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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

t is for tucker tuesday


1.Mila Kunis (hot)
2.Chely Wright (lezbo hot)
3.Jodie Foster (hotty hot hot hot)
4.Natalie Gulbis (no f*ing idea)
5.Shakira (I think she sings, but I am not really sure)
6.Sarah Palin (f*in dumbass jackhole dimwit sombitch f*cktard)
7.Demi Lovato (yes those pants make your but look fat. Really fat)
8.Eva Longoria (hot)
9.Amelia Earhart (found her plane and her bones! No f*ing shit!)
10.Rachel Zoe (no f*in clue)


Welcome to new BIA (link for more info on BIA) Rick from Rick's Blog

I am tucker. I am a puppy. I had a lot of fun this week. Puppies always have fun. Life is fun for puppies. At least most of the time.

This week I had fun before daddy quit smoking. I taught daddy how to fetch sticks. He throws one stick and I go get it. I bring it back. I drop it, he throws the other one! He picks it up and I go get the other one! we can do this for hours.and. hours.and. hours!

mrs bunny is so jealous!

mr squirrel is so wishing he could play!

but it is just me.and. daddy!


As I said, this week daddy quit smoking. It has been really. Really. fun around here! He also has not been drinking his candiayan whiskers or beer. Mommy says he needs to get more healthy.

Daddy says it is BS. I do not know what BS is, but it is not fun. cuz daddy is not much fun. He grumbles and makes a lot of grunting noises. He does not want to do anything. He does not want to he is grumpy.

even mrs bunny, mr squirrel and moo-shoo are more fun than daddy this week.

I tried to cheer him up! 
i tried to ignore daddy!
i tried to laugh at  with him!
It was not easy.
He is not liking the quiting smoking...

i gave him my best stoned look!
and i don't even know what being stoned is...
 not much made daddy happy!
i EVEN showed daddy how to get a hanger stuck on your head!

Just Another Dog in Puppydise


  1. Aww Tuck, I think u should just give him a wink and a smile!, that will get him..

  2. Poor will get better. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but so worth it.

  3. Leave it to our pets to cheer us up. :-)

  4. aw tucker not nice to tease bunny and squirrel

  5. Tucker, lots of lickety lick lick for daddy. Cant be grumpy when you are getting puppy kisses.
    Daddy, you can do it. :)

  6. Tell him we are proud of him. I haven't quit yet but I'm thinking it's something that's going to have to happen in the near future. Not looking foward to it. Good luck!

    visions unto myself

  7. Tucker! I think I love you. :) Just baby Jasper would love to meet up with you I'm are adorable.

  8. Hey Bruce,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    @Tucker - Nice to meet you. Your Daddy will probably start feeling even more playful soon. It gets worse before it gets better, but it gets better than before. I know that is meaningless to you who knows only NOW NOW NOW, but trust me. It's true

    And... They found Amelia? Awesome!

    Rick's Blog

  9. 2 KBF- i will try that!

    2 BB- daddy is not fun right must be hard!

    2 OMS- pets are awesome!

    2 becca- thats what daddy said too!

    2 OFT- he loves you too, cuz he's a puppy!

    2 Mynx- i am trying that, but he is not liking it.

    2 Kara- if daddy can do it you can too!

    2 shelby- thanks! i bet i would love jasper!

    2 Rick- welcome to the blog! i understand now now now...daddy may have made some of the stuff in the trending noooo up...IDK..

  10. Tucker is adorable, and Liza Bean Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys) would like him to call her when she gets a chance...


    p.s. Good luck with the not smoking! It's been four days for me!!

  11. 2 pearl- i am tucker...i think Lizzy (Liza) bean is the cats meow...daddy is on day three...he is sleeping right now...i have the phone, but without opposable thumbs i am having difficulty sliding it open...

  12. I'm laughing...Tucker's got your number.
    Daddy's going through Hell and Tucker's not likin’ the heat.

    It's good to quit smoking and beer drinking at the same time, but the "candiayan whiskers" - not so good! That should be put off until the first two are dealt with.

    Lucyfur sympathizes with Tucker!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed – the first couple of weeks really are BS!


  13. Jenny- yeah. it is tough. but things had to change...sometimes life is not fun...

  14. I like this post. If this post is a sample representation of your blog, I'm all in.

  15. @ G- this is every tuesday...tucker does the blog...but yeah, it is simple and sorta goofy.glad to have ya on board!


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