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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TuckMonster does Tuesday!(Tues dec 28)

1.Aretha Franklin (still kicking? She died on twitter…f*ing twits)
2.Beyonce (has a nice rack)
3.Mike Singletary (fired!)
4.Rachel Weisz (hot)
5.Kindle (books on ipod)
6.Ginnifer Goodwin (actress with and odd name)
7.Hugh Hefner (old as f*ck)
8.iPad (only works on human touch)
9.Snowfall totals (it’s winter, who cares, snow in summer, that would be news)
10.Bond funds (are a great way to save money, or not, depending on who you ask)
twas the night before after christmas...
and all through the house...
 i was ready to chew.chew. chew.
and play. play play.

Hi. I'm Tucker. I am a puppy! This was quite a week. Daddy and I played. A.LOT. We went on a bunch of rides in the truck. We went It was fun. But it is always fun. fun. fun. When I am with daddy.

Mommy and Mylibean got home about the same time as Daddy and I on Thursday. The house was cold. It turns out the thing in the scary, noisy room (furnace) was not working. Daddy went in the scary, noisy room where the noises are and started to cuss. Mommy said it sounded like that scene from the movie *A Christmas Story.* I do not know what that means, but Mommy was laughing. I licked her face.

This week MCT was cancelled, cuz Cookie is kinda lame (daddy's words) and had all kinds of excuses, so I did not get to play with Bently. Instead I played with daddy. He said we were gonna play WinterCampin'. I am  not sure what that means, but we went SummerCampin' and that was fun. but that was for.ever. ago. Back when I was a little puppy. I am a big puppy now.

Daddy and me went to get some wood and he said we would make a fire, just like at WinterCamping. I agreed that we should just play. play .play. You get very warm when you play. So I played  and Daddy watched the REDWINGS.

He was watching the REDWINGS, and they were not doing well, cuz daddy was cussing and stuff. I told daddy we should just play. he agreed. we played. He got tired and sat in his chair. Then he watched the REDWINGS. And cussed some more. I went up stairs, but it was cold up there so I came back down and slept.

Then daddy and I went back upstairs and slept. For a long time.

I guess the thing in the noisy room is working again, cuz daddy and I did not play WinterCamping anymore.

The next day Daddy took me to see Gramma J. She just LOVES me. But then everyone does. Cuz I am cute. But I will write about that next week...Cuz this week...

I just Celebrated my first ever Christmas. I got lots of things to  chew on. I opended lots of presents. Some of them were even mine! It was fun. fun. fun. Everyone was laughing and smiling. so was I. I ran around and played. a.lot. and chewed. a.lot.

On the next day (actual Chrismas Day) I went to see Gramma W. And I met a little dog named Beau, and I saw my friend named Teddy. Niether Beau, nor Teddy were much fun. But I am. I am a lot of fun! beau is really old. Older than daddy. Teddy is just kinda fat, and grumpy. but not me! I am fun.

Daddy said that Christmas was actually Saturday, but we were going to celebrate with mommy and Mylibean and Mr.Saturday on Sunday. Then he said.Blah.blah.blah. Cuz I stopped listening. I was looking at all the treats. And then I licked daddy's face, so he laughed. And then I grabbed a toy. And started playin. playin playin.

me and daddy with his hockey sweater...
I bought daddy a new hockey sweater. It says Zetterburg and has the number 40 on it. It is cool! Daddy loves it. But then daddy loves me, even more than he loves the REDWINGS!!!! and we all know how much he loves the REDWINGS!!!!...And I got some things to chew on. chew. chew. chew!

i got you, mr tiger!!!

daddy said this is a candy cane...
Daddy said it looks like something else.
mommy said daddy was being naughty...
 I bought mommy a sweater. It is the color daddy calls purple. It is soft. Like Mommy. And I got some things to chew on. Chew. chew. chew.Play.Play.Play!

I bought Mylibean and Christopher each a LIONS sweater that says 44 and Best on the back. And (daddy says) the LIONS have won three straight! They both loved it! And I got some puppy treats. Cuz i am the Best puppy in the world! treats.treats.treats.

Christmas is about the things that you remember about the people in your life. And (daddy says Crown Royal, which is a REALLY GOOD candiyan Whisker) the time you spend with your family. And Playin' and Chewin'. Cuz really, what does daddy know. I am a puppy. I know! Family and playin and chewin. what else is there, really?

Oh yeah. Bunnies and squirels!

I am  happy and tired puppy. I have survived WinterCamping in the basement, and my first ever Christmas. I got lots of toys so this week I will be playin'. Playin. Playin.

I hope your christmas was very full of playin. chewin. and family!

gotta go! gotta go! gotta go!



  1. Ahhh what a nice Christmas puppy had. So glad. And even more glad the furnace is fixed!

  2. Tucker I hope you didn't freeze your balls off without the furnace working.

    And I can imagine how bad your daddy was cussing when the Penquins beat the wings a couple of years ago in the finals.

  3. Oh Tucker, I reckon with all that playin and chewin you would have been very tired. Wht a lovely lot of fun. Maybe Daddy wil take you winter camping again sometime

  4. Tucker is so cute! I wish I could play with him, but daddy is right about that candy cane ;)

  5. Tuck, u is getting big!.. and yes, Dad is right, that cane does look like something else...omg am I in twobble??? btw is that your own personal tree?

  6. sounds like puppy had a wonderful christmas as did daddy and mommy.

  7. Tucker says!

    @BB- yes...heat is good! WinterCampin was awesome, tho'!

    @OFT- daddy says LOL... he did cuss a bit in '09, but he was still kinda happy from 08 when the WINGS beat the snot out of the cindy and the pengirls...tucker asks...Is that freezing thing what happened to my balls?

    @Mynx-daddy says we are going on january 28th!

    @AD- i love to play...

    @KBF-it is my tree. I don't know what daddy thinks it looks like...


    @Becca-it was!


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