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Thursday, January 20, 2011

thursday thinking jan 20


1.Liam Neeson (yet another clone wars movie role…booooring)

2.Giant crayfish (yeah 5 inches…see Oilfield Trash's post...bret favre must have been on hand...he would think it is giant!)

3.Kat Von D (engaged to Jesse James…who the f*k cares)
4.Hybrids ( electricity still uses fossil fuels to generate)
5.Willow Smith (so sick of her…whatever)
6.Tiger mom (Chinese moms kicking American moms asses)

7.Annie Ilonzeh (next reboot of charlies angels…so over done…is there anything in holloywood that is not just re-made shit)

8.Bank stocks (backed by the full faith and confidence of our bankrupt government!)
9.Vandenberg rocket (launches secret decoder ring satellite on biggest rocket EV.ER (singsong voice)
10.Education (more cuts, dumber kids…more fodder for my evil twin!)
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Rick at Rick's Blog did a review of my 4 blogs. 

You can read the whole thing here. and you better run over and check it out... you should. It  is well written and articulate. AND deals with your my favorite subject, ME! For those of you that do not realize it, I do in fact write four blogs and each are a facet of my personality. Cuz I rock the world like that!

The JADIP Blog
bruce's evil twin
dreamodeling guy
the guy book

Rick, as I stated earlier did an awesome job but he had a few questions...and I am more than happy to answer them...cuz they are about me!

"I don't know how this guy does it. He has four blogs which he updates frequently, and he is one of  the most... maybe the most prolific commenter I've encountered. So just for fun, I'll ask."
(Rick asks) "Bruce? How do you do it?"

and Bruce says!

It is a function of routine. And  a flexible schedule. And a typing dog puppy! I write when ever I get a chance and I have all kinds of snippets in draft at all times. I subscribe to all the comments that I leave so I can CyberWebberStalk all my faves. Here is the caveat, the BIA that comment on my blogs are the ones I stop by first, and when time runs out, I hope I can stop by later to read the others. But if not oh, well...

There will come a time when I have to sacrifice the routine, and the first thing that will go is the commenting. I will still read my blogroll, but commenting takes as much time as writing a blog. actually it takes more time. However that being said, I would rather have a group of avid commenter's than a bunch of non-engaged followers...I will always make the effort for those that make the effort.

We all want to be heard. Having comments makes the whole thing work. A Comment is validation of our existence AND validation of being heard. (although, I do read my post back to myself. and yet i still miss some typos... so... in that case I know at least three other *people* reading it.) For me, the most important part of posting is getting a response. well, that and getting all those thoughts outta my head.

All that being said, I also understand that not everyone is as engaged in the posts like I am. And life does happen. We can't all be on the CyberWebber 24/7. There are posters that comment on every post I make and you all know who you are, and you are why I write and post. When you post your blog, I CyberRun to read it at my earliest chance! 

Rick "Is that part of your prolificness, Bruce? Do you rest from one kind of work by doing another?"

Bruce: Absolutly! I write because I love to write, however, I have these different personalities that come out in each different blog. For example, if I find something that really gets my redhair a-going, I pop the snippet into the EvilTwin blog and see what happens. I find that the EvilTwin site seems to be the catalyst to clear the blocks for all others. It may have something to do with the fact that ranting and cussing is cathartic for me.

If I want to vent or discuss a  particular work topic, I can plug in  a phrase or two to the Dreamodeling blog draft board.  In rare cases when I suffer from writers block, I attempt to write in one of my other voices, and usually that clears the block.

Rick: But let's not stop there. He also has this... I can't think of the right adjective! Never mind. He has a blog called The Guy Book. It is literally, a book, as yet unpublished. The tagline is, "The Book About Guys Written by This Guy...Not a Pc Book...Not for the Overly Sensitive...a Satirical View..."
I'd like to get Bruce's take on this blog
Bruce: My take is simple. When my buisness collapsed in 2006, I had a bunch of free time, so I wrote The Guy Book. (actual title is Boys Will Be Men) The problem is It is a lot of work to get it published and/or a lot of money. I am basically lazy, after working all day. And I have no money. Blogging is free, being heard is the end result. Selling it and making money is the dream! (I will be shopping it around soon...)

The basis of all writing is writing from what you know. I know guys. I am one. I am a decent writer and it just kinda wrote itself. I publish one chapter a week.

Now the thing is there are tons of acronyms in this book. And the major premis of our boyish youth, which makes us the men we are is there is always a war going on. And in the military they love acromyns. (Just in case anyone did  not get the gist of all those invented acronyms...)

Please run over and Check Out! Ricks Blog!

i have to go now...the evil one is looking over my shoulder and ready to rumble with the cyberwebber...
Just Another Day In Paradise


  1. If you figure out a cheap way to get it published, let me know. I have an idea for a book I would love to write, but it would probably only sell ten copies.

  2. Bruce, dude? I feel like a bum after reading this. I am Jack's Quiet Commenter.

    I will make it better, I will, I tell you!!!!!!

