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Thursday, October 28, 2010

the best check

1.Anna Nicole Smith  2.Auto Recalls  3.Ozzy Osbourne 4.Aretha Franklin 5.Elvira

6.Audrina Patridge 7.Sasha Vujacic 8.Financial Aid 9.ARC Tunnel

10.Mortgage Rates

today started out too early...i felt a cloud of uneasiness in the must have been gas...
i did not stop believing...something felt a bit different..

    i had acouple other blog ideas in mind for today. i thought i would unleash a rant, with election day so close at hand...i have been working on CrossRoads for a couple days, so I thought mebbe today...i did not think that this one would be for a couple more weeks, but hey that BlogMuse...she is fickle and she will decide what i am doing and when...kinda like Sheila the girl in my GPS
     I have written a lot of checks in my adult life. I guess the adult part is not really neccesssary, as I wrote no checks a child. But whatever...lots of checks...and very few bouncers...I am happy for that because it gets really expensive to bounce a check...but you all know how i feel about the banks...bankstardization  
     One day not so long ago, (June 22, 2010) I decided to donate some (yes it is half) of my ad revenue to the Safe Haven Humane Society...I wrote the something. It has been a long push. i thought about giving up...i thought about retracting the offer...i thought about taking a little trip to the keys... I have pleaded and cajoled and begged and whined.    
     Way back before I lost everything in the debacle of 2005, I was somewhat sucessful. For a brief period, I actually made a bunch of cash. All good things and all bad things come to an end, irrelevant of what we wish. No one gets outta here alive and we cannot take cash to the other side. BTW...I have heard that the other side accepts Visa, because it is everywhere you want to be, but AmEx...not so much...
     As I was saying lots of checks... (at one point I had two businesses and 12 different checking accounts...)WTF dude??? I am not bragging, so do not get the wrong idea, but I even wrote myself a check for $135,000.00. Once. I cashed it into $1.00 bills and threw it on the living room floor and rolled around in it...well not really silly...
     I did deposit the check into an account in my name to seed another venture... Again, I am not saying this to brag....but I am saying it was fun. (and yes it did clear, because it may be felonious to write a check of that amount that you cannot cover... but suffice it to say, I did not serve time for that check...)
     It was a great feeling to write a check to myself and deposit it and know it was good... (and BTW I did not serve time for any other CheckRelatedMalfeasance.) I felt I was sucessful. I felt I had arrived...and boy did I! yeah. not. so. much...Then begin the downard spiral that is brought on by was fun, and not fun...a hell of a ride...but looking back it all seemed kinda shallow...
     Don't get me wrong, losing it all really sucked. I will never be the same. but life is filled with change good bad and indifferent...I would like to say that with all hardship comes growth. my case I think i did grow a bit...The best lesson I can take from this fiasco is it is just stuff...and I did not die...
     However, up until now that large check is the best check I have ever written. The check that I will write to SHHS for $50.00 from this little blog is far superior in every way. The accomplishment is not as shallow as writing that one to myself. This is a small step in doing something good and just. It is following thru with a pledge. It is a nice deposit in the karma bank.
     I am not feeling proud at this moment, but very humble. extremely humble. And thankful. VERY thankful. I am not experiencing this moment alone. I have you, the faithful followers and readers of my semi-quasi-daily-ish trip thru the everyday world to share this with... 
     In the grand scheme of things this is a very small thing, but in my world, where I actually live, this is huge!!! I am so very greatful to each and everyone of you that has taken the time to click thru for a cause!!!
       And now I thank you!!! I have a bunch of friends that say they are clicking. I check the stats and find that the number one ClickThruCommunity is not my home town. it is not GR, MI...WTF?(but Jim and CB, i know y'all are clikin'... )
But the most of my fan base is here...
     It turns out that Albany NY seems to be the HOTBED of thruclicking...whoever you (or youse guys and gals) are in Albany, thank you veryVERY!!! much...
     On this day10/28/2010 at approximately  7:30 am (or that is when I found out) we cracked the $100.00 dollar barrior. THE BEST CHECK!!!

facimile not the actual check BTW...I write just a bit more legible than this!!!
and actual amount may be slightly over fitty bucks...

so here we are....
TuckMonster says thanks!!
i have written a lot of checks...some are really hard to write. the one to the IRS...well that just blows....this check, is a thing of beauty...humbled and flabergasted, i can't wait to mail it out!!!

hey... we are not done yet!!! it took us 9 months to do it the first time..
lets see if we can get the next check out before Christmas!!!
keep clicking!!!
signed TuckMonster


  1. I bet u are very humbled ... today I was at Do-It Center which use to be Builder's Emporium way back in the 70's... This great hardware store is closing... the employees got notice two weeks ago, they're having a 20% off sale on everything... One clerk I talked too was holding back the tears.. She said they found out the day before I saw the marquee outside announcing the closing... Can u believe that? There are other Do-It centers .. she said they couldn't compete with Lowe's/Home Depot. This is the second home town hardware store that has closed... This place had people who would walk u thru a repair for anything...I feel for these folks, it really made me feel small knowing that by Thanksgiving, these folks won't be here any more.

  2. is a very humbling experience...eventho i work in the trades i hate the BigBoxers...but not as much as i hate walmart...

    losing a job is major suckage...

  3. "(and BTW I did not serve time for any other CheckRelatedMalfeasance.)"

    DUDE! You should run for office! You're already WAY ahead of our senators and congress critters on fiscal responsibility.

    Congrats man. It feels good when you do something you know is right. Enjoy it, humbled and all.

  4. thanksSally!!!
    yeah...i am thinking about it...Bruce for some office!!!
    it sure feels good that i can do something good with my ability to write stuff...

  5. "..and I did not die"
    I am so thankful for that or I would never have met you


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