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Friday, June 25, 2010

take five…

     The sound of crickets and nocturnal meandering has been replaced by the din of traffic, ever present and invasive.
      The scent of nature and wildflowers has been replaced by hot asphalt and exhaust.
      The vibrant color of the flora and fauna has been replaced by red, white, and blue vinyl-sided cardboard box houses in row upon row.
     The silky soft carpet of acres of growth has been replaced by concrete expanses.
     The taste of morning dew in a pristine forest has been replaced by the stale recirculation of conditioned air…
     And yet I would give up none of these five senses or these things because this is still the greatest place on earth to live…good and bad…you take it all or none…Take five and enjoy where ever you are!!!
Jus’ sayin’

Just another day in paradise

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