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Monday, January 10, 2011

MFFT Monday


1.Claire Foy (hot)
2.Paula Abdul (go away)
3.Kate Middleton (it is not to late to call the whole thing off, baby!)
4.Gwyneth Paltrow (totally hot!)
5.Gabrielle Giffords (died)
6.Leighton Meester (who cares, what a stupid name)
7.David Duchovny (abducted by aliens, serves him right, huh?)
8.Jim Carrey (after 2 days still not as funny as he thinks he is)
9.Nicolas Cage (killed a deer with his truck)
10.Tim McGraw (kills a deer with his bare hands)

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Well, it finally happened. I found the proof on little napkins and post it notes. I tell ya, we all know people this has happened to. It is just so shocking when it is you.

I should have stayed sober, after my Jets win, (my second least hated team in football)  and then this may have been avoided. Notice I said may.


My EvilTwin, has stolen an entire blog, cut and pasted it, into one of his lengthy diatribes of cussing and wordperving and to make matters worse, deleted an entire blog of mine.

That bastard!

I coined the term Impropertude of BloggerNoting, and the ratbastage stole it and wrote this post.

I guess I could go back and do the same thing to him, but after reading his latest rant, I have to admit, he did the topic justice, albeit the gratutious use of the f word, may have been extreme. mebee.

However, one of the notes was b*tching about some stain over at Mynx's place, Dribble... and how it wasn't his fault. He crashed her blog a while back (here)) and since that time he has been running around with a red-ass.

And he totally deleted the glorious words I had bestowed upon my wonderful BIA Mynx ! All the glowing words I wrote about her. And How I (we) gained a lot of followers when we hooked up! (not that way, you pervs) I feel she is in the soon to be bon'd list, I guess he does not. And he is kinda a meanie. Sorry Mynx~ he should be greatful! I KNOW I AM! check her out! (and look for a shot of her cleavage) if you did not get the link it is here to see Mynx at dribble....

so on to something better.

On the menu this week is:

chocolate and peanut butter covered popcorn...popcorn cooked in OIL like it is 'posed to be, on the stove in  a pan... buttered and salted with real butter and real salt. Then rolled in real peanut butter and dipped in real melted chocolate .

nuff said!

a repost of the third ever JADIP blog...not food!!! but food for thought!!!!

the hockeyball incident!

I play hockey. Well, not really, it is more like Hockeyball. We don’t skate. We wear shoes. We play on a driveway. We started to play this modified version of hockey during the Wings playoff run in 08.

(when they crushed cindy crysby and the hated pengirls enroute to the 4th Stanley Cup in twelve years!)

We only had sticks and a whiffle ball. The net was approximately a 3’x 4’ box with the bed board, from the van I used to live in back in the day, used as a net. The boards are 2x 10’s left over from a remodel project many years ago. I finally found a good use for some of that crap I have moved countless times, from one house to another.

The kids play and occasionally the wives as well. It is a rough game even though there is no checking and no lifting of the sticks. It nearly always draws some minor blood letting.

Nothing in the caliber befitting of a tourniquet around the neck to stop the bleeding, mind you, but blood has spilled. We have rules, but not too many. It is a good way to spend a Michigan summer afternoon.

When we moved to a smaller house, we lost the rink space that the old house had and had to come up with a new place to play. We decided to use my buddy Rich’s driveway.

It is oddly shaped and irregularly surfaced drive. The ball bounces funny on the cracks in the drive and if you’re not careful it will eat your sticks. We hinged together the 2x 10 boards to form an odd shaped rink.

It suffices for our needs.

I built some “pipes” out of 2x4 ripped to 2x2 and realized after I completed a regulation size goal that it would be rare for the goalie to make a stop. I reduced the size to 5’ x 4’. It works okay. Our save percentage is poor. But we are not getting paid.

I guess it all evens out in the end.

It started with just a group of four or five people. As more people started join in, the need for protection equipment for the goalie became a necessity. A goalie mask and a soft ball glove do nothing to protect your junk.

I may have found this out by making a stop with my privates.

Even though we do not allow slap shots a well placed wrister from 10’ feet hurts. I left the rink for about 10 minutes after I stopped howling like a banshee from the excruciating pain. The nards are a fickle beast. I got back in net vowing to get a cup, before the next game. No blood, no foul

Next time we played, I still did not have a cup.