  3. I agree with you - reading others' blogs and commenting takes just as much (if not more) time than writing my own!! I am a blog addict too so when they throw out their favorite blogs I have to go check them out and then all of the sudden I have a million blogs to read a day. I hope work never finds out!

  4. I don't know how you do it, Bruce... to be interesting enough to have 4 blogs (you really are, that wasn't condescending). We're barely interesting enough for 1 blog, and we share the workload.

    -Bryan and Brandon

  5. Bruce, hurry up and get I can say I knew you when :-)

  6. Someday you're gonna be a rich and famous man!!! And I will say I was one of his first....hahahaha. Thanks for the nice comment on my pictures btw. So nice of you!!

  7. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. I wonder how you can keep up with 4 blogs along with reading and commenting and still have a life! Haha, I'm barely keeping up with one blog!

  8. I have always wondered the same things Rick has. I'm glad you do it though - and you are a great commenter. I hear you on keeping up with it - I do read most of the blogs on my blog roll but sometimes it's a choice between stopping to comment on a blog or read a couple more blogs.

    And lately I have been pretty busy with work so I feel bad about neglecting some blogs - I used to be a much better commenter.


  9. It took me a long time to get to this post because I'm back in school now, and my work load has now become insane. I wonder how I will manage commenting and blogging...<DING! idea for post>

    Here's my favorite Bruce quote: "The art of blogging IS the art of commenting." [emphasis mine]

    He left that comment on my blog when I said, in a post, that I wanted to be a commenter that others welcomed.

    I want to thank you Bruce, for making me feel welcome. It is kinda scary to write a blog and to comment. There are many hard acts to follow. You do make it easier by easing the path. Thanks for the extended answers.

    Best, Rick

  10. OFT- when i find the cheapest way to do it, i will let you know. and i think you would prolly sell over 100 copies...and then some! dude your blog is the bomb, and you are a prolific commenter! most of the time i see you as comment number one! i believe that has helped you gain follwers. i also believe it is one of the things that will get you bon'd cuz it gets you out there and guzzlehelmetwarrior is all watching and sht!

    ib- no worries mate. you were like one of the first people to give me an award so you are forever on my check this blog i dig your blog, so don't sweat it dude!

    shelby-if i had a job it would be different. but i am self UNemployed right now...finding a job/ starting my business is job one...or job 3 can't really decide. definitely job 3...

    beer 4 shower- you guys rock! thanks for the compliment... and it is all about routine. i am currently out of work/starting a business, but this is the slow time of year. and there are no jobs for my *lackof* skillset...

    chief aka dad- yeah! that is what i keep saying! but you know what, I feel mildy famous right now! however, i will not forget the ones that have been here at the beginning. so no worries, chief!

    BB- you know you're like family (a good thing) to me! matter of fact i have had more contact with you than my ya and glad to have found you in this crazy cyberworld! and your girls are precious. when my fam/friends and WebberFam is/are happy...i am happy!

    AD- well, this is kinda my life...because i have made it so. it is a balancing act, but i made a commitment to writing 4 months ago... and just an *i agree* comment is better than no comment. however, i understand that there are other things than the bloggerering! i will have to make some changes soon, but i cross the bridge when i get there, not two miles before!

    SD- you have always been a prolific commenter, and have a great blog. I actually found your blog as one of the first that i actually started commenting on... before that i was a lurker... there were so many blogs i commented on and never got ANY response. you actually pimped out Rabbit early on and i realized, if one of us wins, we all win...and there are times i read two instead of commenting on one... my lack of a real job right now, a puppy hta tcan type, and a very odd sleep pattern, gives me an unfair advantage. i still have the reserves of blogs unposted, which really is the biggest time advantage. some day i will slow down, but while the wave is here i am riding it for all its worth!

    Rick- THANK YOU! for the awesome breadown! and opportunity to be involved in your baptism of bloggerering! it was not until i found SimpleDude about 5 months ago that i started figuring this all out. well that and the whole adsense googlebrother fiasco...again thanks!

    to all
    thank you for the comments! sorry for the typos in my posst and my comments i leave for you all... (particularly the word premise...that jumped out at me, but anywho...)even with the amount of word correction devices available to me i still forget or post a draft and realize the errors after the post posts.

    i will have a few tips and tricks that i use in an upcoming blog...a few time savers and bloggerer hints i have used to maximize my time...

  11. i love routine it is starting to work for me i read every blog post but don't always comment because sometimes i just don't know what to say. as for getting publish hurry up so i have an autograph.

  12. becca I am trying to get it published but i guess i should try a bit harder. and of course as the first follower of that blog you would ge the fisrt signed copy!

  13. gave you an award

  14. It's so funny because I was just thinking that same thing: how the hell does Bruce manage to kick out four blogs when I have trouble doing two? I don't know how much time you have in your day, but could you spare a couple hours? I need all the extra time I can get. I'll probably just use them to sleep. Or drink. Or both.

    a bitch called mom
    the well fed spirit

  15. becca- thanks!

    Mrs Hyde- the only hours i can spare are the ones i use for hanging with my family, but whatever...they sometimes forget exist... and sleeping and drinking are both NOBLE pursuits!!!


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