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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tUcKEr DoeS 2sday!


1.Jenny Lewis (Huey’s daughter?)
2.Carrie Fisher (trying to lose weight!)
3.Robert Downey Jr. (Mr, Peabody?)
4.Cold remedies (chicken soup and hot towel)
5.Kathy Bates (naturally grumpy)
6.Claire Danes (naturally hot)
7.Stupid Palin (someone needs to shut her up! what a f*ing idiot)
8.Pearl Jam (on the road again)
9.GM cars (free for the next two hours)
10.Stuxnet worm (created by virus companies… a self fulfilling prophecy)

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here i am thinking about
my 2sday post for daddy
I am tucker. I am a puppy. It is nearly my birthday. Momma says it is in February. Daddy says it is in January. I hear you get stuff for birthdays. I will take stuff on both days. I am a puppy.

Playin and chewin.

Playin and chewin.



This week Daddy has not been himself. Daddy is not smoking and he has not had any candiayan whiskers or even any of the Crown Royal (woofever that is) mommy bought him for Christmas. Daddy says that is why we have not gone anywhere.

He can’t drive without a smokie-treat.

I found some sticks this week!

my nose is aw.some.
i found these sticks this week

I feel bad for daddy. He is missing out with a lot of fun time with me. Cuz you all know I am the best at taking road trips to the orange store, to grammas, to an.y.where. plus I have lots more great jokes to tell daddy.

I have not rolled on the floor with daddy for. ev. er. We spent a bunch of time watching the TV. And lying around this past week.

Daddy was having anti-smoking problems or something, cuz he was tired a lot. He says that not smoking is very difficult. I do not know what that means. I had no trouble breaking the peeing habit.

But I am smart. I learnt fast.

See how smart I am. I look smart.

here i am im a thinkin pose. guess what i am thinkin about?
playin' and  chewin'
and what i will write about next week.
mrs bunny! mr squirel! playin'

Mommy suggested daddy sleep in my puppy den, mebbe that will help him with his smokie-treat troubles. It helped me. But I am smart. I am a puppy. But I am almost 1 year old.

Daddy can use my puppy den if he wants to, I do not care. I am not using it very much and it worked for me and the peeing thing.

As long as we get to go places and are playin.


Way back when the snow was not all over and the grass was green and daddy was smoking. We went fishing. A. Lot. Here is a picture of me on the BASSMONKEY, daddy and my fishing boat!
i am a good fisherdog!
i watch the bobber on my pole, but i do not catch as much as daddy.
i do not think that band aid wrappers make good bait.
daddy does not listen.

Just Another Dog In Puppydise


  1. aw tucker you are a smart doggie and hope daddy feels better soon

  2. Quitting smoking sucks!! Tucker is so freakin' cute. I wish him and my dog could have a play date!

  3. When your dog notices how crabby you are, that means it's working. Another week or two and you'll be over the withdrawal. Keep up the good work Daddy.

  4. Tuck, you are a good dog. Tell daddy that Yzerman is retired and it is time for an updated jersey.

  5. Well Daddy will get better once he gets over the addiction part. Maybe he'll start drinking what Mommy gave him in little increments.

    That way he can be happy and play with you!

  6. becca- daddy and i went outside today and played in the snow...well i played in the snow and daddy shoveled it!

    JM- i am always up for doggy playdates! it will be good for daddy to quit smoking! then mebbe he will not be so slow...

    BB-yeah daddy is a pain in the butt right now! mommy says it will get better!

    OFT- thanks...and daddy says gooo jets! i don't know what that means...

    ib- daddy is going to get me a new one when i stop growing...

    AD- i think you are right. he should have some of that stuff from mommy. and i am glad i he is not smoking!

  7. Hey there, Tucker!
    You are a good boy to help Daddy with his computer while he is learning about something new. Remember when you learned to pee outside and not inside? It's kind of like that. It will take awhile. Make sure you are patient with Daddy while he is learning, just like he was with you. **belly rubs** to you!

  8. That's a beautiful dog you've got there. And smart too, to type all that. My dog's so damned stupid. He still can't even learn 'i' before 'e' except after 'c.' It's not 'beleive', you stupid animal. What's wrong with you? GOD.

  9. soapbox- daddy is doing pretty good. he is happy his friends all give him encouragement. it will take time, daddy is no quite as smart as i am...

    shower beer- daddy taught me to hit the spell check, but i stll have trouble with i before e and many other things.

    but daddy's posts have typos too...he is kinda lazy like that..

  10. Hey Tuckmonster - Lucyfur feels your pain! She wants you to hang in there - your Daddy needs just a little more time to adjust to life without all his special treats!
    Maybe you and Mommy could rub his belly!

    Doggy-hugs, Jenny and Lucyfur

  11. Oh Tucker, you are being such a big help for Daddy. Dont worry, he will be happy soon again and want to play much more with you. And he will taste so much btter when you lickety lick him.
    You keep on giving him love and brinking him sticks.
    Daddy, keep up the good work darln. You will beat the monster

  12. Tucker, what a good sweet puppy you are. And I have no doubt that you didn't have any trouble giving up your peeing in the house habit. However those smokie-treats can be a much harder habit to break. For something that you can relate to, they are like fishing with daddy, mixed with playin' and chewin', all wrapped up in bacon! Yeah, it's a nasty habit and he's right to give it up, but when you are in the thrall of it, its 'seems' that good.

    You keep doing your thing and bringing those sticks. Daddy will feel better mc-soon.

  13. Jenny and lucyfur-i will see if mommy and i can get daddy to let us rub his belly!

    mynx- thanks for your words of encouragement.

    tory- daddy loves bacon...i love playin and chewin...and i am a sweet puppy!

  14. Oh posted cute puppy pictures. Now I'm hooked.

  15. And IE is being a grab at the moment, and won't open the follow section on the right, but will surely follow when I get home to the sanity of Firefox.~

  16. Katsidhe- i am the cutest puppy! see you here every week! thanks!

  17. Such a cool dog - and blog...following

  18. Okay, I'm home and following you now, cute puppy.~

  19. I'm pretty sure I like Tucker more than most of the people I know...and he's certainly smarter :-)

  20. Kat- thanks...i do daddy's blog evry 2sday...i am a puppy. i AM cute! thansk for following me and daddy's blog...

    chief aka dad- i think you are smarter than most people, for liking me cuz i am a puppy and i love people...but i can tell the smart daddy loves your 50 thingy's...

  21. Tell your owner Bruce that even though I disagree about KB's demeanor I still think he has one of the best blogs. Good Boy!!!

  22. cb- thanks...i know what you mean about KB...i think daddy sometimes just makes stuff up...and he thinks your blog is the funniest thing...i know when he reads your blog cuz he is laughin. and snortin. and laughin. and snortin. then i lickity his face! i am a good boy!

  23. Mr 414 welcome aboard! i hope you enjoy the ride!

  24. Tucker is pretty damn cute!

    With Scoob's anniversary I realized I wasn't ready to see someone else's pup's adorableness or it might break me.

    Playin' & chewin' rocks! You go, Tucker! Hope dad can break the cancer stick thing!

  25. Stephanie...i totally hear ya. i had to respond cuz tucker does not get the whole idea that there were other dogs in my heart we don't tell him much about that,plus he doesn't listen to well yet as he is still a puppy.

    i am sorry for your loss, it has been just over a year for whitedog and will be 1 year soon for the browndog...

    they never leave, really, as they are forever in our heart, but it is not easy...

    and the smoking cessation is getting better




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