A couple weeks went by. No worries.

Then I started peeing blood. It freaks you out a little when urine is not clear or normal, but chunky and reddish brown. I went to see my urologist; I got a bunch of tests done. I stopped peeing blood. No blood, no foul.

Then I got the bills.

It cost me about $1700.00 after my insurance paid their portion.

A cup costs around $15.00

The next day, I bought a cup.

Just another day in paradise.
stop by and see Kara at  Visions Unto Myself


  1. I am totally blushing now. I was only teasing with my pouty comment. You are so amazing and funny and gave me a much needed smile this morning.
    Great big hugs Bruce
    You are awesome

  2. Bruce, you just made every dude reading this wince, as the majority of dudes who play sports know all too well, that mind numbing feeling when the kids take a hit. Hed just commented on how she wished she could have nuggets sometimes. This may change her mind.

  3. way to go Bruce good pimpimg and anything with chocolate is good

  4. Bruce, you're awesome. I love you and your blogs dearly and couldn't choose between them, so you have blog love at my place. You'll understand when you get there.

  5. Note to self: either don't play hockey with Bruce or buy a cup...check :-)

  6. Double bloglove! Thank you again!

    Oh, and congrats on being one of the few people to make me cringe with the blood-pee description.

  7. Chocolate and peanut butter covered popcorn? Are you kidding me? Where can I get an IV full?

  8. Yeah chocolate and peanut butter popcorn sounds like a big bowl of awesome. Patent that crap!


  9. @OFT- it is...and it is good exersize. I love playin goal, but i feel it the next day!

    @BB-Mynx is very pimpable! and it did hurt!

    @Mynx- i sent you and email with a bit o the backstory! i am glad i could help! you rock my socks! hugs!

    @ib-it was not the first time, but it was the worst time...i now have a cup...i whince every time i read this and it happened over a year ago!

    @Becca-yup choco is awesome!

    @ Tory- thanks baby! i will stop by and get my love!

    @ chief/ got it! since this happened i have added a helmet to the list of equipment i wear while playing...'nother story 'nother day!

    @kara- no prob! you rock and will be blog loved every day this week that i post!

    @ mrs Hyde- still working on the patent! i love all of those things so they must be awesome together! iv is the way to go as well, on one of those wheel IV carts so you can wonder all around witha slow awesomeness drip!

    @Hed- it is awesome! my bad, i cannot seem to find anything that is low fat for my MFFT...i will have to patent it soon!

  10. Hi Bruce,

    Funny post! But I have a question (naive me) what does MFFT mean? MotherF**kingBlankBlank? Really. I do not know.

    Second, I also read Impropertude of BloggerNoting that "other guy" wrote, but I gotta say I found some awesome blogs that way, and indirectly, you found mine, and thanks to your comment there, I found yours, so... Hey. Don't knock it.

    The thing that worries me is that the sudden fame these awarded bloggers experience could disrupt the... what's the word? intimacy? they had heretofore been experiencing, and that closeness of connection—which was propelled their popularity—could be lost.

    Last, I rather like the idea of the game of hockeyball, danger to the nards notwithstanding. Sounds like good family/neighborhood, everyone invited fun.

    Cheers, Rick
    Rick's Blog

  11. Rick-

    thanks and welcome aboard! MFFT = More Food For Thought Monday!

    yeah, i here ya on the connections, but i went thru a ton of blogs of note that i did not like.

    however, it is a question of taste and interest...

    it does kinda water down the experience, a bit with the sudden explosion in followers, but the connections that you work at are the ones that stick.

    the group of bloggers that i hang with are a great group and we all comment on each other's blogs...

    hockeyball rules! last game was in september and i think we had 14 kids and adults!

  12. Hey again,

    Thanks for clarifying "MFFT." I knew that. Uh huh. Sure I did. Not. Since I came here from your evil twin's site, I had the wrong notion. :)

    I see you have a long, long list of blogs in your sidebar. I will enjoy checking 'em out.

    Cheers, Rick

    Rick's Blog

  13. Wow...haha the visual on the cleavage...hahahaha thats i can think about now.


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