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Sunday, October 24, 2010



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     My daughter is dating. I found out officially thru FB…Is it a sad social comment that I find out a milestone like this thru an interweb thingy? IDK…Suffice it to say it is a tad bit unsettling. I see her nearly every day. And yet, I did not find out until I saw it on FB…Am I that out of touch?
yes Bruce you are…
      As a parent I know that I embarrass her…I make it a daily goal… I usually succeed. Well, I really do not make it a daily goal, but I shit happens. I know there is a generation gap. I know we are far apart on many things. Being far apart on many things is not from a lack of love, more so due to the years and experience of a different world.
Riiight…so YOU think
     We eat as a family at least a couple times a week and do the family small talk. I would like the conversations during these meals to have impact and be more insightful, but I accept it for what it is. The world is busy. Our world is busy. We have a whole bunch of things going on. Actually, my daughter has a bunch of social stuff and sporting stuff, me I work and come home. I usually try to figure out what to make for dinner, and do my own little unimportant agendas.
mebbe your priorities are out of whack? Jus’ Sayin’...
     Libby is always texting. It seems like the normal thing. Back when I was young and I got home from high school I did not text, mostly because the technology simply did not exist, but I also rarely called anyone from the old rotary dial phone. Come to think of it the phone, back then, rarely rang. If it did it was a work thing for my father or a social call for my mother…and sometimes it was simply just bad news of some sort. We lived much more isolated back then.
And we only had 4 channels on the B&W…
     We are connected almost ridiculously in this present day TechnoWorld. We can communicate thru the interweb and little hand held communication devices that do everything but make you a cappuccino or butter your toast. It is a bittersweet feeling that we can be so connected, and yet still so far a part.
WTF dude, you want a towel to weep on?
      As the song goes, “I may be lonely, but I am never alone” I, however, am not lonely. I value my solitude. I know the world is full of lonely people. How is it that in a world where you can video conference and twitter that there are still lonely people?
Cuz some people are not fun to be around?
      Her boyfriend stopped by today. They were sitting at the kitchen table. He is a solid guy; a linebacker for the EGR football team. He seems like a nice guy. But then so did I when I showed up at a girlfriends house. Parents loved me. Usually more than the girl I was dating. Whatever…I know the world is full of heartbreak. I know that youth is wasted on youth. I know love is a crazy ride especially at 16. I wish her the best.
but you also know what is on every teenager’s mind don’t you Brucie, my boy…
     She prolly does not know that I will be there for her if this new love goes south. I will be there to be a shoulder and give her a hug and wipe away the tears. I will be there to let her know it will be all right and that the hurt will fade. It always does. She will find love again. At least I am planning on it but you never know.
my shoulders may be gone but they can still cradle her head…my wrists may be CarpleTunneledTunneledCarpled, but they can still wipe away a tear... 
     This could be her love of her life. They could go on to get married and have a family. The odds are stacked against it. I know when I was young and dating I thought every girl I dated was “the ONE!” but I was young and foolish..
Come to think of it you dodged quite a few bullets, by not finding the ONE! so young, and I am sure they would feel the same…
     I know I was involved in my share of heartbreak on both sides of the ball, but mostly the breakee, not the breaker. Back then I was far more sensitive to people’s feelings…Back then I was young and did not know the way the world worked. Foolishly, I thought I knew.
The rose colored glasses I wore were unscratched and unscathed.
     The puzzle of the world is usually missing a piece or two, and we struggle daily to fit it together. We can be sad or we can be happy. We can accept the pieces are missing and or inserted wrong... We can smash them into place in an effort to make it fit. We can also step back and try again with a fresh mind….Or we can give up and walk away.
or drive away…who walks when they can drive?
     I always thought I would handle this differently. I was polite. I did not want to embarrass her.
and I think she is thankful…IDK…
     She did not say anything and I did not ask… There will be plenty more opportunities for me to embarrass her. Mostlikely there will be many more first dates and first times to the house…I am sure of it… I was sensitive…I always thought I would be a sit com dad, and say something really pithy and hilarious. I did not…
mebbe i am maturing...Seriously? yeah, RIIIGHT! 

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  1. Dude, I found out things after my girls graduated college... Like when the oldest explained why there was a tear in her skirt (which hung in the closet) because of one of her 'drunken episodes'. or the time she had to take her room mate to the ER cuz she had alcohol poisoning... And I think the worst is when the middle one said " I will never drink wine"... Middle one is now conoisseur (yes I know its mis spelled) w/micro brews...
    BTW is the 17 yr. old up to date w/the birds and bees and prevention? I'd be more concerned about that then finding out about the bf thing on facebook....bfs are inevitable... unplanned pregnancies aren't.

  2. it is amazing the stories that we hear when the kids get older and feel more comfortable with us huh?

    funny how different i viewed it when it was my son...MCP that i am...actually and thankfully my wife was all over the birds and bees...

    i know my wife has that covered, because she is awesome like that...oh and BTW, i know it as well..

    the problem is what we tell our parents, and what we do are often 2 different things...history repeats itself...

    AND my daughter KNOWS i am too young to be a grandfather...

  3. what's that saying " u can never be too rich or too thin'? lol... wonder if 'u can never be too old or too young to be a grandpa'? heck in the old days people got married when they were really young... is this makin u nervous? lol

  4. wish i were thinner, and richer...

    as far as the gramps thing...yeah, LOL i am very nervous...yikes!!!!

  5. oh I know exactly those feelings as we have just entered the world of having a girlfriend. And so far, so good. And I too am far too young to be a grandmother


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