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Monday, January 3, 2011

More Food For Thought Monday

More Food For Thought Monday
henceforth to be know as...

mfft Monday
welcome conosurers
screw it!
welcome eaters!
1.Jennifer Love Hewitt (hot)
2.Zsa Zsa Gabor (dead)
3.Mel Gibson (put his foot in his mouth again)
4.Mila Kunis (very hot!)
5.Brangelina (this name combine thingy is f*ing stupid)
6.2011 NFL draft (cancelled, due to no CBA)
7.Panda cow (cute and tastes good)
8.Dilma Rousseff (seriously? Dilma? Bet he/she loves his/her parents)
9.Healthcare Reform (is a f*ing joke)
10.J. R. R. Tolkien (was really a woman)

bruce johnson JADIP

This week the JADIP blog is sponsored by Oilfield Trash at Make Daddy a Sammich. Always a great read!
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Lets start with the basics!
Welcome to new BIA (magic #40!) Castmana at ranty rant rant, ranty rant rant rant !
Corey at Wishing my life were a would be the best musical EVER
Vinny C at his picassa web page...(could not find a blog link)
Welcome to new BIA to The Guy Book  absolutely primed

Hed at Hed above water gave me an award. I am an award whore. I love Hed. If you are not checking her out, you are missing out big time! BIA her! NOW!

this looks yummy
this award was started by Mynx at Dribble...

I have to list some guilty pleasures. Five of ‘em.

This is tough cuz I got blasted   :) annoyed  grossed out a few BIA on a guilty pleasures last time with the big C word. No, not that one. Even my  EvilTwin does not use that word.


However, I digress.


1. Butter. Real f*ing butter. Salted. I will never be too poor to afford real butter.
2. Mayonnaise. Real F*ing Mayo. Full fat! I hate miracle whip!
3. Deep fried foods. Greasy is good. (just call me Gorging Gekko)
4. Bacon. Real. F*ing. Bacon. Not turkey bacon. Not tofu bacon.
5. Fake cheesy-goo goodness. Had to have something fake~ish.

It should be no surprise that I listed food. This is mfft Monday, after all!

I have to pass this on to three other BIA.
This again was a tough choice, cuz I follow a lot of blogs, but some of them are rather new to me…

However, I had some BIA  that I wanted to award from the last one, so I guess this works out well.

Kara at Visions Unto Myself . I was the first follower of her blog, and that is a great thing, because someday when she gets BON’d, I can say I knew her Way. Back. When. And cuz she always makes me laugh. ALWAYS! Follow her or be really stupid and feel smart and sassy again!

Morgan at The Adorkable Ditz's Missteps . I am new to following this young lady, but her spunk and spirit are infectious. She is a prolific commenter, so I could cyberstalk her for a while :) which is something we all love. Follow her, and feel young again!

Mrs. Hyde at The Well Fed Spirit . This woman is like me in that she has two diametrically opposed blogs, one is bitchy, funny, and cussy (which I love) and the other one that is a great read, articulate, introspective. (and i may love this more) The Well Fed Spirit, is worth a read. Oh, and like Jay’s potato chips, you cannot eat read just one! Check her out and hit follow and feel whole again!

On the menu for today’s mfft Monday!

Deep fried butter. 1 stick of salted butter, washed in heavy whipping cream and beer battered then deep fried, served with a side of cheesy~goo-ey goodness. And mayo.

Deep fried bacon wrapped pork loin chunks. Just like it sounds. Succulent pork loin wrapped in fatty bacon. Washed in Guinness, dipped in beer batter, and deep fried.

Gotta go. I am getting hungry!


  1. Hell yeah! I can't believe you mentioned me and the recipe for deep fried butter in the same blog, tryin to kill me?

    Gotta go, gonna go dip some bacon in mayo now!


  2. Deep fried shit is great.

    Thanks for the blog pimping.

  3. BACON!!!!!!

    Thanks Tucker for the invite! I love bacon!!!

    Oh, and thanks Bruce for the award. =)

  4. i follow a couple of those already! i will have to check the rest of them out! thanks so much for the warm welcome! :)

  5. Oh Bruce, congrats on the Pav award. Very well deserved considering it is mostly sugar and cream.

    Deep fried Butter??? Really?
    I thought those tales of everything being fried in the USA was just myth. Obviously not. ewwww

  6. OMG...Took me all day to catch up but I finally did. LOL. I'm so tired that when I read that it literally took like ummmmmm 3 minutes to remember your award comment! Hahahaa.

    Sorry for not being the prolific commenter the last few days. Traveling and such.

  7. congrats and you and hubby could totally have dinner together he thinks you're way on the food

  8. Hey, I'm now following back and lmfao.

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh first thing this morning, helped me kill some time while waiting for the meds to kick in :)

    Seriously, Brangelina and the whole name combining thing?? I"m totally with you? STUPID!!

    Did they really recall parsley? wtf?

    4 the LUV of SaNiTy

  9. Congrats on your award. And thanks for turning me on to deep fried butter.

  10. @Hed- yeah, i am all mean and crazy like that.

    @OFT-you will be pimped all week! and yup i love deep fried shit!

    @Kara- gotta love me some bacon! and your welcome for the award. You rock!

    @Corey- yeah, man! i love my followers! i am a blog pimp!

    @Mynx- deepfried everything! is yummy. and thanks on the congrats!

    @AD- you deserve the award...i love your youthful take! keep on writing!

    @Becca- yeah someday, when i am rich and famous i will have big party and all my BIA will be invited...we'll have is Mynx-ys new place...

    @Steph- thanks for coming over!glad you enjoyed it. and yeah, they did recal some parsley, but i dont know where it was. i don't actually read any of that shit...

    @copyboy- no prob. thanks for the congrats. i love your blog, glad oyu stopped by mine!

  11. I can feel my arteries clogging through cyberspace...I saw this show on the travel channel today where the guy had a huge sandwich with kielbasa, french fries, cole slaw, pork shoulder, and bbq sauce. So...this is the second vicarious heart attack I've had today.

    Thanks so much for the award, but mostly for your kind words. This is my very first award for TWFS. Congratulations to you on your award as well. You deserve many more.

  12. @ Mrs Hyde- and i just had a VHC from your comment...'member the SNL skit about Da bears, where they would all have Heart attacks?

    yeah thats me!

    you are a gifted and talented writer, the award is my way ofsaying thanks for the sanity and insanity you provide for me!

    oh yeah and and most humble thanks for your congrats!


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