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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

T is for Tuesday and Tucker! (tue after new year)

1.Zsa Zsa Gabor (Pegleg?)
2.Meg Ryan (still hot!)
3.Mel Gibson (still shooting his mouth off)
4.Kim Kardashian (still a complete idiot)
5.Home loans (free houses! Well at these rates it is almost free!)
6.Sherri Shepherd (getting hitched)
7.Eli Manning (traded to Minnesota!)
8.Prop. 8 (will kill you)
9.Minivans (will also kill you)
10.Defibrillators (will also kill you)

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I am Tucker. I am a puppy. Daddy and I went last week.

i am dog pretty!

The snow all went bye-bye. and I was sad. i love sniffing snow. snif. snif. snif. But then it came back! And I was happy. happy. happy! yesterday I  got to play with a bunny. Mrs Bunny! She ran out form under the steps of Daddy's Party Deck and I chaseded her to the fence. Mrs. Bunny bounced off the fence and I barked at her! and then  put my butt up in the air, the universal sign of playin'. 
mrs. bunny bounced off the fence a few more times. I WAS PLAYIN WITH MRS. BUNNY! Playin. playin. playin. Then she ran out of of hole in the fence near the place that Mommy and Daddy go thru with the noisy green thing that chops up the grass. Daddy usually says a lot of swearer words when he chops up the grass. I do not know what shit is, but he says it is all over the wheels. and he says it a.lot.

Daddy needs to fix the hole in the fence so I can keep playin' with Mrs. Bunny! 

Daddy took me to see Gramma. She just LOVES me. But then everyone does. Cuz I am cute. And I am a puppy. I am nearly one year old, or nearly 7 dog years!

Gramma has a cat.The cat’s name is Shue-Shue, but daddy calls her moo-shoo. Moo-shoo cat. And then he laughs and says it is funny cuz it is a cat joke. He says it has something to do with Chinese food. I do not get it. Does Chineese food hiss at you? I do not know. But I do get bunnies. And squirrels.

 At Gramma’s shue-shue hissed at me. A. lot.

I ignored her, cuz I was having fun. Fun. Fun. I found some stringy stuff. Daddy calls it yarn. I call it yummy. And stringy. Moo shoo hissed at me, and said it was her yarn. I just ignored her, cuz I am a puppy. And I was playin. Playin. Playin.

Daddy took lots of pictures of me and shoe-shoe, moo-shoo, woofever. But then he started cussing. I guess I was Playin. And movin. And playin. And movin. Way too much. Daddy says none of the pictures turned out of me and that kitty, whats her name?

theres a toy.




Kitties are like bunnies and squirels, they do not like playin. I like Playin. And bunnies and squirels and kitties, but they do not like playin'.

Here are some pictures of my trip to Grammas with Daddy.

i was singing along with the radio!

i am telling daddy a joke! it is funny! it has bunnies and squirels in it.
and sticks! i sticks!

i am laughing at the joke i told daddy!
then i licked his ear! and his glasses!
daddy just laughed
cuz i am cute and funny!
i am going to lick you next!
see you next week!
just another dog in puppydise!


  1. well what fun you had and remember no eating yellow snow

  2. The bunnies and kittens don't want to play because they're just not as adorable and awesome as you!

    visions unto myself

  3. Hi ya Tuck! Shit is that thing you smell when you stick your nose up all the other puppy butts (or when you run the lawnmower through it). Good thing I'm paying attention because you would be lost without that valuable piece of information.

    You're welcome.

  4. Tucker, you are getting so good at writing for Daddy. Mrs Bunny was a party pooper not wanting to play with you. You be very careful with Mooshoo pussy cat. She might hit your nose with her sharp claws. Cats do that after they hiss.
    Give Daddy lots of licks from me

  5. Damn Tucker, Daddy forgot to tell you that rabbit makes good stew! Next time, don't tell him, just surprise him with the main ingredient. Hahahaha...couldn't resist Bruce

  6. So cute! I love the Tucker posts. And thanks for the shout out!

  7. Dogs are oh so honest. And they lick themselves.

  8. the hypnosis with the follow button worked like a charm :-)

  9. I love Tucker! He's so cute!

  10. 2 becca- yellow snow is bad. and yucky. i will not eat it.

    2 Kara- i am awesome! i am a puppy!

    2 OFT- thanks! daddy reads me all your posts! i really like the one about hostage santa!

    2 MS- oh that's what that is...thanks!

    2 Mynx- mooshoo would do that? thanks for the tip. licking dady now. and makin him play. play play.

    2 BB- bunnies are good to eat? yummy! i will get one for daddy!

    2 JM- thanks! i love writing for daddy! while he is doing ohter stuff i am writin. writin. writn. daddy says you rock!

    2 CB- we are honest. and we do lick ourselves. cuz we can!

    2 Corey - this is where the fun is at! fun fun fun

    2 Chief aka dad- it does work pretty well. :) welcome aboard!

    2 AD- i love you back. i love a.lot. i am a puppy.

  11. Man, you are everywhere!

    Sorry I'm not so fast - too busy with the "ruling site of profanity" (that would be yours) I hadn't even thought of coming to your "play-it-safe-show-the-cute-dogs" site...but here I am.

    You'll forgive me for pay more attention to the more "colourful" side of you, it the nature of my beast!

    Oh, and 'sloppy dog kisses' coming at you for giving Pearson Report a plug in your post!


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