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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday stupidity 5 7 11

1.      Robin Quivers (Robin Quitters?)
2.      Amanda Knox (knoxxed up?)
3.      Al-Qaida statement (whatever, fuckers…don’t be hatin’)
4.      Jillian Michaels (loser)
5.      Flower delivery (oh yeah, tomorrow is mother’s day..FUCK!)
6.      Jennifer Aniston (perfume signings)
7.      Meteor shower (end of days, people, end of days)
8.      Mel Gibson (starring with the beaver?)
9.      Bin Laden hideout (oh…really…looks like the Al Qaeda have themselves a fort…and you wonder what happened to all those appliance boxes)
10.  Commodities ( buy pork bellies NOW!) (oh wait…sell..sell..sell…)(no… buy . buy .buy!)

admittedly i am not a fan of weddings...


AND this head bling is....

well, fuck....

Just Another Dorkyhat In Paradise!


  1. I don't know what to say...have no idea what purpose that thing serves. Well, I can think of a few kinky things, but nothing you can do while walking down an aisle.

  2. i must say, i watched the wedding and thought Fergie's two daughters looked like Cinderella's step sisters! lol

  3. Beatrice took a page out of her Mother's [Fergie] book: Upstage the Royal Family at all costs.

    And I have absolutely no idea why I know bad hat girl's name.

  4. It's screaming, hey look at me. I want attention. I don't get enough camera time. Look at me. Don't I look ridiculous.

  5. I had no freaking words for that either...none.

  6. I didn't watch the wedding but I was looking for something wedding type for my blog and saw these hats.... I was like wtf is that... then I saw Victorian Beckham and thought it must be normal! Personally I think they should sue their designer because at 21 and 22 what do they know about style

  7. MOTHER'S DAY?! FUCK!!! Gotta go...

  8. Oh NO! Who would do that to their poor head? (that's what she said???)

  9. My mom said the same thing: Cinderella's ugly step-sisters!

  10. For once I am's true seeing that head thingy was just too much for me, then and now!

    Great post!
    Cheers, Jenny

  11. I don't know who let that girl leave the house with the octopus on her head, but that person should be kicked in the crotch repeatedly for it.

  12. Joan Rivers said that Princess B (or whatever the hell her name is)is wearing a giant IUD on her head. Then again, you'd think her face alone would be more than enough birth control. ...Did I really just type that?...

  13. What was she thinking - why didn't someone tell her she looked like Rudolf!

  14. my momma said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all..i'm leaving now :)

  15. Royalty. Nice head piece lady. NOT !!!!!

    But, because it is considered high fashion, it will be coming to an America near you.

  16. WTF was what I thought when I saw it on the telly to me she just want attention and you do wonder do these people not look in a mirror.......

  17. Octopus....IUD BAAAAHAAAAAA
    Actually I can't believe you all missed it. Literally. It's a target!

  18. 1] head-taffy should be outlawed
    2] trending? no se... is that popular searches? i live in a cave under a rock. it is safe and cosy under here.
    3] royal schmedding. blechhh

  19. kbf-so true!

    Jewels- sure takes the breath away, huh?

    Bubbles- so true!

    dudemiester- yepper!

    shelby- zoinks!


    ib- get em while they are hot!

    Jo Anne - all attention whores, the lot of 'em

    Bushman- yeah...that is what it is! good eye!

    Violet- welcome..yep popular searches and twits...and my commnents may or may not be true...

  20. I have no idea why anyone would even want to wear that?! They must think they are a present or some sort of animal or something.

  21. I thought her hat looked like a toilet seat. My hairdresser said it looked like her IUD....


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