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Sunday, August 21, 2016


i'm tucker..well i used to be a puppy. im six now. not. a . puppy.

i am helping my daddy get back into bloggering...

the other day i was walking my daddy, as i am want to do, cuz he will just lay around all day if i do not...walk him...

whilst (see my new grasp of verbiage? six is better) we were walking, i noticed a cat...

in. my. cul de sac!

i gave chase, i don't know why, it must be instinctive...

i asked him why dogs needed leashes and cats did not...

he said  it is what it is...

i say its not fair...

kara hoag challenged my daddy to get back in blogging...

go see her and ask her whats up...

if you don't comment it's ok...

as my daddy says...the world needs fewer fancy free cats shitting in our cul de sac...

just another dog in puppydise!


  1. Leaving comments saves puppies too. I will try and find time to write a post tomorrow and hold up my end of the bargain.

  2. I still remember when you were a little puppy and look at you now. So grown up. I hope Daddy does some blogging. I love reading "verbiage" from you both.

  3. Heyyyyy.... Tuckmonster, how's it going - long time no see. Me? I'm still with my most accommodating and obedient owner, your Daddy knows her, I call her Moo cause that's what her other pet (aka fruit of her loins) calls her. Mostly when I say it it sounds sort of woofy... but hey, I'm a dog, it's allowed.

    Well... don't be a stranger and post a little more often so I can keep up with your progress. Say HI to your Daddy from my Moo and let him know she's happy to see him out and about in Bloggerville. Sending you both smiles and hugs, Lucky Lucky Pow Pow (as I'm know by those I call friends)

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