be serving life without parole....that Becca does rock, though! back when i only had three blogs she was the first follower to follow of all three...

    Becca-you are soooo awesome becca! good on ya for your happy dance and brag all you want! you will be getting pimped all week!

  16. I don't pay too much attention to the stats pages anymore. Only the part where the keyword searches to see who is stumbling upon my blog.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  17. I'm just starting my pageviews increase by the day :D I'm so happy with that :D

  18. I try not to check my stats that often because I don't really want to know when people start getting sick of me.

  19. ad-yeah those keywords are really wierd...

    elexerdelex- welcome a board and congrats. love the pics at/on your blog

    mrs hyde-no one is getting sick of you!


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