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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wordless weds 5 11 11



  1. it is that alien goat again..

  2. Ahh the voracious bird feeder raiding Western Michigan Iberis. A mostly plactative animal but when approached by humans during it's feeding session emits howls of rage and sometimes charges it's unassuming victims. Now let me sneak up behind him and check his bum. I want to make sure he's a bloak. I'll just stick me finger up his............

  3. The first thing I'm going to buy when I'm ridiculously rich from my best-selling books is a Pygmy goat.

  4. Is that a lamp or an insanely skinny Chinaman??

  5. Bruce I have asked you numerous times to send home my beloved, cross bred, long eared, rabbity-lamba goat.

    He is very rare and valuable.

    I won't ask again. There is a lawsuit in your future Mr. Man.

  6. Aliens? Did I hear aliens again?

  7. -tilts head-

  8. Hey Heather that made me laugh.......but now to Bruce and his goat picture this reminds me of when my grandparents had a goat my nan was out shopping one day buying a jacket for pop and then out of the corner of her eye saw something she thought would be good for the goat and turned to mum who was with her and said do you think I should get that for the old goat mum answered do you think he will wear it and nan looks at mum and says he is a goat he doesn't wear clothes and said I was talking about that over there and mum looks and say oh yeah that would be good for the goat..........mum said the look on the salesman face was priceless.......

    Now I have wondered off again and can't remember what I was going to say about the picture....sorry I'm a scatter brain.......

  9. It's hard keeping a "kid" in line, isn't it - there's Billy back in the garden...whatcha gonna do, eh!

    Crack open a cold one and look the other way!

    Cheers, Jenny

  10. Bushman- LOL... OK Steve..whatever you want to do...but it could kill you...jus' sayin'

    KBF- i think pooping...he has been there along time...

    Jo Anna- LOL...glad to see there are others referred to as old goat...

  11. Is that a goat or WTH?!? Last week, I was taking a walk with my son and our dog and this old lady started screaming for us to turn back. I was wondering wth??? Then, she yelled, "There's a goat on the loose down the street! TURN BACK OR IT WILL GORGE YOU!"
    True story!!...We're a long way from home, Toto :/

  12. Oh no its Wednesday again! I've 2 more days of work!! Noooo!!

    What on earth is that??? Tucker dear what have you been dragging home? Is it true that if you bring home such a gift it means you love your dad?

    BTW I see your favourite royal hat went for thousands of pounds today... I didn't realise you loved it that much that you wanted to purchase it for a crazy amount! Shocking! I'm curious to know what you'll do with it? :P

  13. Ok it's Saturday and this is wordless Wednesday wtf are you trying to do to my poor head it is hurting enough as it is any you thought it would be funny to mess with it a bit don't denie it I know what you are doing stop laught at me having a headahe it is not that funny............

    Leo stop it do not put Optimus Prime in the printer nanna has a headache and you are not helping..............

  14. Must be spring, the alien goat is back (i know I already commented on this one lol)

  15. google still thinks it is Weds...and totally deleted my scheduled Thursday post...

    the ????? under the goat pic is the link to the original post about the goat...

    they moved it yesterday...

    let the games begin!

  16. Good thing I read your comment above, Bruce cuz I was confused as all hell. My dashboard says you just posted this yesterday...Glad I missed all the bullshit blogger problems.

    Thanks again for the guest post! It will be up next week.


  17. I'm so confused. My calendar says it's Saturday but your post says Wednesday. Oh no, did I go on another bender? ; )

  18. It could have been the Goat of Mendes.


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