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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Snippet 5 8 11

Today is special.


1.     Kate Hudson (just plain hot!)
2.     Rosario Dawson (fell in a creek)
3.     Pacquiao vs. Mosley (boxing is rigged)
4.     Angela Bassett (milf)
5.     Gas prices (wait for them to go up even more!)
6.     Mother's Day (so over it)
7.     Tina Fey (very hot)
8.     Asthma treatments (suck air)
9.     Atlanta Braves (losing? winning? Whatever…Verlander pitches second hitter of his career)
10.  9/11 attack plan (let it fucking go!)

SO...why IS THIS day special???

It is Mothers in the USA...
Congrats to all the mothers out there,
Hope your day was/is special...

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Oh yeah, the post!
On to the insanity!

You also prolly already know that I think greeting card holidays, like today, are bullshit. I think MD AND FD are right up there with VD...

Both the holiday and the disease...

And on that note:

On this day in 1986, I said, "I do." For the first time... totally a regrets...Life is no place for regrets, we make the bed we sleep in. I would say I learned from this...I may not have, but whatever..

I ask no pity for the road I choose, for the path I wander.

Thank god (and you all should, right now, thank god) I did not sire any children with that woman. This also made it so we could have a clean break...

And speaking of clean breaks, I have been smoke free for 5 months!


I am also free of cancer for five months as know, baby steps!
5 months. Nearly a half year.

I also was diagnosed with COPD and asthma, so smoking, while out of my life, has left its mark...I will never run a marathon again.

Not that I ever did.

Now it cannot even walk up a flight of stairs without panting like Tucker after 2  minutes of vigorous stick fetch...Some days I struggle to get dressed. I am exhausted by the simplest of tasks.

And 2 flights of stairs?


Baby steps. Today. Tomorrow. For the rest of my life.

I will never be a preachy anti-smoker, cuz even tho' I have been not smoking for 5 months, I am a smoker, and always will be. I can never smoke again. I am not looking for your pity. Not asking for your tears.  1 is the same as 100. I will, however, say to all you fellow smokers out there, I understand your addiction, and I feel your pain.

I hope you can quit before you do irreparable damage.

Life is so much better when you can breathe!

I am alive! And every day above ground is a day worth celebrating! Celebrate your loved ones every day!

No cards, no fanfare...NO tears, no pity.

Another Breath.
Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. Just think though with you having quit smoking the walls in your house will no longer be yellow so you don't have to exhaust yourself painting them... you can actually see your family without squiting... bliss!!

  2. Way to go on the quitting smoking, Bruce! I quit 7 years ago and have never gone back but hubby still smokes and I wish he's quit so he'll be around to see our son graduate in, oh...15 years! Seriously, it's a huge deal to quit so CONGRATS!!

    I actually agree about the hallmark holidays, but wtf?!? It's not like I'm gonna give up a chance to be pampered for the day so I'll take what I can get! HA!

    Give Tucker a belly rub for me. He's such a sweetie and he's lucky to have such an awesome daddy! :)

  3. hey bruce!
    thanks a bunch for the shout out!
    i love the ego stroke... it soothes my overinflated sense of purpose.

    and as an ex-smoker who is awaiting cancer test results- cross fingers-[I quit cold turkey the last week of august 2010, and it still sucks. see also: coffee and cigarettes- how i miss thee!] i commend you. keep it up, and know that health does not have to equal a four letter word.
    like turd.

    and although i made quiche for me ole ma today, i have no interest in ever EVER being a mommy.

    fuck that.

    recreation, not procreation.

  4. You know how proud of you I am my friend . Baby steps everyday. And I am sure you are so much nicer for Tucker to lickety lick now you have given up the smokey treats. Great big hugs sir Bruce

  5. Yay for being cancer free and smoke free. And you are right, every day above ground or not in an hearn is a good day.

  6. wow cancer free and smoke free you rock and baby steps are good. As i tell people if i'm above ground and breathing it's already a wonderful day. but i guess with the breathing issue a game of tag is out of the question oh well watching a fat old woman run isn't all that much fun regardless of what my son says. have a wonderful sunday. hugs

  7. Congratulations, bruce! You are a total rockstar in your determination to not smoke.

    I've had asthma all my life, and it does indeed suck, but then every breath is a good one, eh boss? ;-)

  8. Awesome sauce on the quitting Bruce! And cancer free is da' bomb :D So happy, happy for you my friend.

    Keep up your exercise - and knowing you, it will be creative :D - the best kind.

  9. Well just make sure to keep on breathing!

  10. whoop whoop whoop! congrats on the no smoking for 5 months and especially being 5 months cancer free....that is mega! Go Bruce.....

  11. 5 months is amazing! Good for you for quitting. I realize you have asthma and COPD but smoking causes an incredible amount of damage to your heart too. Lots of people don't realize that. It's just not good for you. And 5 months without cancer is to be celebrated too! Love ya lots little brother! Hugs

  12. i'm feeling happy for your smokelessness and cancerfreeness. :)

  13. 5 Months cancer free is terrific, can I ask what type of cancer you had. Not smoking is something that is easier said then done although I do not smoke and never have, hubby smokes and has quit heaps of times but always takes it up again.

    My dad stopped smokeing like 13yrs ago and in 2009 he had lung cancer and lost a lung.

    I have never had much time for Valentines Day just a money making holiday in my opinion, I have also never been much into giving cards well that was the case till this last year for some reason I have been more into giving cards.

  14. Congratulations on Five Months of being smoke free! We are all very proud of you Bruce and extremely pleased knowing that you are looking after yourself.

  15. Five smoke-free months? Rock on, Bruce! Just think, now you can smell your food. Hmmm, is that a good thing? That means you can smell Tucker's food, too. Nevermind.

    I think every day is a bonus day! We don't know how long we will be here, so we should enjoy every day. Cheers to you, my friend!

  16. Jo Anne-testicular cancer, very survivable, but with my history of inhaling shit like ciggies and construction stuff, they are being a bit more cautious...hence the new diagnosis of COPD...yeah, my aunt quit 12 years ago and just had a tumor removed..I am not outta the woods by a long shot, but this week was some good news..remission is good...

    Empress-thank you! still have a long road to go, but baby steps...

    soapy-i am happy to be able to taste better! and you are right about bonus days!

  17. Bubbles- i did not smoke in the house. but it is nice to not have the smell in my truck!

    Violet- good luck on your test! fingers crossed here as prob on the shout out...i love to pimp out my peeps

  18. Congratulations on five months smoke and cancer free.. I had no idea. COPD is a bitch indeed.

  19. Yandie- no worries, baby! its all living just differently than i used to... i just thought i was being slow to recover...COPD sucks balls...and with all the shit in the air right now...well, it is diffferent..for sure.


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