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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do something…

Shameless self promotion and a plea…
      We all really just want to do the right thing. I am convinced of that, if not anything else. Inherently humans want to be good. That is the humans that have all the sparkplugs in the braincase firing right. We all have times when we are pushed to do the wrong thing, retaliate or just act in vengeance or out of anger. I get all that, but our race, the HUMAN race, is not inherently evil. I keep telling myself that.
     I know I have a lot fun making fun of my fellow humans. Some people are just begging for it. But the fact is that when something bad happens we pull together. Pearl Harbor, the Twin Towers, the Haitian earthquake, the Tsunami, Katrina…the list is endless. We donate time and money. And then we move on. We live our lives till the next tragedy or cause. We do the right thing when we can.
     My parents instilled in me a blessing of giving of my heart. I may hide it well, but I am a caring individual. Opinionated and gruff at times, but whatever… We took foster kids when I was growing up. Loss is learned harshly when you do this. It is very altruistic. The real payback for the opening your home to a foster child is infinite, but the learning curve is steep and it took years for me to understand that sometimes you do things because you can. Have home will share…
     I was playing with the Tuckerino on the floor on Sunday. It was father’s day and I could do what ever I pleased. I was thinking how lucky I was to have him in my life. I know he will never replace Browndog or Whitedog, but he is not a replacement he is uniquely his own little bundle of puppiness. I thank God for the chance to have him in our lives. He is my sixth rescue dog. He is quickly becoming my all time favorite dog.
     My first rescue dog was Lady Guinevere. I called her Gwen. She was a white boxer. My mom said that the breeders did not like white boxers so they simply euthanized them a t birth, but she knew the breeder and so Gwen came to live with us. She was a great dog.
     My second rescue dog was Hobbes. He was a black lab mix Hobbes showed up at our door one night attached to a young man my ex had befriended. He told us he got this dog and his mom said he could not keep it. Have home will share. He was only a year and a half when he left my life. I lost him in my rather nasty divorce to my first wife, who in turn gave him a way just about the time that I had found a place to live that would accept dogs. I still hate her for that.  I never really got to know if he was a great dog.
     Karma is a powerful force and Hobbes got even with my ex shortly before she kicked me to the curb. He absolutely destroyed her favorite stuffed animal, Whiteybear, and I patched it back together. I never divulged that little secret to her. He also dug up the carpet in the house around that time as well…(in this case i think it would be called pre karma...)
     The third rescue dog was Busker. (He was actually named buster, but I changed his name because he was on the busking trip I took in the van years. He thought it was a cool name too…) when my sister was force to move into a trailer, she was forced to get rid of him. Have home will share…
     He was a lab Shepard mix and was never really quite right. We actually got kicked out of training class, and he blamed me, but really I was behaving just fine. Busker on the other hand was simply not one to follow rules... I had to put him down because he kept biting people. MOST of them probably did not deserve to be bitten, but he may have thought they did. I tried and failed, but I still loved him. It hurts to fail.
     My fourth and fifth rescue dogs were Browndog and Whitedog. They were not so much a rescue as a favor, because my sister-in-law simply did not have time for two puppies. They were the two best dogs I have ever had. And although parents should not have favorites, Browndog was mine. It will be tough for Tucker to trump the old brown –brown… time will tell. He does have a great start, though.
     They play a couple commercial on the television about shelter animals. It is so sad. It tries my belief that humans are inherently good. It makes me sad. I have to change the channel. I have to look away. But we need to stop looking away. (I call them the Used Animal commercials...) 
     The other day driving home from work I saw a cat get hit by a car. No, it was not my car even though I am a dog person I can only joke about killing cats; I could never actually do it. The poor thing pulled itself off the road and up onto the curb. I do not know what happened to it. I attempted to stop, but the traffic was too thick and I did not want to cause an accident or get hit. It was horrific to witness, the struggle of life and death and to be powerless to do anything.
     I am not a man of means. I am barely making it like so many of my fellow humans. We live in the richest country in the world but our poor can’t be fed. We put animals to death because there are too many irresponsible pet owners. I do not want to watch. I want to do something. How can I help? What can I do?
     I decided to blog, because I am an applause junkie. I crave the spotlight, even a small one. But I also do this to help. I do this to bring a smile to someone’s day, to share with my readers the trials and tribulations of the real world. I do this to satisfy my writing bone. I do not do this to make a living, but if I could I would.
     I have decided to make my blog a way to raise money for the Safe Haven Humane Society in Ionia. They are where we got our Tucker. They need your help. All shelters need money. And we can do it without costing us anything but time.
     I have decided to donate at least 50% of any money for the next 12 months I make on this blog to them. The rest of the money will go to paying bills and saving money to help my daughter thru college. After one year, I should know if it will be worthwhile or not…(my goal is $200.00, because I just pulled it outamyass)
     You can help. Read my blog, and click on one link each time. Just one. Takes a couple seconds, unless you still have dial-up. It costs you nothing. I would do it if I could, but the rules (and Busker hates rules) forbid me from clicking my links for cash.
     You can just keep reading, and do nothing and I will not blame you. You can boycott my blog for my shameless self promotion. You can click and help me raise money for a worthy cause. I need to do something. I need to help others have the opportunity to find their Tucker…I need to….do something. And I need your help… do something...

Just another day in paradise

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  1. again, my heart swells a little more. I am so glad i met you my friend


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