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Thursday, December 30, 2010

turning over a new leaf...

1.Candace Cameron (CC for short)
2.Ana Ivanovic (hot?)
3.Ryan Phillippe (???)
4.Khloe Kardashian (yet another attention whore)
5.Whip My Hair (check out Jimmy Fallon doing Neil Young doing this song)
6.Ashton Kutcher (got punk’d)
7.Bette Midler (got old)
8.Tax-deductible deductions (redundancy department x 2)
9.Brie Larson (who dat?)
10.Mortgage rates (are now at 2%)

After a grueling 1/2 week of bloggering, I may be up for yet another vacation. mebbe. IDK, R? I may be here all weekend posting blogs and comments. or I may be blotto. I have yet to decide.

Simple Dude is actually not a new BIA. He disappeared from my list and then re-appeared, while at the same time I disappeared from his Google reader. But it gave me a reason just to pimp his blog…and I am all about pimping.

I am wondering if this GoogleBloggerGlitch had anything to do with a rather sarcastic reply to their why are you not doing ad-senselessness. GoogleBrother is watching... 

i gave them a fake email address like ursof*

yeah, something like that.

Long timers know that GoogleBrother disabled my ad sense account for what they deemed as *illegal clicks.

so f* them…

Anytime I can poke at a sleeping giant, tho’ I am up for that. So when the opportunity came for me to refute their little Ponzi scheme (not actually a Ponzi, but I like the way it sounds so I am running with it.)

They actually say in their propaganda opinion poll survey something to the effect of making $1000.00’s of dollars a month. My best day was about $10.00. (if i could make 10 per day x30 days = $300.00 not really close to 1000, but you know, this new math) right after that and magically after I crossed the payment threshold (of $100.00) I was suddenly deactivated.

for illegal clicks...


My advice to you is avoid putting their stupid ads on your site, and fill it with pictures your BIA would find cool…

or start a porn site.

or an EvilTwin blog

The New Year's Eve is almost upon us. It is the one time of the year where my proclivity to imbibe is not exactly frowned upon. In fact it is embraced.

I like that.

However, I call it amateur night.  People feel it is okay to drink on this night for some reason and they go out in droves. I am usually in bed before the f*ing ball drops, cuz there is tons of football to watch on New Year's Day, but I usually start the day with a breakfast beer. And keep on quaffing all day. I really hate the stupidity of drunks, mostly of the amateur variety you see on this day/evening, so I avoid all contact, i.e. bars!

I don't like that.

the secret to drinking is to ride the wave, get a good buzz, but not get stupid drunk.

I find nothing romantic about kissing a drunk at midnight, either. And why people flock to watch a ball drop outside in the f*ing cold? With a bazillion other drunks? yeah right. shoot. me. now.

After some serious soul searching and insidious introspection I have decided…

I was going to make some new years resolutions, but seriously, why? I am too old a dog to do any new tricks, so I will continue along the same path that got me this far.

Besides, Trix are for kids. And sometimes for tricky rabbits. Oh, and the occasional prostitute. No new tricks here, however.


The New Year will be one of many surprises, I am sure. I am hoping not to have any really big, upsetting ones, but some things are just outta my hands, and so I just have to roll with the punches.

Some excitement for the New Year!

I am going to start a new blog. I know you are prolly saying f* you Bruce, isn’t three F*ing blogs enough?


But no.

I am going to write a serious Blog. Yup. One about remodeling. Cuz it will help with my non-bloggering life. And tie in to the idea that I actually have to go back to doing what I did for the last twenty years.

(no, I am not going to go commando, full time. Although I was surprised by the number of comments about that guilty pleasure, I woulda  thought that there would be more interest in my affection to Christmas carols. I may be commando right now, and sporting a mullet)

I need some kind of routine, because I am not very motivated or mebbe I should say I am easily led astray by the things I would like to do as opposed to the things I need to do. To that end I will be structuring my bloggering to accommodate the possibility of REALLY getting a business up and running, instead of just poking it with a stick, and getting it all angerfied and stuff.

Ib at The Habitual Hobbit has offered to collaborate on the Guy Book. Although, I have the entire book written, I do not have any insight into the trials and tribulations of child birth from a man’s perspective, so I will be offering to him a chapter on that *debacle* miracle. Watch for it.

