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Friday, January 14, 2011

Thematic Photo Friday -130 far FROM home...


1. 13th zodiac sign (le virgo but seriously who the f* cares)
2. Arianna Huffington (f*ing bitch threw down over her blackberry)
3. Keira Knightly (called me again last night, getting kinda stalkerish she's hot and all but...)
4. Carrie Fisher (died)
5. Jennifer Conelly (seriously, who f*ng cares if she is preggers?)
6. Rich Rodriguez (will be coaching the Bengal’s next year!)
7. Quentin Tarantino (will make another over hyped piece of shit movie)
8. Medicare home health (just call Dr. Jack)
9. Acetaminophen (will cause blindness and anal leakage)
10. Gun control (some jacktard kills a bunch of people and all of the sudden its about gun control. It’s not! its about birth control and the shallow end of the gene pool and the f*tards that keep it full of creepos and d*ktards)


JADIP ALSO WELCOMES NEW BIA....Jeff at content unrelated  a very funny blog. If you have not popped over and checked it out, you NEED to. No! seriously you do! do it!

thematic photo 130 far from home
a collaboration by 
TuckMonster ( i am puppy. i like the number 2. for 2sday. when i do daddy's blog!)
and Bruce (who is feeling a bit five of nonsmoking is kicking my arse!)

this picture was taken at 222 pm...
on the 22nd  of august...
in 2002...
one day.
i had
2 drive
2 hours.
2 do
a 15 minute

it does not make sense.
to drive so long and far so so few dollars.
at least i was not wearing a tu-tu (22)

or 2:22...

or shot by a 22.

2 long way from home.
for 2 little  work.
as i drove back.
near 2 the lake shore.
i stopped.
2 take a pic or

cuz i was
far from home.
but i took the advantage.
of  a scene far away.
on a beautiful day.

i saw this boat.
a few.
or mebee 2
miles out.

i took this shot.
as i was driving.
not really.

but that would explain.
the fact it was not very clear.
it was far out.
2 far.
2 see.
to sea?

i had to use zoom.
it was far from home.
far far from home.

at 22 mph.
whitecaps will form
they will make foam.

who really knows.
where 2
this boat goes.
where  2 it calls home?
from  2
where it Rome?
2 roam?

if you need a fix
on more pics
check out Carmi's site at WrittenInc for more Thematic Photography 130 far from home 


  1. Bruce, that is an awesome post. I suck at poems, but you sir have a great gift with them.

  2. Rich Rodriguez sucks....he's from right up the road and pissed people off so bad when he left WVU that he'd probably get strung up if he came back for a visit!

    So right about #10

    Left some love for ya over at my place.

  3. true,
    2 true,
    2 have to work so hard for
    2 few $
    2 live
    another day,
    in paradise.

    Latest: It's Not About Me

  4. Bruce
    I'm new 2 this
    being quick
    on 2 feet
    but you
    are 2 cool
    you make it
    look 2 easy

    (it's not easy...I envy you your quick poetic wit)

  5. This reminds me of the story that my dad was telling me earlier when he used to work as a security guard. Apparently this guy would drive through 2 counties to work a minimum wage job (back in the 70's). Hahaha

    And he would always come in at the wrong time.

  6. OFT- you are too kind sir...but you do have a way with a story, and that, my friend is a gift!

    Barb- back 2 you!

    chiefAKAdad- Richrod pissed a few uofm fans off here, too... i hope he ends up far from my home! thanks for the blog love! you rock my friend!

    Rick- great comment! i feel ya on this! way to pick up what i was laying down!

    Jenny- you GO! girl! YOU rocked the beat! nice response! well played!

    AD-at first i thought i read 2 countries, and i thought whoa! but then the eyes picked it up! yeah, the 70's wierd time for a lot of us!

  7. Saw you over at Canadian Blogger Girl's blog, with a name like evilbruce I had to check you out. I love the Evil Dead trilogy.
    You are just 2 cool, not 2 check out 2 see what you are up 2.
    Pamela Jo

  8. UB- thanks...compliments are like cookies no matter how many i get i just want more...

    Pamela Jo- thanks for stopping by jumped over to your soon!

  9. That's a lot of ducks swimming in the same direction...


    Thanks for the blog love the other day - have responded in kind

    mwah (that's a big kiss)

  10. sarah! coolio...

    this ducks thing works much better on the comment form than the e-mail format...

    i love your blog, but it is most the time over my comprehension...but i am a guy so i dig pictures!


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