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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TuckMonster does Tuesday!


1.Kim Kardashian (good god, go away)
2.Ashlee Simpson (dumb-bunny)
3.Birds of America (flip me one!)
4.Savings rates (are stupidly low cuz bankstards are idiots)
5.Kevin Smith (funny funny guy)
6.Julian Assange (people I don’t know, are unimportant)
7.Miranda Lambert (married to Christopher Lamert? Mrs. Highlander?)
8.Danny Bonaduce (has anger issues)
9.Auto loans (can’t get ‘em)
10.Unemployment benefits (running out)

a little blog love goes out to the latest BIA at absolutely primed *just a girl stretching her fingers and her mind* (in her own words). check her out and all that..

i am a puppy. but not a little puppy.
i love your questions.
ask me anything,
and i will give you an honest to dog answer!!!

hi. i am tucker. daddy calls me the TuckMonster. i do not know why. this week was really cool. (actually TuckMonster it was cold) i am only like 10 months old, so i really don't remember the last winter, but i know i like it. i discovered snow this week. it is cold and tastes really good. i love rolling around in it. i love snuffling it. and i really like to eat it!

also there are all kinds of ice cubes outside. daddy hits them off the roof and cusses a bunch while doing it. i run around and pick them up cuz they are all crunchity-crunchity. and really yummy. i hunt for all kinds of icey things out side. all by myself. cuz i am a puppy. but not  a little puppy. i am a big puppy.

daddy and i played outside in the snow. i chased the snowballs daddy threw. they get all melty and stuff in my mouth. when daddy says drop, i do, but not really, cuz the snow is all melty. daddy throws them and i go get them. again. and. again.

here is me snuffling in the snow with my girly cool new collar.
there are all kinds of fun things about snow. and as you know, being a puppy is all about fun! fun! fun! and playin. when i go out in the snow, i go out to hunt down stuff. like those crunchity brown things and stuff. they are even more crunchity when they are icey...and then i play with them.

i am now 10 months old so i do not do little puppy stuff, like pee in the house. i also don't, as daddy calls it, drop a duece, in the house anymore. mommy even left me to run free in the house last week while she went to the store with mylibean, the human puppy. i was ascarit. oh wait, daddy says it is scared. i stayed in daddy's room. and they were gone

but then they came back and i was so. happy. to. see them!! i was littlle bit wiggly-jiggly. and for a minute i forgot that i am growing up and not a little puppy anymore.

oh there's a squirel now. gotta gotta. gotta go get it!

i am back. the squirel ran up what daddy calls a tree. and then he cusses about all the crunchity brown things. he calls them leafs. he hates the maple leafs the mostest. i am not sure if he is talking about the  hockey team or the cruchity kind. i love them. they get all stuck in ice and i hunt them down and leave them on the back deck. then daddy cusses a bit more.

next week i will be talking about my trip to get my picture with some rolley-polley guy in a red suit that daddy calls satan santa.

i gotta go. i gotta go. i gotta go.

bunnies and squirrels are even more fun in the snow as well. i love bunnies and squirels. they run from me, tho' and daddy just laughs. and laughs. and laughs. it. is. not. funny. why won't they be my furrry-ends?


  1. Oh Tucker, I hope you never stop chasing bunnies and squirrels even when you are all grown up. I cant wait to hear about your trip to see the man in red. I hope you didnt get all wiggly-jiggly on his boots

  2. He is so cute. Love that face pic!

  3. That is one BIG puppy. Love the blues in the first pic.

  4. Awesome dog. I do love me some labs.

  5. Julian Assange is the Wikileaks guy. But sounds like you've got enough leaking going on at your place to worry about the non-yellow kinds.

  6. @ Mynx- where's the bunny? where's the bunny? santa trip was awesome!

    @Bouncin Barb- he is a camera hound!

    @Mrs Hyde- i think he is wearing contacts, tho' we have had the contact convo, his mommy is a pushover...

    @OFT- me too, we almost got some stupid crapperdoodle or something like that cuz my wife wanted a small pooping dog...thank god my daughter found this one or i would be Mike vicks cell mate...

    @Sarah- BTW i will send some more eb post this week end, but yeah it has been a few weeks since the last yellow leaks...and htanks for the wikileaks thing..

  7. the new collar is not girly. it seems appropriate when you're rappin' with all the other beautiful people.

    i would say stick to the non-brown crunchitys, but daddy will cuss, regardless. sometimes it's hard for him to keep the evil twin at bay.

    and i will admit to your being a big puppy as soon as you stop chewing on me every time i visit you.

  8. Sound like you had a good time in the snow Tucker. When I was a pup I thought snow was fun too, now it's just COLD! ... and I don't like to be cold. Snow doesn't slow bunnies and squirrels down much ... but you can find where they went because they leave a trail. And you're right, they are not very friendly critters.

  9. Well I'm glad Tucker likes Maple Leafs...even the hockey kind. Hope you don't mind if I slip him an extra treat just for that...

  10. @ christopher your just so yummy...

    @ MS- i see they leave tracks i will find some new friends tho...

    @AP- i like the wings bestest but i like all the original six except the ones daddy calls the butthawks...

    @UB- i know i am cute i hear it all the time!! no one ever says bad tucker except daddy...


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