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Thursday, January 13, 2011

hey can i bum a smoke?

YEAH. i said it. i REALLY need a smoke.

1.Brandi Favre (Meth head)
2.Carey Mulligan (took a mulligan and a popped Eldrick up side the head)
3.Miranda Lambert (practiced her Miranda rights and said nothing)
4.Keira Knightley (is coming by to see me, so gotta go)
5.Christina Green (caught not being green)
6.Arianna Huffington (is huffing and puffing)
7.Rush Limbaugh (stole my vicodin, cuz he is still addicted to pain pills, prolly cuz he is a pain in his own ass)
8.Nikki Haley (owns a comet, a 1970 Mercury Comet, she bought it from me)
9.Carrie Fisher (still love me some leah)
10.Tony Bennett ( back from the dead!)

THE JADIP BLOG IS sponsored this week by

normally i take thrusday off to write some new stuff and catch up on bloggering/commenting... but no rest for the lazy. if i had taken care of this yesterday i could be surfing porn commenting on your blogs  right now!

 I have to pass it on to some others and here they are!

Sarah at sand pit diaries cuz this lady can write and take pics and is far away. She also is the one that alerted me to the banning in UAE
Jeff at Content Unrelated one word: funny! check him out if you have not already!

and Brandon and Bryan at a beer for the shower. Just stumbled upon these guys. and well. they. make. me. laugh.

those are my winners (combined with Evil Twin) and they need to copy and paste the questions from here and make up some awesome answers and pass it on. or they can decline the honor...i have done what i could...

This has been a wild week.

Quitting smoking IS a bitch. Yeah a bitch. I really cannot wait to smoke again. Thats how I feel. Right now! I really want a smoke! i mean like seriously, really, truly. absolutly. WANT. A. SMOKE.

pssst. over here.
yeah you. smoking person. gimme a hit.

just. one. hit.


I will not have one today! I know this to be true!

as I take some time to contemplate life.
without smokes...
i will leave you all to think about this... 

 If you could only have ONE 

Would you like to have a bazillion followers?

Or a bazillion commenters?

Just Another Day In Paradise


  1. Another one? Wow!! Congrats. Now answer truthfully. Isn't this better than surfing porn?

  2. Congrats to you on the award, and congrats on the people you have given it to.

  3. Congrats on another award! I'll smoke for you if you want. I don't care about being healthy this year.

  4. BB-it is kinda the second day leftover of the first, but yeah, it is better than surfing porn!

    OfT- thnaks man!

    Mrs Hyde- yeah have a pack for me! id appreciate it...

  5. Thanks Bruce! Life IS good for me because I gave up smoking ten years ago. Still feel your pain. Good luck. Oh and I want a bazilion followers becos I don't give a shit what people think. Oh crap, I don't mean that. Just got inhabited briefly by something evil. Comments are king.

  6. Commenters, definately. Cause comments are like crack to this blogger.
    Keep up the good work. I know you can kick those cancer sticks

  7. congrats on the award and you totally can do this quit smoking thing

  8. Sarah- you are most welcome. hopefully i survive the non smoking thing...i understand the evil...
    and hopefully you will get a bunch of comments! (and followers)

    Mynx- i hear ya! comments are crack! that is funny...but true!

    Becca- thanks and hope i can!

  9. Good luck with not smoking, and thanks again for the award! I've been 'not smoking' for 27 years, so realistically, this should be easy for you... right...?

  10. I will not lead to your downfall so I am hiding the smokes. :) Congrats on the award!

  11. Well you know how much I like attention, so I'm going with commenters. I like the followers but I need to know on a daily basis that people love me.

    visions unto myself

  12. beer 4 shower- nn smoking....piece of cake...glad i could give you an award....

    Krissy- thanks! and thanks for hiding the smokes!

    Kara-looks like you are getting both, but i will always come by to save some kittens..and let you know you are loved...

  13. Not smoking is a bitch and I hated every minute of it, but now that I'm back to smoking I hate it even more.
    So now, my dilemma is, I hate not smoking and I hate smoking. I can't win.

    Let me know if you find a way around it.

  14. if you fool yourself into thinking the next one may kill you it makes it easier. that is waht i stell myself...

    i will aways be a smoker. i just have to choose to not light them...

    i have a buddy that went two years but eventually we all fall back into the habbit. love/hate relationshits are like that...


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