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Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday snippets...


1.Helen Hunt (hot and not f*ing Preggers)
2.Jennifer Connelly (wtf is up with searching pregnant women)
3.Carrie Fisher (to Lindsey and other celebutards (see empress) straighten up, and embrace the position you are in)
4.Cameron Diaz (trained her self to be smarter? WTF?)
5.Miley Cyrus ( po.rn que.en…sing song voice)
6.Gwyneth Paltrow (hot, so very hot, just like yesterday)
7.Channing Tatum (google him if you don’t know who he is…I don’t care who he is)
8.NFL playoffs (I think time went backwards…holy shmoley…)
9.Tony Parker (show me a hot chick, I will show you a guy sick of her, and vice vresa…getting devorzed)
10.Hannah Montana (finally over…on to porn queen!)

Visions Unto Myself

As many of you know, I have been quitting smoking this week and I have not been drinking. so cuz of that I hate all of you  hate my life. am not in a very good mood.

No, I of course still love all of you. And I am proud of my making it one week without SmokieTreats.


I watched TV. Football. and it is not good.


I never realized how boring the NFL is. Beer does make things better! So does Crown Royal. And a half pack of smokes.

so this is the what football looks like sober/no smokes/no booze:

play. replay. play replay.replay. discussion on last play. commercial. bad commercial. beer replay. play replay.replay. discussion on last play. commercial. bad commercial. beer replay. play replay.replay. discussion on last play. commercial. bad commercial. beer replay.replay. discussion on last play.

This went on for 7 hours.

Copy and paste this about 300 more times...

I never realized how long and boring the NFL games are.

oh and...


right now i should be smokin the victory smoke (JETS WIN) and having my fifth or sixth Crown and coke. or Labatt. Or Rolling Rock. Or Candiayan Whiskers.

i would even go for champagne. and i hate that bubbly shit.

smoke free for 7 days!


  1. I am glad the Jets won today so that my Steelers can beat the Jets next Sunday at home instead of going to New England.

    And quitting smoking sucks.

  2. little wager? JETS win you post a little sumpin sumpin on your blog about the virtues of the JETS!!!

    Steelers win i post a little sumpin sumpin on my blog about how great the steelers are...

    doesn't have to be long just a quick parargraph or so...what do you say?

    and yes it is major suckage not smoking...

  3. Tell you what Bruce. I'll have a few Heinekens for you to take the pressure off. haha. I really hope you can kick it.

  4. I'm sorry it sucks so bad. It'll get easier hopefully. Good luck.

  5. BB- tomorrow will be the big test...but have a couple HIENEKENS for me!

    Kara-it will get better... i hope...

  6. I don't care who wins between the Jets and Steelers (unfortunately Bruce I think the Steelers will) as long as they BEAT the crap out of either the Packers or Bears. Being a Vikings fan the worst case scenario for me is coming true... either the Bears or Packers will be in the Super Bowl and I hate them both.



  7. SD- i here ya! the steelers are the better team on paper, but so were the pats...

    however...i am totally with ya on the pack/bears thing...and neither of those fans are fun when their team wins...tons of bear fans on the west side of MI.. and when it comes to their teams, they are complete assholes!

    double dammit!

  8. I'm going to do the drinking for you Bruce!

    I've just spent the last few hours fiddling with this stupid Blogger site.
    Worse part was there was no "help" listing for my crisis - so I've been in uncharted water with the f*cking sharks.

    Needless to say, if I was a dog, I'd be a Rotti, because I refused to give up on this!

    Success was mine (like your Jets)! I'm cracking open yet another beer to celebrate!

    Cheers, Jenny
    (I might have to do a posting on this problem I encountered)

  9. Congrats friend! And I believe after reading this - you have pinpointed what many "women" feel about NFL football. I have recently started enjoying it but I do believe it is because of the beer. Wow. I was wondering where my being able to watch it on TV was stemming from. Hmm....

  10. Jenny- i tried to add a page to the blog but after 10 minutes...i gave drink a few for me and blog about it, chances are someone will have had the same issue...glad you figured it out!

    shelby-yeah, i have become more and more of a hockey fan since 1990, and due to the lions futility i usually dvr the game and watchit later in fast motion...

    i usually watch football with the guys and drinking is involved, so there is all kinds of stuff going on in between plays...

    drinking and smoking are like one and the same for me...quitting both is a bitch!

  11. I like bubbles.
    I dont like Football of any type.
    I am clueless as to who the Jets and Steelers are
    I am so proud you are still quitting smoking.
    Nothing else to say, I think

  12. Dude, both at once??? One at a time... lol.... Carrot sticks helped my hubby when he tried for the second time to quit smoking... He said the hand to mouth thing saved him...Kudos to u for trying to quit both vices...omg.

  13. haha you poor thing sorry you wasted 7 hours but i could have told football was boring. hang in there it get easier.

  14. Twas an interesting game last night.

    However, since the Pats are now out, it is time to concentrate on the greatest dull sport out there in America today:


  15. Well, I did not see the game, nor did I pay attention to the outcome, and it's not that I don't like football. I do. I'm just not into watching a bunch of millionaires bonk into each other. I TOTALLY perceive pro football the way you described it, Bruce. In fact, I suspect I will end up cutting and pasting your description somewhere else. I know when a thing has been said!

    I'd much rather watch a live high school or college game, and then say, "Hey," to the athletes in the supermarket or whatever.

    And though I'm from California, I prefer hockey, because that sport is still homey like that, like one of the stars of the Fresno Falcons lives in my neighborhood, and he's this super gentle, smart, loving father of three, but a terror on the ice.

    BTW, I expect to be covering your blogs Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm doing Yandie's blog, and my latest is a rather pedantic introduction. It has some interesting bits though.

    Thanks, as always, for a great post, Bruce.

    Cheers, Rick

  16. Hmm we may have to make a little wager then Bruce.

  17. Mynx-hugs baby!just hugs!

    KBF-i am quitting smoking, but i am on some meds that do not mix well with drinking so it is going buhbye for now...i hope to begin drinking again next week or so, but not like i was..we'll see what happens.

    G-i dug you post on the JETS...and can't wait to get some of you takes on the METS...mets right, not yanks...Anyone but Yanks...

    Becca- well, i did doze off a couple times...

    Rick-yeah! i hear ya! and yandie is f*ing hilarious...i will be interested as to your take...ans thanks for thinking enough of my blogs to do me the honor of a disection from a different Point of view...

    OFT- all i can say is your on! and it only has to be a paragraph when the JETS kick some steeler ass! (btw i have the 10% deal i lose 90% when it comes to sports bets, so you got that going for you)

  18. Ok that sounds like a plan. Your on.

  19. Now you can understand why I don't watch sports TV. BORING!

  20. OFT- im getting stoked~ game on in half hour or so~

    AD- i still love hockey!


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