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Friday, December 31, 2010

first post of 2011...

….a bit early!

In a few hours I will be not in any condition to type, let alone entertain…and tomorrow, well there are so MANy football games!

Welcome new BIA Skippy Mom at I make Soap She is familiar to many of us, but those of you who do not know her go check her out, she is the latest Petey winner… and her blog rocks.

the Guy Book  would like to welcome new BIA Semi-True ToryStellar at can u relate. Stop by and say hello...she is the bomb-diggity! She is the third trifecta follower (Becca and Mynx are the first two)

TRENDING NO!!!!TRENDING NOOOOOO!!!! (i may or may not make this stuff up?)
1.Lindsay Lohan (this is her FAVORITE holiday, she will be in treatment by Jan. 1)
2.Elaine Mellencamp (just don’t call her Cougar)
3.Kathy Griffin (is preggers)
4.Angelina Jolie (is it just me or is anyone else sick of her being an attention whore?)
5.Obesity statistics (over the muffin top)
6.Black-eyed peas (are thinking 'bout asking Darius Rucker to front the band)
7.Laura Govan (abandonment issues)
8.Ground beef recall (thank god it wasn’t hot dogs!)
9.Credit cards (rates drop again…down to 26%! Woo-hoo!)
10.2011 predictions (the world ends)

Hed at Hed above water  gave me an award, but it is difficult enough to type while two-fisted drinking, let alone wander over to her place grab an award, and make it safely back without getting nabbed by the po-po for drunken bloggering, so I will have to wait till Monday to do the award the justice it so rightfully deserves.

In yesterday’s post I alluded to GoogleBrother and the illegal clicks. The legal braintrust at googlef*cker has an iron clad way to get out of paying you. If they determine that anything you do makes you money, they pull the magical phrase illegal clicks outta their greedyasses.

In my vast experience, and research, there is no refuting the final determination of GoogleStaupo. They have all the data, and they make all the determinations.

Don’t do it. adsense is the devil.

I am so f*ing done with that crap.

On to the rest of the crap in my head.

The sponsorship is filled for the first 7 no 8 no  9 weeks of the year. Hence, we are looking at March as the first opening. Those of you that have expressed interest are on the LIST!

I am a pimping MFer.

Again, there are no rules. I pick a sponsor, pimp them for a week, and they have to do NOTHING. They CAN steal grab the banner and post it on the award section or on their blog. Or not.

I will have the banner and the sponsor at the top of the blog just below the trending now portion of every blog. The official sponsor~ship sails on Mfft Monday January 3, 2011.

All I ask is if youz guyz decide to grab it, youz guyz remember whence it came. If any of youz guyz want to do likewise, have a sponsor, I am all for it, but again, just remember the genius guy that started the ball rolling. Or not. It is your karma bank that will be tapped…Jus’ Sayin’

It is an idea born of altruism, and depositing in the karma bank. And my way of saying thanks to all those that help keep me sane!

love you all!
(in a totally non-sexual, yet Very Manly way!)

Happy New Year!

oops spilled my drink!
and stay safe!


  1. Happy Early New Year Bruce... your heading had me checking my clock, thinking I missed out on all the booze.


  2. Same to you Bruce. Let's hope it's a prosperous one at least. And in a very woMANly way, love ya right back! Hugs!

  3. Wow u is early!..I hope all good things happen for u this coming year...u deserve it..Give Tuck a hug for me.

  4. Happy New Year! Don't get too smashed!

  5. Happy New Year Bruce

    Love you too, with big hugs and smooches in a totally platonic way of course.

  6. i'm gonna whisper this as i'm sure your head feels awful congrats and have a great 2011

  7. @OFT- back at ya bro!

    @SD- planning for my impending drunk may have thrown you off, sorry...I have always been a trend setter, or a dork...what ever..

    @KBF- yeah... isn't Mich about 3 days ahead of the WC? thnks, i hope it does go better! for you as well! I hugged tuck! HappyNewYear!

    @BB-you rock my socks! profitability or prosperity would be a welcome change!

    @AD-I never er i mean rarely,get too drunk, but then again i have lots of experience!

    @Mynx- awww, you rock my socks as well!

    @Becca- the secret is glass between drinks and two before my daughter had a bout 7 TA girls over and they pulled an all nighter so i had to be a bit responsible...but i always appreciate your good manners!!!

  8. Just catching up here, Bruce, and thanks so much for the shout out the other day!!

    And AdSense? Yeah. Not worth bothering with. Even with thousands of hits a month it's still only pennies.


  9. Happy new year!! Hope you had a good time and scarfed down lots of non-recalled dogs.

  10. @Pearl- you deserve it! i love your blog...yup on adsucks!

    @copy boy!- thanks for stopping by... your blog rocks!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog and adding me up, looks like you put some serious hours in to your writing! I'll be checking back. Cheers, W

  12. @W- yup...but it is worth it! by the way, your blog is hilarious! thanks for the follow as well!


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