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Thursday, May 5, 2011

thursday thinking 5 5 11

Editors note:  I just noticed I have 96 BIA...96... 69... whatthesuckever...

The other day, I wrote a rather impassioned little blog on my EvilTwin Blog. It is not the typical just ranting cuss fest, and while there is a lot of cussing, it has a point. Many may not agree with me, and that is fine. Free speech and all that...Many of you follow both of these blogs.

Many great comments were spawned by this post: I particluarly liked what my friend Bushman had to say:  "It is a way of life that needs to die. Racism, religious fanatacism and oily black and green politics." 

Right on brother!  Stop by and say to Bushy....and bring beers!

1.      Fake Bin Laden links (seriously?)
2.      Kendra Wilkinson (in love…with herself)
3.      Al-Qaeda surrender (a song by Cheap Trick?)
4.      Internet kissing machine (oh that is soooo hot)
5.      Marie Osmond (getting re-married)
6.      Tony Romo (surprising retires…stating that it is too tough to be the qb in dullass)
7.      Zsa Zsa Gabor (dies…nope but has pneumonia buy the flowers while they are cheap…jus sayin…she is like a bazillion years old)
8.      Medicare ( will not pay for Zsa Zsa’s medical)
9.      Oil futures (buy low sell high...or just get high and think about what you coulda done 30 yrs ago)
10.  Tom Cruise (is getting old)

this could be a good idea...
a total disaster....

happy cinco de drunko!

Just Another Drunk  Day In Paradise!


  1. Happy Cinco de Drunko. The one day a year every one is Mexican. And mows a lawn....

  2. I'm sorry little brother, after reading #3 Cheap Trick Surrender, I couldn't see anymore! OMG you are so friggen' funny. I know there's more on this post but the page is all blurry now. And I'm looking for my inhaler. You're the bestest. Hugs, Sis.

  3. OR National Prayer Day!

    I already celebrated cinco de mayo yesterday on the cuatro. Yeah my college is weird.

  4. another reason for a piss up we dont have here lol

  5. Here I got the spirit of this holiday all wrong. I went to the gym and danced to latin music shaking my hips like Shakira. I should have been home on my ass drinking. lol.

  6. The "office" at the Home Depot parking lot was a bit lacking in "staff" today......

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

  7. That picture has started a craving within me.... hmmmmmm

  8. Thanks for the shout!
    Your dead on with your post from Evil Bruce.
    I think you were supposed to drink Tequila though. Without the eating contest!!!

  9. Did I sleep through yesterday? Why yes, I think I did.

    Can I have a do over?

  10. let's get the party started

  11. Happy 'yet another occasion to celebrate by drinking' Day! I've always wondered why American's celebrate Mexico's unlikely victory over the French in a battle most people don't even recognize. Perhaps I'll ponder that thought over some margaritas...

  12. jewels- operation dead sexy requires that i now do all your drinking for you! see how much i loves you!

    OMSB-ab- so- liver- ly

    TRM- i am evil like that...

    Bushman- we are all outta te kill wife is a

    bubbles -Coke is it! (remember that slogan?)

    empress- sounds like a great plan!

  13. Hmm... it could be the drink or the drug... I don't care right now :P....

  14. bubbles- took me a minute, but i got it...i cant believe i did not get it right a way...


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