Actually, I guess I am changing my path a bit…rolling in a bit of the new dog thing…Jus’ Sayin’

My new posting schedule will be as follows:

More food for thought Monday
    Tucker does Tuesday
Remodeling Wednesday (the new blog, yet to be named)
    Mebbe Something Thursday (mebbe not anything Thursday it is MCT after all)
Thematic Photo Friday (in conjunction with Carmi’s blog I miss doing this blogday)

I may be in the mood for half ass-ing it weekend style like SD, but I may just get caught up on all the reading and commenting and such. Who knows. This pace of two blogs a day for the past couple months is too much, for a mere mortal with a job.

And the biggest change for the New Year, and no, it is not that I am sporting a mullet, but ya never know, I am introducing a new pimping fest called

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


There are no rules.

I will randomly pick a BIA or a blog I BIA and they will be mentioned in every blog I post for a week or so…and I will say nice things about them. And pimp them out.

Now if you are interested in being considered for this, idk, honor? You can e-mail me at You must give me a reason. Otherwise it will just be up to me…and you KNOW that is never good...

And to kick it off…

This blog is sponsored by....

Oilfield Trash at make daddy a sammich 

The first sponsor of the New Year.
(officially starts on Monday January 3, 2011, for me...If I have sobered up enough to type...)

oh AND of course can respectfully decline, or ignore this honor curse sponsorship, just tell me in a three page document, single spaced, why you shouldn't be allowed to sponsor my blog...



  1. Ad sense has done nothing for me. I can see why now. With the calculations of their clicks you forgot to say "you do the math"....hehehe

  2. WTH is 'illegal clicks'.. I'd like to know how to do that!.. sounds kinky, don't it? guess that's google's b.s.? can't wait for the new blog!.

  3. Oh I'm so in for your, my reason? Boobs! I have boobs. Isn't that enough?

    Come over to my blog when you have some time...we must have been typing at the same time because I posted right after you <3


  4. 'illegal clicks' i want in if it means breaking rules

  5. Ok so since I am going first, what exactly do I have to do with this honor?

  6. @BB-You got the math is right...i have hours of bloggering that i scrapped on how this does not work...but because of adsense, i started the ET day i had 35 clicks of which i was credited only determines which click are legal..its bullshit...

    @KBF-does sound a bit blog roll out date is around the middle of January...i have to figure out if i should tie it to my existing three or not..potential customers will be (hopefully) checking it out...the end game is to get discovered...yeah, riiight...

    @HED-boobs are good...but you were already in line, now you are like in the top 3!!!

    @Becca-i thought the idea of ads was to get people to click, so i pounded it in every my links...and i guess that is against the rules...

    @OFT-that is the beauty of this...there are no rules...i am pimpimg you..all you have to do is nothing. you CAN post the banner on your blog, it is like an award, but it is not required. you CAN mention it in a blog but you don't have to. this is my way of trying to help others find the blogs i like and increase your followers...

    we all have followers that are not bloggers and about 40% of my hits come from facebook friends/ other may help, i do not know...but i am always willing to increase my readership, and help others do the same.

    i have found helping others without expecting a return on that investment is good karma...

    and believe me bro, i need some for this year...

    (all i ask is if you decide to do a similar idea that you remember whence it came...)

  7. When you mention going commando and wearing a mullet in a single sentence it makes one wonder exactly what part of you may be sporting said mullet...

    I too am curious about this illegal explanation was given?

  8. Afer the stain Evil Bruce left at my place, I better be in line darling man. You now how I love a bit of pimping and blog whoring. Happy new year to you. I intend to consume an adequate amount of alcohol to enjoy myself with out riing the porcelain bus half the night or disgracing myself completely.

  9. Please stop talking about going commando!!!!! For some reason I keep getting the fuzzy butt image from Old Whitey from 8 crazy nights in my head!

  10. I received the Petey [nice ruler work btw! :)] and in the interest of not having you come after me...eek!...I promise to post about it in the next few days.

    Thanks for being a follower and a BIA.

  11. I stopped putting ads in my page because, really, what's the point? I made $3 the whole six months I've been blogging. I can't even get my $3 because they don't pay you until you get to $10 or something like that. Screw em.

    On the new blog, will you be offering remodeling tips? I could use a shitload of those.

  12. @AP-the mullet would be on top...if i had one...and the illegal clicks...well, there was no explanation, cuz they do not have to and it is a final answer.

    @Mynx- of course you are going to get some pimpin were already on the list!

    @AD- ok i'll stop with the c word...

    @SkippyMom-Nice to have you...thanks about the ruler work...i actually tried to do this with photo software, but it was a train wreck...Congrats on the Petey!

    @Mrs. Hyde- yeah, the ads are crap! i actually had a balance of 120.00 before they shut me down..f them...

    and yes the new blog will offer tips. and other cool things. but i have to try to be professional...


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