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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year...

Same old me!


1.Crystal Bowersox (came in second)
2.Vivica A. Fox (foxy hot!)
3.Jake Gyllenhaal (the next spiderman)
4.DeAnna Pappas More bad tv, and staged drama)
5.Medicare (f*ing f*ed)
6.Snooki Polizzi (just go away. No one really likes you)
7.Great white shark (is extinct)
8.$400,000 tuna (expensive sandwich)
9.Retirement income (Its called working till you die)
10.New laptops (come with built in viruses)


This week the JADIP blog is sponsored by Oilfield Trash at Make Daddy a Sammich. Always a great read! Follow him!

New BIA's

Chief aka Dad at Unsound Reasoning. A real person and great read! Check him out, hit follow, if you are not already! ask him about the stuffed green pepper.

Copyboy (JADIP and the Guy Book too) at Not Worth Mentioning hillarious. interesting. never know what will come next.

I intended to roll out the new blog this week with a totally awesome post. Instead I mailed it in, like my Sparty's of MSU.

At any rate.

Here is my new blog. Dreamodeling 

Pardon the dust...It is still in pre construction disaray,

Follow now and beat the rush!

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. I was hoping to be first but Tori beat me to it. 4 now, that'll keep you busy. My 2nd has been neglected with all the other crap going on in my life.

  2. wow another blog you the man

  3. Well I joined Unsound Reasoning- omg, he is funny..and I joined your new site!. Hth can u handle 3 sites?

  4. You are really doing well with gaining followers Bruce. I'm really happy for you!

  5. okay mr, question. what does BIA mean?

  6. You have more blogs than I have shoes, Bruce! Hee hee :)

    Corey "BIA" is Blogger in Arms...we're his blog buddies!


  7. @ Mynx- but you were the first i did a guest post for, so i will always love you for that! hugs!

    @Becca-Yeah, that's right! but to be fair, i love to write! glad you are BIAing me!

    @KBF- Yup! Chief aka dad is a funny guy! glad i could direct you his way! i do this cuz i'm a writing fool...and im glad to have you on board...i write whenever i am watching sports, cuz i dvr every game. (of sports/ teams i watch) it is like backgrond music!

    @BB-thanks! it is nice to not just be writing this for an audience of 4 (me, tucker, ET, and remodel guy)

    @Corey- Hed answered your question! cuz she rocks like that!

    @Hed- you are sponsoring JADIP in Two weeks! starting monday Jan 17! are you ready? i am not sure if it has helped OFT or not but it has helped me! You rock girl! i have more blogs than i have shoes , too...i love blogs!



  9. Idk how you do it. I'm having a hard enough time with just the two blogs. At any rate, you can bet I'll be following.

  10. So I really have to know what does sponsoring involve. If its only blog love I can totally do that!

    So glad I could be the first on the Dreamodeling blog... Love you Mynx-y

  11. @HED- coolio!

    @Mrs. Hyde- just juggling the multiple personalities!

    @ Tory- it's just blog love, nothing from you is required...your on the list!


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