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Sunday, December 5, 2010

thematic photo friday 126 night ...on sunday

1.Diddy-Dirty Money (why?) 2.Kirsten Dunst (hot)
3.Christmas wallpaper (tis the season)
4.Katy Perry (hot and talented)5.Holiday donations (giving is good)
6.Robert De Niro (one of the best of all time)
7.Tiger Woods (I am greater)
8.Ron Paul (what if he were president?)
9.Photo calendars (just got a dog calendar)
10.WikiLeaks (sucks *courtesy of Carmi at WrittenInc*)

first of all i would like to say a big hello to new BIA's...hed at Hed above water  just a girl trying to keep her hed above water and the stuff in her life and stuff. check her out and say hi. tell her bruce sent ya!
Simple Dude at SimpleDude become a simpleton, cuz everyone is a doing it and this guy gets it done... great posts, funny stuff and a great read... you will not be sorry...

this is the place where i start the night
across form the bus garage
grab a few craft beers,yeah, alright!

its hours later and time just flies
everyone is sleeping
had more than a few hanging with the guys

thankfully this is not the sight
that i would see
laying on the floor passed out this night

it's getting late its time for bed
but wait! 1:26 night
took this shot before my head...

...hit the pillow and my eyes go shutted
cuz this is what i see at night
or when i get mydrunkass headbutted...

 for more thematic and way cool pics fom the rest of the thematic gang check out Carmi and this really cool group event known as Thematic Photography!!!

peace and blog love to all, and to all a good nig.....wait, not yet...

just another day in paradise....


  1. This was funny. Loved the overhead hospital light!!!

  2. Love the progression of your photos! That overhead light, I so agree...

  3. Love the story that goes with the pictures and the progression of the evening. Very cool.

  4. Ooh...thanks for the shout-out! Your blog cracks me up!


  5. Interesting way to tell a story.. i like it

  6. @Bouncin Barb-thanks!
    @OFT- yeah got luck with the camera for a change..thanks
    @MS- i am diggin the themeatic thing..thanks
    @hed- i am a bloggin pimp, so you will surely get more bloglove, baby..and glad i make someone besides me laugh...
    @UB- thanks...i love to tell stories...

  7. Oh wow, enjoyed the trip out with you, kind of...couldn't taste the beer but the progression of your night out was cool! Thanks, especially liked the overhead light....many stories could begin from that!

  8. thanks Karen!

    yeah the overhead light was actually gonna be a pic for black and white...

  9. You have this unique ability to make me smile and think, all at the same time. I hope you never change, Bruce, because your work and your spirit are truly delightful.

  10. @ Carmi- thank you!

    your thematic thing has opened a door for my creative side i never knew existed...

    i have always been a spinner of yarns, but mostly verbal and recently with the 'puter...

  11. Thanks, Bruce. You've got a really wonderful way of looking at the world, and I'm so glad my little blog has crossed your orbit. I always find it cool how these things work!


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