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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday nights a good night...

for blog love!
1.Todd Bridges (whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis)
2.Janet Jackson (yet another wardrobe malfunction)
3.Angelina Jolie (has really big lips)
4.Lily Allen (getting hitched, too bad guys)
5.2011 predictions (I will become king of the world, or the world ends)
6.Kathy Griffin (funny chick)
7.Medicare (is really expensive)
8.Bon Jovi (I’m a cowboy.)
9.Small business loans (what, they loan money to small businesses? Why did I not know that?)
10.Parsley recall (nobody eats parsley)

I WANT to thank ib at The Habitual Hobbit for this award. I should have done my duty immediately and followed all protocols and procedures, but face it. I am lame. and lazy. and well, busy. doing stuff. all kinds of stuff. lots of stuff...mostly lazy. BTW...ib is awesome. you need to check him out and hit the follow it!

I am an award whore, but lame/lazy none-the-less. Perhaps one day I will get around to making a page for me display of my award whore~ish~ness. Or not. I can barely figure out how to post this stuff on one page so why complicate it with two or three...

welcome new BIA SimpleDude at simple dude complex world This guy rocks the bloggersphere! If you are not following him...well, you are just plain missing out!



and all that...

I have to pass this on to three other BIA. Jus' Sayin'

This is the toughest thing I have ever done. In all my life. Seriously. Difficult. I mean it is not like choosing between Jif and another peanut butter, or between smooth and crunchy. Well, it is not as difficult as quitting*t...I think I just started again. Oh, the stress...

Not really, but...

I have so many people I love. So many blogs that rock my socks. (Hey, if I am following you I think you rock...and I have great taste..Just ask me!) You all make me do the Tom Cruise Underwear Dance. (in my head of course...i'll explain later.)

i happen to be passing this along to the following BIA..

Pearl is a gem. Pearls are gems as well.  Her blog is filled with gems...It always makes me laugh. If you want to be entertained Pearl is your girl!!! And she is a published writer! (i will be purchasing her book as soon as i find a full-time job, and i may just buy two, cuz they are so inexpensive! and she is sooo good!)

Lynne H at bits of paper and glue.
She says she is not a great poet, but I disagree. Every post makes me think. And since poetry works on the literal and the symbolic level, well, read her stuff and tell her what you think. (And she will be co-conspiratoring with my EvilTwin, shortly)

Semi True Torystellar at Can U Relate? 
Simply a great read! She has been busy with the holiday season, cuz she works in the online retailer sector. (that would be FUN!?!) She does all kinds of cyberwebber hocus-pocus...but now that the season is winding down she will be posting more frequently (i hope...) 

I believe the next phase of this award is to reveal 5 guilty pleasures. or mebbe I was supposed to do this first. editing is a bitch and once stuff is on the page, i do not want it to disappear in cyber cosmos...

so many of the things i like that may be construed as a guilty pleasure, as regular readers can attest to and already know's somethings you don't know..mebbe...

1. The Tom Cruise Underwear Dance. 
Oh hey I already gave you this one...see video above...Imagine that dance by a guy with two left feet, older and BeerGutted, and mix in a little bit a ton of the "WhiteMansOverbite" . So, Yeah. I do this in my head. but frequently. i may be doing it right now. i may be naked.

2. Christmas Music.
I would listen to Christmas Music year 'RoundYonVirgin... sometimes I have been known to belt out the Little Drummer Boy during long commutes. In July or August. Oh, and in the shower, when the family is MIA...any time of right back...

I was just singing one now...

3. I really liked the movie Definitely Maybe...I have seen it more than once. All the way through.
and mostly cuz of  isla fisher...I have said enough about that.

4. I go commando whenever I do not have clean underwear, or the mood strikes me. Not so much in the winter. cuz it's just too cold to be FreeBallin'...sometimes i wear undies outside the pants...

5.  Sometimes I go to Kara's blog and don't leave a comment just to see if any kittens just die...just kidding. (no. no, he's not...he can be quite EvilTwinish...i know i live in his head as well) ...

6.Ha fooled ya...I be you thought I was gonna go all overachiever on your asses...not so much...

peace out yo!

Just Another Day In Paradise!!!


  1. You have blood on your hands. I want you to think about it. Blood. On. Your. Hands.

    (p.s.-that made me laugh so hard I almost started crying)

  2. You done the Pav proud gorgeous man. Although images of you dancing underwear less singing Christmas songs may haunt me.
    Hugs xxx

  3. You know, I was following you before and your posts would show up in my reader - then for whatever reason they stopped. I went and looked and you were not there. Friggin' Blogger.


  4. Congrats on the award. Blog pimping is always a good thing.

  5. Congrats on the award and ewww going commando. I hate it.

  6. A well deserved award for y9ou Mr. Underwear outside my pants man!!!!

    And a cyber hug to you for my award.. I'm like you, I need to figure out where to put them..You flatter me..seriously..and yes,our pens will collide and do something either really good or really dangerous!!!

    Thanks B-Man!!

  7. Great post....Congrats to the winners. I'll check out the ones I don't know. Semi-True I do follow and she's great.

  8. congrats on your award and the going commando info i think that might fall under the to much information section just the post as always

  9. Thanks so much for the award Bruce!!! You (and your evil twin) rock my socks!!! I love my award and plan on getting my blog updated this evening!!! I have been so remiss but I'm looking forward to getting back to posting more regularly.

  10. @Kara- glad you laughed! and i really do leave a comment every time...ET is a bastage, he might not leave a message...

    @AD-yup more people don't like the comando thing than like it..

    @Mynx-there are no mirrors in our house...i don't even want to see me dancing...

    @SD-yeah, but anytime oi can give you a shout out i feel good about it...i thought you were following and then i didn't see you...f*ing google is right..

    @OFT-thanks man!

    @BB-Thanks...and do that! and Semi true! she does rock!

    @Becca-yeah the TMI was possible...i toyed with other GP, but that one is one of my faves...

    @STT-looking forward to your next post and you you are a great choice!!! thanks for the compliment

    @Lynne- back at ya! soon we will make chaos or classic...

  11. Janet Jackson = train wreck. Brett favre gets no trends? Good.

  12. @Ryan- congrats on the BON! and thanks for stopping by!

    i hear ya on the old gunslinger! and JJ=TW, absolutly!


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