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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tUcKeR 2sDaY overlord edition!

this is me
at six months
i am playin!

whatcha doin?

editors note...
Actual conversation on Sunday:
Tucker: Whatcha doin' daddy?
Daddy: Writing a post.
T: 'bout what?
D:  'Bout how I am the Overlord!
T: You ARE the alpha dog , Daddy!
T: you are not an overlord! silly daddy!
T: let's go play!
T: right now!
T: lickity lickity!
D: Tucker, I have to finish picking people to give this to.
T: I wanna give it out too!
D: But you did not win it.
T: Yes I did, Daddy, as part of our agreement, in blogdogblog summit 2011, Iz getsd to write 25% or 33% of the stuffs we write...
on that daddy!
D: woofever, TuckMonster, woofever

i was far easier than coming up with three more links while a puppy is pulling on your sleeve and trying to climb on your lap and hitting the65484646478 number pad...

its 2sDaY
its's tUcKeR

i am tucker! i am a puppy! i am the world dogmanator!

world dogmanation!

the rules for this award are here, as dogmanator, i will do as little as possible. working like a dog...
woofever! tehe tehe

i am the PuppyMaster

                                       TRENDING NOoOoO!!!!TRENDING NOOO!!!!

1.      Nicole Scherzingererer (what kinda name is that?)

2.      Bin Laden wives (really? This is trending? Fuck me freddy)
3.      Brooke Mueller (pasta girl)
4.      Kelly Ripa (her pants off)
5.      Credit card fraud (declined)
6.      SEAL Team Six (will be a made for TV movie next month, you heard it here first)
7.      Jimmy Fallon (type “jimmy fallon whip my hair”)
8.      Fuel-efficient cars (how about not driving your kids two blocks to the fucking bus stop)
9.      Anthony Hopkins (starring as OBL in the above mentioned movie…don’t do it, it’s a career killer)
10.  Geronimo (indian word for jump?)

this award has rules...

three things i would change! as the PUPPYMASTER

1. all dog food would be bacon flavored and it would not give me the runnypoops.

2. mr. squirrel and mrs. bunny and abner kittycat would love to play with me. all.the.time.

3. every morning everyone would get a good belly scratch and  lickity lickity! and then take a nap!

i am tucker!~ i am dogmanation!

the PuppyMaster!

i am passing this on to:

skippymom at I make soap she is the bestest skippiest mommiest in the world and she told daddy to give me a fb page and he did! she will rule with a toilet paper fist! just ask spot!




so, yet again, I have to pick up the slack...that puppy!

i will also give this to:

Yandie the goddess of pickles at Inspiration Strikes; in the knee caps I cannot wait to see what changes Yandie will make. Never short on opinions and always quick with the wit, this oughta be good!

StephanieC at Seriously Reeeally Seriously  Stephanie coined the term feyonce for her soon to be betrothed.  Hence the genius behind this will be stellar!

i believe they are both from Canada as well...

til next week, this is Daddy saying goodbye from Tucker...

its 2sDaY
its's tUcKeR

see you next week.
i will be funny
cuz i am cute
and i am a puppy!


  1. Very cool to see that Tucker was awarded his very own version of the Overlord Award! Congrats and bloggy hugs to you both : )

  2. YAY for Tuckmonster! I am so glad that both you and Daddy got to enjoy this award. I love love love your rules! You deserve some serious belly rubs for your hard work.

  3. WEll thank you Tucker!! I'm one step closer to World domination!

  4. I would like to say thanks to Tucker and Brucie from teh bottom of my blackened, evil, sad heart...

    This is very welcome right now. Many thanks.

    I COMPLETELY and TOTALLY agree that:

    1. all dog food be bacon flavored and not cause runnypoops!

    2. mr. squirrel and mrs. bunny and abner kittycat SHOULD love to play with YOU. ALL.THE.time.

    3. every morning everyone SHOULD TOTALLY get a good belly scratch and lickity lickity! and then take a nap!

    Thanks guys. I'll be MIA for a little bit. I have a few posts pre-scheduled, but I will shout back at you in a few weeks.




  5. Hi Tucker this is Dyan and I am a little bitch well that is what the mean one says, he is mean because he will not let me or DC in the house but mummy does when he isn't around.........
    Anyway I think you are cool and like you I love bacon flavored food or just bacon and snags do you eat snags.......
    I hate runnypoo..................
    You should make it a law that all us doggies get to come inside even when the mean man is home....also I am not a bitch I am the queen of this house.............

  6. Congrats Tucker!!!!

    And I agree with you, all food should be bacon flavored and not give you the shits.

  7. Wow Tucker!! Way to go, buddy!!
    You make an awesome Dogmanator!! :D Love your rules!! One belly rub coming your way!! :D :D
    Psst, Bruce! One Belly-rub for the TuckMonster on me! :D :D

  8. Those are some wonderful changes Tucker! :D I wouldn't mind a belly rub in the morning.

  9. All hail Tucker, Overlord of the World!

  10. Tucker well done on your award. Bell rubs and naps in the morning sounds like my kind of heaven!

  11. Tuck my pups want to be in on your three choices too! Especially the belly scratches.

    They said to tell you "Woof, woofity, woof woof woofers!"

    Love ya Buddy!

  12. Tucker, they are the best rules to live by. I love my tummy rubbed and runny poops are not good for anybody.
    Bacon is the very best always

  13. She rules with a toilet paper covered fist!!! We have proof too! Tucker, it's no wonder you won. And picking Skippy was a good doggie choice. She's pretty awesome. Scratches and bellyrubs Tuck...Love Auntie Barb

  14. Ur dog spells better than a lot of adult humans. Weird.

  15. tucker says!

    empress- as royalty yourself, you know the awesomeness of being in charge!

    Jewels-daddy gave me serious belly rubs this am!

    Yandie- the journey of 1000 steps begins with just one paw!

    StephanieC- talks soon hun! lickity lickity!

    Jo Anne-all puppys should be inside! that is rule four! consider it done...daddy says you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but i think mean people suck, so i pee on thier lawns!

    OMSB-I will do my best to be a good PuppyMaster!

  16. Congrats on the award... your such a lucky dog :).

    Would you rather not have actually strips of bacon to stinky tinned food?

  17. congrats Tucker it is always a pleasure hearing from you

  18. Tummy rubs and bacon? Throw in some beer and you have yourself a deal, Overlord Tuckmeister.

  19. Yay for bacon flavored anything!!

    Runnypoops are never fun...not even for us human beans

  20. Congratz Tucker!

    Anthony Hopkins starring as OBL? Really? I suppose he does a great line in softly spoken insane mass killers

  21. Dear Tucker, as a cat I like to lounge about the house all day doing nothing before going outside to crap in the neighbours flower beds.
    Where do you like to poo?

  22. Damn! Mrs. Bunny is hot!

    Congrats on claiming your part of the award Tucker!

  23. I am all about naps in the morning! Belly rubs can be an added bonus. :) Congrats on the award, my furry friend and his awesome Daddy!

  24. bubbles- tucker would love real bacon too, but that is even worse than beggin strips poor guy cannot do the bacon thing...and he loves it!

    beer 4 shower-tucker does like beer too! he just is not supposed to drink it...


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