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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY 5 10 11


1.     Alicia Silverstone (

2.     Heidi Klum (to wed seal)
3.     Bobby Jindal (found his birth certificate too)
4.     Marg Helgenberger (says beiber is a shit?)
5.     Sheila Bair (stepping down from post, thinks she fucked up the banking system enough for one lifetime)
6.     Seychelles (a resort?)
7.     Lamar Odom (leaving the lakers)
8.     ADHD (what? Forgot what I was doing)
9.     Retirement (never gonna happen; you will drop dead at your job)
10.  Osama bin Laden (even dead, this guy won’t die)

daddy and i
we love us our WINGS!!!!
we put on our sweaters
and do fun hockey things!!!!

i am tucker. i am a puppy.


see how the sun shines on me like MagicLight!

daddy and i went to do many things last week. we went!!!!



i tellz youz guyz!

we went to the big orange store! we went to the river place! we went to the sams joint! we went to gramma's w's house. we went for many walks!

daddy is old and slow so i run ahead, cuz i no longer need to pull daddy along with a leash...he will eventually catch up and i will lickity lickity him! and get all wiggily jiggily!~

i helpered daddy do some yard work.
i am helping cut this grass
checking for bugs!
but i don't know why
daddy says
i am a pain in the ass
i was helpering!

i met a new friend this week.


you're funny.

it was NOT mr. stinky...

mommy won't let me go out when she smells mr stinky looks like a kitty, but he sprays smelly stuff when he plays...mommy says mr stinky is a bad friend to have...but i love!

'cept mr stinky...
he is stinky.

sorry, mr stinky. i do hope you find friends!

like me!

and like my new friend.

mr. b buzzy. mr b buzzy flies around and i try to catch him! he is pretty fast! i have not caught him yet. mommy says to not try to catch him, but i do anyway. mommy says mr b buzzy will hurt me. i do not believe her. he is so small.

then she shakes that green bag with the noisiez and i stop.

i don't like the noiziez.
i get ascareded.
just a bit.

i went Gramma's house and met 2 other puppies. at first they were not nice and tried to be all alpha-puppy on me. i was a little ascareded, but then i started playin!
playin is fun!
they did not want to play.
only alphagrowl.
but i kept playin!

Daddy and i went to the Shmoz Brewery to watch game 4. our team, the REDWINGS!!!! was looking done. down 3-0 in the series and we needed a win, to keep the season going, so we both put on our sweaters and went to watch the game.

daddy said,"WonderTwin powers Activate"

then he laugheded.
i did not understand his joke.
i lickity lickitied him.
i laugheded, too.
cuz i did not want him to feel stoooopid!

i was the bestest fan there! wanted to take my picture...i was ok with that. i was the bestest fan there. and people loverded me, cuz of it.
i got loved up!

i met mr piggy, too. he was not at all interested in the hockey game, or playin.
i love playin!

i got a lot of popcorn, too.

youz guyz woulda loved hanging with daddy and me!

and the REDWINGS?
they won!
of course!
WondererTwin powers?
daddy's silly joke...
or a little pup-luck?

i am tUcKeR, i am superpuppy!

i wore my lucky sweater
sooz our team won
i was mr puppy-lar
look at me in the sun!


  1. Sounds like a great time... wish I was there to see you in your lucky sweater... hope you barked loudly.

  2. It is the blessins of the pupster that helped the Wings win. Puppy Power! :)

    Love you Tuckman

    Belly scratches from VA!

  3. Tucker is a show stopper. How friggen' cute is he in that shirt. Daddy did a good job with that one! Now tell Daddy to send your picture to the local newspaper or something. Love, Auntie Barb

  4. love the sweater the puppy! Woof woof and lickity licks to ya :)

  5. You have to stay away from MR Stinky, he is a bad dude.

    And Go Wings!!!

  6. You are a good luck pup Tucker. We like it very much when the Red Wings win.
    Big hugs, Auntie Empress

  7. I'm glad you had fun this week Tucker!

  8. what a good dog you are tucker helping with yard work and quiet handsome in your sweater

  9. Tucker, you are one busy boy! I am not surprised that you make friends everywhere you go. Mom and Dad are right about Mr. Stinky, though. He may look cute, but he is actually dangerous. Try not to lickety lick him, or Mom and Dad may yell at you and not let you back in the house for a long time. Mr. Squirrel and Mrs. Bunny are lots of fun, though!

  10. Oh don't you look so cute in your red shirt big belly rubs for have been a busy boy this last week and playing is always fun. Mummy is right mr buzzy will hurt you so don't play with him.

  11. Maybe your Red Wings could make use of one of my 'Curse Cakes' far I have a perfect record:)


    One more to go. Better get that shirt ready again Tuckmonster. We need your puppy luck.

    I think I know what you mean by "Mr Stinky" and I am pretty sure it is a really good idea to stay right away.

  13. That's it. I'm gonna go steal a coyote pup and raise it like my own. It will wear a Coyotes sweater and we will WIN the Stanley CUP!!!!!!

    ....sorry I just had a migraine.

  14. I wish I could've watched the game with you and Daddy, too, Tucker!

    Yaaaaaay, that you're Wonder Twins powers activated! You are a puppy and too innocent to know what I mean, but I have Wonder Twins of my own.~

  15. tUcKeR says:

    bubbles- i barkeded louder than any.body! it was fun! i love fun!

    lickity lickity
    auntie E..
    i am a rhyming puppy!

    soapy-i will listen...enough people have said to say no to mr stinky! i love being in the house!

    jo anna-i will try to stay away from mr b buzzy...but it is hard he is so cute and funny!

  16. Don't worry, Tucker... I pull out the "Wonder Twins Activate.." quite a bit, and even most humans I talk to don't get it.

    'Cept for my man. I'll Say "Form of... AN ALL BODY HUG." and he knows exactly what I mean.

    (It gets more explicit than that, I'm sure, but Tucker doesn't need to know about that stuffs yet.)

  17. Love that picture Tucker! You look like a Divine WorldDogmanator with those rays all around you. And the sweater is cool too.

  18. I love Tucker Tuesdays!! :D :D


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